Jan. 23rd, 2011

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Dear God, I'm glad that I did all my homework while I was home over the weekend, because I have all of no motivation whatsoever right now, honestly. It's kind of pathetic.

I've been writing lots of little snippets of Sherlock fic--I did a ftm!Sherlock and Mycroft one, and a weird Great Game five things one, neither of which I'm confident about posting, because they're both short and kind of--just things I had rolling around in my head.

Being so sick this week is definitely part of why I'm out of it, but to a degree I'm just having my first depressive cycle of the semester, I think. Bo-ring. Anyway, mostly I'm upset because I like making nice things. It makes me feel like a worthwhile human being when I produce worthwhile things; but lately all I've been doing is flailing around uselessly and the odd bit of rp, and it's just not enough to make me feel like I'm contributing to society.

Pffff. Life is tedious. Also, my paid account ran out and I can't decide whether it's even worth my while to get a new one, given that the only thing I prefer about paid accounts that I actually use is the moar icons feature.

Any time my body decides to cash in on that whole 'unbelievable genius' thing I'm owed as a Person With a Mental Illness, I'll be ready.


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