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And, in continuation with my plans to become the most boring person alive: more poetry. Poetry very much influenced by [ profile] sockefeller's comics, no less. (Seriously, though, you should read her comics, they're creepy as hell and pretty much awesome.)


When I broke open the tight cage of my ribs
hoping that something good would spill out, like
candy or pennies
or bright shiny answers for my magpie eyes
to store in the holes of trees
or weave into a glittering nest,
I wasn't ready.

I thought it would be easy to look inside myself,
at the slick red heart and
matted roots of lungs, the
long ridged tunnel of my esophagus.
I thought the only challenge would be science
and its italicised Roman letters
leading me away from the truth by showing me
the biological processes.

And then I cracked through the broad white bone
and shed light into the caves
where the rainwater wears away at the stone.
Hidden in the corded vines of muscle
I found vaulted storerooms
stocked with bitterness, and
the dark clutching hunger that demands satisfaction.
They were spilling down like treasure piled
beneath a dragon.

Like a master surgeon, I tried
to put everything back the way it was before.
I sealed myself up again, and washed my hands.
I buttoned my shirt over the long scar
and now
I collect bright things for my nest
and I never go underground.


More boring, however, than poetry is the fact that I now have a twitter account. So if you are interested in following the fairly inane stream of thoughts that I have on a daily basis, there's that.

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Date: 2011-10-14 07:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is, like, the archetypal Soujin poem. I think it has every single one of my buzzwords in it. XD

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Date: 2011-10-28 07:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is so lovely -- so many good words that are so good to read aloud. Very rich in imagery and sound! And man, I'm immensely flattered that my comics inspired you. Thank you so much.

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Date: 2011-10-30 05:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My friends had to take a while to laugh at me when I got this comment because I kind of ran around the dorm room going "oh my god oh my god emily carroll liked my poem oh my god".

Your comics are amazing. I love the unsettledness in the horror ones, it's that... creeping horror that is just so pervasive and effective; and the Yir's Daughter one was beautiful. The stories you create are so evocative, and then the art just enhances them and that was the last of my articulate words for the night, so: squeeeeee!


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