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[ profile] eremon_lass, I have written you silly Kay/Bedi! Happy belated birthday! :)

sometimes he even wins at chess first )
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So I asked my friend Kat what she would like for her birthday, and she picked a pangolin. And over the past two days I have discovered that a pangolin is an awful lot of work to piece together from small attractive pieces of paper. But the good news is, it's done, and it actually looks fantastic. I'm going to try to get a picture before I give it to her to post here so y'all can see, because I'm really proud of it.

Other than that, my life has not been enormously exciting. Getting back into the usual craziness of classes etc., and it turns out I'm the vice president of our apiary society, which I did not know and which resulted in some mad panic Thursday night when I found out fairly last-minute that I had to represent that club at an RSO meeting. Still, everything ended up working out fine.

Mostly I'm just having ridiculous body issues. Going back to school is always pretty problematic because argleblargle lots of slender friends who make me feel gigantic and horrible ugly, so I am kind of wanting to roll myself up in a rug and put myself in storage somewhere for-ever. But oh well.

I am a boring person!
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So my party went surprisingly well. I haven't had a party since I was about. Eesh. Thirteen or fourteen? And it was kind of a disaster, but this went well. So that was nice.

I'm over Jen, which has its good and bad aspects. It was nice to see her again, though, and get to find out for sure whether or not I'm still attracted to her. A part of me is relieved, because relationships are scary and complicated, but another part of me is sad because relationships still present that lure of "ooooh, somebody likes you, you might actually be a worthwhile person". But. I was reminded of how attractive and fun to be around Arielle is -- I mentioned offhand that I'd had a crush on her to Mama, and Mama said, "I bet you did. She's cute and charming and smart!" and I went "YES I NOTICED". Then she laughed and said, "But she's in love with that Michele girl," which made me laugh because it is, in fact, true, but no one had told Mama that. And Dani was really great and helped to keep things relaxed and flowing, which was good, because by the end of the second night I was pretty worn out and not feeling all that emotionally prepared to be a good hostess.

But Jen brought me back a sheep from Scotland! :D And Michele and Ashley gave me a pair of octopus earrings, as well as some bandaids called "Jesus adhesives", which, as you might expect, have the visage of the Christ on them. They are sweet, although I won't be able to wear them around here.

And then to-day for Father's Day we went kayaking on the river, which took four hours and badly exceeded my tolerance for kayaking, but Daddy had a good time. I accidentally turned over my kayak and lost my expensive "THIS watch should last you a couple years at least!" Christmas watch. >___< Mama was pretty upset until I started weeping. Also, now I am sunburned all over.

I am also exhausted, but I'm off work to-morrow, so I will do low-key things like fixing the new barrier for the poults (they can climb over the old one now) and writing thank-you notes and maybe spending my birthday gift card to ModCloth. I am too fat to wear any of their dresses, sadly, without looking like an idiot, but I thought maybe I could try to get some cute shoes or jewellery or something.

Also, my first appointment with my photographer for my sekrit summer project is Tuesday! I'm so excited. ^____^
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1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] erinpuff! You are made of awesome, cut into bricks and baked in the sun, and mortared together with wet-cement-consistency awesome! Also someday when you are back in Pennsylvania again EVER we need to see each other, because I miss you. ♥

2. To-day my mother lovingly gave me the "darling ilu v much and I know that you have weight-related issues but you are getting kind of fat and I don't want you to get diabetes and die, okay?" talk. >___< I hate that talk. I promised I would start exercising regularly once I get back from Mass., and that seemed to placate her.

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I just traded copies of my Heather Dale CDs for a copy of her Road to Santiago, but when I got it it was in .wma format. As a result, I've just finished uploading it and converting it to .mp3. Then I thought, as long as it's uploaded online and in a format generally everyone can download/play, does anyone else want a link to the CD while it's still up?

On a completely different note, Soup in a Bowl fundraiser to-day at school! Tres excited, I'm going with my friend Krieger and a bunch of people I know will be there too. To-day has really been characterised by getting nothing done--I had a sleepover at [ profile] the_chloroplast's last night because it was her birthday; slept until noon; fought a kajillion prospectives for breakfast; and then worked at Earth and Folk Fest until three. Now I've just been organising my stuff to do schoolwork, but without the part where I've actually done any schoolwork yet.

But I am nicely organised now.

--paper for Conflict
--paper for Sociology
--second draft of story for Fiction Writing
--read four chapters and journal about them for Conflict
--read two chapters and study for exam for Sex
--read one chapter for Sociology

...Watch me go and watch a film instead of doing any of it, too.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] mhari, who is my queen of all things octopodal, and as talented a writer as they come. I wish you were not in Maine, so I could SIT ON YOU AND SMUSH YOU WITH LOVE. It's been seven good years, madamoiselle.

Request birthdayfic, goddammit.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Title: Holy Week
Fandom: Arthurian
Characters/Pairings: Galahad, Percy, Heliabel, implications of pairings wherever you want to see them.
Rating: PG
Notes: An Easter present for [ profile] tiamatschild! It only took me four months, too! Sigh.

I am not a prophet. I am not even a prophet’s son. )


Title: The New Britain Job
Fandom: Arthurian/Firefly
Characters/Pairings: Mal, Inara, Companion!Sagramore, Gaheris, Dinadan
Rating: PG
Notes: Totally fluffy and self-indulgent. A birthday present for [ profile] skaryma, who should feel better soon. ♥

Anyone would think Mal was jealous or something, and Mal doesn’t get jealous. )


Title: Optimism
Fandom: Arthurian AU
Characters/Pairings: Gareth, Clarissant, Lyonors, Agravain, Gawain, Morgause, sundries; Gareth/Lyonors, Lamorak/Morgause
Rating: PG-13
Notes: [ profile] snowyofthenight challenged me to write a story based on the fact that Gaheris and Gareth used to be the same character. Her question was "does that mean Gareth originally killed Morgause?" He didn't, it used to be Agravain (and still is some places), but I wrote the fic anyway. Also, I tried out a totally new style of writing, so I apologise, a tricky AU challenge is probably not the place to see what would happen if you used modern narration in an Arthurian fic, but hopefully it's not too jarring.

It is also a horror story. I'm not sure how that happened, but it totally did. If it creeps you out a bit, then I did my job right.

Everyone had this idea that Gareth was stupid because he was optimistic, but he saw more than he said and always had. )


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