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I have a new kitten! His name is Leo, and he is basically a puff of fuzz with two big eyes, and I love him. Everything about him makes me happy, except for the bit where he's very scared of people and is currently hiding under the armoire in the bathroom.

I am working at the library right now, and I think I have basically gotten almost all of my errands done, which is great. So to-night I will be watching A Scandal in Belgravia -- thanks [personal profile] raanve, you have made my LIFE pretty much.

And then I will do ART, because I have been reinspired by the visit of [profile] the_chloroplast to do more cardwork. Which also makes me happy, because I am always happy when I do art.

Things are shaping up well.
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So. I finally finished the religion/history paper that was bringing about my doom, and now it's time to start the contemporary religion paper that is going to be the doom of the next few weeks. Delightful! I met with the professor about the first paper, and she essentially told me that I was choking on writing it because I was overprepared. And then when I said I was a neurotic overachiever she agreed. XD So there's that.

It's hard to believe that in fewer than six weeks my poetry study will be over. It's basically one of the best things I've ever done, and I'm... I don't want to stop. The professor who's doing that with me loves dogs and poetry, so I'm buying him a copy of Sharon Creech's Love That Dog as a thank-you gift.

Last Sunday I did the hive consolidation for our bees essentially on my own (there was a sophomore assisting me, but she kind of stood thirty feet away the whole time). That was really exciting and it felt really cool to be doing something like that, to be responsible... I got stung nine times, once on the back of the neck, and I'm not dead! That was exciting too. Only I didn't have the guts to pinch the queen, so I put her in a tupperware and when she died I gave her to the entomology professor.

Maria has decided that she wants to be an entomologist. I think it's really cool; I also think it's a job where she can do stuff that's both academic and intellectually stimulating, and lots of fieldwork and stuff that's hands-on. I think she'd be bored and miserable in an office or at a teaching job, but entomology has lots of practical application and also bees. AWESOME. I'm really proud of her.

I applied for the intercollegiate honours society yesterday, which was torture -- with the application in front of me I couldn't think of a single noteworthy thing I'd ever done. >_> Luckily it's sent off and I never have to look at it again, and I don't really care if I get in -- I only applied because Daddy really wanted me to.

My mama called me on Monday night to tell me that my cat, Calico, was hit on the road and killed. She was thirteen, so I am torn between 'well she lived a long full life' and 'but I've had her since I was a wee kid!'. I told Maria that I was sad that she'd never get to bite me again (she was also the meanest, nastiest cat in existence), and Maria said she was probably in purgatory, biting the sinners. It's an amazingly comforting image. Callie would have no place in heaven. Mama said that to replace her I can have one of the kittens in the barn, so I'm looking forward to trying to catch one of them to tame. Actually, I'll be catching all of them if I can, because I think she wants to try and tame one for my cousin Johanna, who's decided she really wants a DLH for Christmas (although Johanna wants her DLH to have a smush-face, which I think is kind of ugly, and these kitties don't have them).

On Monday I'll be sitting on a panel to raise awareness for invisible illnesses, discussing bipolar disorder! That's pretty cool.

I also finally got paid by the church, so I'll be able to pay the guy who did the photography and digital editing for my picture book, which is a relief, because I feel like the worst client ever right now. >_> He asked about payment two weeks ago and I had to tell him that I hadn't got the money yet. The editing is almost done; right now I'm working on putting the individual pieces together into pages, which is harder than I thought it would be. I only have three done.

I've been watching a hilarious Let's Play of Silent Hill 4 lately, which is pretty much my only "fun" outlet besides RP. Oh, school.

So that's all the content of the last month, I think. Now I'll go back to posting contextless poetry and stupid Tweets about religion films (another one to-morrow! :D).
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Hawkeye got into Mark and Forge's tank last night. He didn't eat them, he just urinated all over them and their stuff, so to-day was spent nursing them through the shock. I had to boil everything in the tank clean and buy new sand. Luckily I have extra substrate back at school. As a present for being traumatised I also bought them some cocoanut climbing matting to play with, which Mark at least is really into. He is my good boy. <3 They seem fine now, I'm just worried that three days from now I'll wake up and check on them and they'll be dead from secret death-ray chemicals.

Hawk also ATE some of my art, thereby destroying about two hours' work, so he is in disgrace. Especially since nice scrapbooking paper costs hella monies. And then when I tossed him outside he clawed open my hand quite dramatically. I hope he roasts in hell. The Tribble can be annoying, but at least she isn't destructive to anything that's not cake.

I finally made the full switch to the new meds, and they're making me feel disgusting, but hopefully that passes. I've been having the weirdest nightmares, about four or five distinct ones a night, and I'm really hungover in the morning. Plus my tremor is ridiculous at this point--right before I came home, back when I was still on the 2/3 dose, a girl at school asked me if I was having a seizure. I'm not thrilled.

But my crabs are fine, and I bought a teeny tiny Brazilian firecracker plant at the flower show yesterday, and Maria is home now, which is the best. Also, I got my hair cut, and it looks really nice. I might actually take a photograph, because I really like it.
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So! It's nearly Christmas, I'm home, the good family is visiting, and I'll be going to India on December twenty-eighth, which means I'll be out of internet commission until I get back to school some time in late January.

There is a dead frozen cat on the road on the way to Newport, and my mama seems to have gotten into a war with it--every time we go by it she tries to swerve so she won't hit it, and every time she ends up running over its head anyway. The whole thing is starting to get farcical.

To-morrow we bake cookies and wrap gifts for the grab bag and I do more packing and Will and Maria brew more beer. And then we go to mass.

I love Christmas.
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There are so many exciting things to say here--last night we went to see Old Crow Medicine Show perform in Jim Thorpe, and all six of them signed the hoodie I bought, and Ketch kissed Maria, and they played Take 'Em Away and I Hear Them All and Tell it to Me, and Maria and I both danced ourselves to exhaustion on the beer-slicked dance floor--we went clothes shopping too and I found some actual nice jeans which I have never been able to do, and the most adorable white dress with purple flowers around the hem that makes me look like a '50s housewife from a magazine ad spot--and I caught the orange kitten who lives in the barn and named him Hawkeye and he is a dollface but very scared still--and OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW YOU GUYS--and I have to make two cakes by to-night for the yard sale to-morrow and it's going to kill me--

but I think the most important thing I wanted to say is that I signed into my e-mail just now and [ profile] mhari is the most wonderful friend anybody could have, and I am so lucky. I don't know how I turned out so lucky.
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well, my wisdom teeth are out and my face is all swollen up like crazy, but mostly i feel okay, just it hurts to eat and talk and things like that. we got the pigs to-day, two lovely red tamworths named rogue and gambit--they have already escaped twice, driving maria to tears, but at the moment they are snoozing in their strawbed in the hoghouse, so that is a small merciful thing.

maria and i are watching the iron man animated series from '94 and it is quite marvellous, especially now that the first season is done and we are watching the second season. also, it is the most slashy thing ever, not even funny ("jim i can't let you go off half-cocked" "oh, don't worry, i'm FULLY COCKED" lolwhut), so i promised her that i would write tony/jim when we finished up. which reminds me that i still haven't posted my nick fury/wolverine:wolverine/captain america x-men: evolution fanfic.

also, we found a home for lucky, the kitten from the barn. her new name will be molly. the last kitten we rehomed was renamed sam. if we end up doing another one and it gets called ken or larry or something, i will be on the phone with [ profile] skaryma, let me tell you what.

i think i am okay.
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When I went down to see how my hermit crabs were this morning, I discovered that Lance had died during the night, so I buried him in the garden with Percy. The Newport pet store has this deal that if your hermit crab dies in under a week from the time you buy him, you can have a new one free. So since I got him last Friday, I'm going to go in to-morrow and see if I can get a replacement.

I kind of knew he was sick, since he didn't move around nearly as much as Mark does, and he was missing his toes; whereas Mark can (and does) climb absolutely everything, Lance was pretty much stuck on the ground making sad faces. So it wasn't a huge surprise, I knew he wasn't very healthy. On the other hand, he and Mark were getting along really well, which is what I wanted from a second hermit crab, and I worry about personality so much. Ah, well, though. I'll probably do what I did when I got Lance, and spend half an hour in there communing with the crabs anyway before I finally pick one.

Anyway, the thing about being the number one person on this farm not to have an aversion to grossness is that I usually get stuck handling the various hazmat activities. Basically I am immune to touching horribly gross things, and reasonably immune to smelling them, and COMPLETELY immune to talking about them during dinner (SORRY) and the result is that every time something dies or goes back or gets horribly mutilated everyone goes SOUJIN COME CLEAN THIS UP.

cut for grossness )

So, that done, Maria and I completely cleaned the turkey/chicken shed, which involved two full truckloads of straw and turkey manure being moved from said shed into the gardens. I think Daddy must just throw more straw in when it gets too disgusting in there, but the result is that the stuff ends up being over a foot thick, which is ridiculous. Anyway, we put in fresh straw and then I deep-cleaned the nest boxes, my perennial Disgusting Task. There were lots and lots of rotten turkey eggs, so I took them out in the woods behind the house and threw them at trees. >:D They exploded into greyish yellow fizz and horrific smells, it was really fun.

Aaaand we also did our first hive inspection on the bees! They are doing super well, they have brood EVERYWHERE and it looks really nice, and we actually got to see some bees being born, SO COOL. Also there was even a frame full of honey. We about died from squee. You have to do hive inspections weekly, and we did ours last Friday, so to-morrow is the next one. Since finding out I am deathly allergic, we had to invest in a bee jumpsuit for me. I look awesome, like some kind of space dude with my smoker and bee brush.

And then Maria got me to weed her peanuts and okra while she weeded the corn, and it was actually really fun. Also, the poults and chicks are SO cute. ALSO, I finally submitted my art to the selling place, fingers crossed that that actually works out. I made a giant paper collage paper nautilus!

So to-morrow is work-at-the-library day and get-a-new-hermit-crab day and inspect-the-hive day and maybe-get-my-bike-fixed day and I am feeling reasonably optimistic. My headaches are getting horrifically worse, but I can live with that if everything else is going okay.
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So! Two different ladies at the pet store told me that probably the reason Perci died was because of his sponge--that they no longer recommend using sponges in hermit crab tanks because sponges make it too moist and as a result bad bacteria grows. So after deep-cleaning the tank with chlorox, running all the stones and shells through the dishwasher, and baking the sand and wood in the oven for fifteen minutes at 400 degrees, I have put everything back together and installed Mark II, or Twoy, the new crab.

He is adorable--he's about a fifth Perci's size and has a spiky shell, and absolutely tears all over the place. He's a different type, too; whereas Perci was an Ecuadorian, he's a Purple Pincher. I'm hoping he proves a little hardier. I also think he's younger, because he's so much smaller.

Also bought food for the fishies, which means they've gotten extremely affectionate. Any time I sit by the pond they come over in droves to suck on my feet. I love my fish. ♥

Otherwise, I found the kittens (there are only six now), but the mother moved them again this morning so I have to go on the prowl again. I am going to borrow a Have-a-Heart trap from my crazy cat lady aunt to try and catch the mama. Larry moved into the main turkey shed this morning, and he loathes it.

Also, [ profile] tulipmonster, I made you a giant paper collage squid but he may be too big to fit into a mailing envelope. Or at least too big to go without costing the rest of my college education. It depends! I am going to ask at the post office to-morrow.
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The good: we got the bees in just right. We picked them up in their nuke box from Andy, drove them home, waited until dusk, and then put them into their new hive. They seem to have settled right in, and we're going to check them to-morrow to see how they're doing, as far as the queen and such.

My fish remember me; I went and sat by the pond yesterday and the day before and they sucked on my toes, which is the weirdest and nicest feeling. One of them has a super long tail. He's really beautiful.

I am in charge of monitoring the broody hens, since Maria will be away about the time their clutches are due! I'm so excited. I have to go in and check them every day and see if they have chicks or poults, and take them away right away if they do. Then I whisk them upstairs to the brooder shed that we have slapdash put together in the laundry room.

Maria and I finally saw Iron Man 2, which was awesome, and then spent the afternoon at Michael's spending the gift card I got for my birthday--we bought all this cake decorating stuff we've been coveting for ages, a beautiful set of dyes and cake glitter in two colours and shimmer in one. We're making cookies to-morrow so we can use it all. We're super excited. To-day we cleaned the house while Mama was at work so she wouldn't be in such a bad mood when she got home (she and Dad are arguing about horse fencing again).

the bad: Perci died while I was away at [ profile] mhari's. Mama thinks she didn't keep him moist enough, which I don't know if that's true or not but I don't want to say that it is because I know she'll just feel worse. I haven't buried him just yet, but I will to-morrow. Dad says he lived a really long time for a hermit crab, but since all the websites say you can keep them alive for ages I feel like I just screwed up somehow.

One of the barn kittens died, but I didn't notice in time, so the barn cat moved all the rest of them somewhere else and I didn't see where. I am going to look for them to-morrow--I think they're still in the barn because she's still lurking around in that area and there's plenty of warm, dry hay that's gone loose. I have to bring a flashlight, though, since I tried a cursory look around yesterday and couldn't actually seen in most places.

So--that's all the news.
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I was going to go to bed earlier than this, but then there were unwashed dishes and they were saying 'sooouuuuujin, if you don't wash us you are a bad peeeeeeeeerrrrrson' so I had to do that and then it was four thirty & i don't know when that happened.

we went to the meetup to-day and did aaart which was fun mostly; i'm having a few anxiety attacks still & I had one there, very special of me but I sat in a corner and drew jellyfish until I felt better. also, Betsi's clove cigars smell exactly like my granddad's pipe, which is ridiculously comforting.

Now the cats just have to stop fighting long enough for me to fall asleep omg Squeak I'm sorry Tess is in your room. ;_____; if i have to throw one or both of you out i So Totally Will. oh God there are birds singing outside.

to-morrow or Monday we are goin' to the beach. ♥
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Oh my word. So my aunt finally left (yes, this sucked me away for two days--it would you too), along with four of her terrifying dogs.

Casualties: Amazingly, none; Maggie had to stay in her room the whole time because she was traumatised, and they tried to eat Tribble but she managed to get outside, after which she hid in the barn all day and wouldn't come out. They also tried to eat Callie, but because she is eleventy-million years old and Ice Princess of the Whole World, she just clawed open Linnet's nose and sauntered off. And then Linnet bled on the carpet. >_> Also, one of them (Camilla, I think?) ate two of Maria's potatoes, so Maria threw a fit. Luckily Perci (and Larry, the single turkey poult) were locked in the laundry room, so there was nothing to worry about there.

Speaking of Perci, we changed his sand and bought him a hunk of corkwood to climb on, and he is extremely happy. He climbs halfway up it and hangs off, and every time I try to pick him up he sinks his feet in and latches on. So I'm really glad, because he was definitely worrying me at school. I think he's doing a lot better now.

There are eight disgusting kittens in a nest in the barn. XD They are in that stage where they haven't got their eyes open and their arms and legs are weirdly defined and their tails are just little pieces of stringy stuff, so they look like butterscotch and grey furry maggots. I'm trying to make their mama a bit less people shy so we can catch and spay her--after all, it is ridiculous that she had eight kittens. I took pictures. There's a tortoiseshell one that's pretty cute.

Mostly I'm just incredibly glad to be home.


Maria: Ugh, I sat on an asparagus to-day. I'm so embarrassed.
Soujin: You squashed it?
Mama: Your granddad always used to say 'happy as an old maid in an asparagus patch".
Maria: ....Not like that. Oh God.
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Aaron linked me to this amazing game, which will suck your soul in hardcore. Luckily, it plays pretty quickly--there are only about sixteen levels. And it's a lot of fun!

The herb shop here is doing Facebook trivia where they post their number and a question about an herb and if you call in first with the right answer you win the plant. I just won an oregano. :D

Finals are over and done with and I go home to-morrow, thank God. It is past time and I am more than ready. This morning Steph and I walked into town and went thrift store shopping, which I really shouldn't have done but she was super stressed out and needed a break, so that was more important. She got four very cute dresses, and I got a skirt and a jean halter dress that I will never wear because I'm not pretty enough. Then we stopped at the organic cafe and got smoothies, because she said she wanted to spend money on me. >_> We went with her service dog, who is a darling.

We re-homed Mabon, because a friend of Mama's has a bigger home for him and it's not close to the road so she can let him be an outdoor cat, which is what he really wants. Meanwhile, I have kittens waiting for me, because a barn cat had them in our barn. So yay! Kittens!

And on Wednesday I got to [ profile] mhari! That is the best of all.

Now I am going to see if anyone will indulge me in watching Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.
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I have two problems right now.

1. I am just--idk. Miserable? Emotionally unstable like I don't even know? I am miserable. I cannot sustain a mood for longer than an hour and haven't been this whole week. It is scary and makes me feel nauseous and out of control.

2. This is Theophilus. He is also a problem, because he's been at the shelter for a rather long time now, inexplicably, and he is running out of time. He spent an hour in my arms to-day just cuddling. He is fixed and his claws in front are nice and trimmed. He is the only cat at the shelter without eye problems, and his coat is soft and silky. He's a year old. He likes to be petted.

I am not sure how to convince my parents that Theophilus should come to live with us.

Here are some more pictures of Theophilus: )
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It’s a little hard to sum up everything that’s going on right now, but I can give it a good try, or at least make a bulletpoint list of the important items, which may work just as well.

--My granddad will probably be dead within the next month. We thought it would be more than that, but he’s sicker than everyone thought. He’s in hospice care, and I know they are going to make him as comfortable as a person can be until he dies. It really is the dying that’s harder than the death--if I thought he would live the same amount of time and die on the same day but without any of the pain I think it would be almost easy to acknowledge. It’s just that he hurts so much, and all the time.

--The good news is that that’s the only really bad news. Otherwise, Christmas was kind of quiet. Will has decided he wants to be a dentist, which is really weird to me, but he’s got two more years before he’s even in college, so. I just find the dentist part surreal, since Will is a very, very handsome boy who keeps a coffin in his room and plays guitar in a rock band.

--I got my ears pierced as a present to me, which is sort of exciting. I have little stars in my ears! It only hurt a lot! I am totally going to forget to turn them every night, and I am going to rely on [ profile] the_chloroplast to help me know how to do this right.

--Sherlock Holmes was utterly crazy and totally wonderful, and I loved it. Also, Maria has a celebrity crush on Robert Downey Jr., which is really really funny. I think we’re going to watch it again on New Year’s unless there is something better coming out, which I doubt.

--We watched the Star Trek episode where Kirk gets body switched with Dr. Lester last night, and somehow I’ve promised to write Maria Spock/Kirkette. That episode is just crazy, though, because it’s the most incredibly brilliant plot idea and they totally didn’t realise what they had in their hands, I think. The mutiny aspects are played up and the absolutely gorgeous unspoken Kirk-Spock interaction is just treated as mundane, which is really isn’t. Also the loyalty of the crew to Kirk, and also how badass Kirk is as a woman--a lot more badass than he is as a man, actually, but it’s really cool. I can also see how the episode could be perceived as incredibly misogynistic, and I was wondering where anybody else has seen it--particularly [ profile] greyswandir. Because I want to know what other people got out of it. But I really loved it, and now I owe Maria fic, which is terrible, and it is going to be terrible.

--I’m going to post my Yuletide fic here as soon as I can, but I’m really reassured because my recipient liked it a lot, and that makes me feel really good. I was hoping she would. >_> I might actually creep on her and friend her after the reveal. I wonder if that’s bad manners.

--I also wrote Galahad/Sagramore, for some reason, but I’m not actually planning to post that unless there is some demand for baffling religious imagery and Galahad’s extremely weird relationships with people.

--I’m actually writing all this at two-thirty in the morning, even though I’m posting it now. There are kittens scratching on my door. I am going to kill them. Mabon walked through my paint to-day while I was working in my crafting area, and the Tribble is the cutest, cuddliest looking poof of fur, but when you try to pet her she glares at you and walks away.

--It's no longer two-thirty in the morning, and I have discovered, on the way to the library, that my car's speedometre and odometre no longer work. Also, he does not want to shift into first gear, and is making a very weird dripping noise when I drive. O_o This is really not the time, Car. Much as ilu.

--I swear to God I’m working on people’s Twelfth Night stuff!

--I am still on dialup and do not dare to try to inspect what has been going on in my flist during my absence, so you tell me! How was your holidays? My hopes are for the best--although it’s freezing, there is an almost full moon outside, and it is very beautiful
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Of a lot of things, actually, including our cats, our farm, my jellyfish collection, and Hallowe'en. To name but a few!

To boldly go-- )
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I have a new kitten! His name is Mabon, and he's teensy and grey tiger coloured and very, very lovey. Also, he's going to be an indoor kitty, at least as long as I can reasonably argue for it, because I am tired of having my heart broken. Yesterday he got lost for two hours and I was searching the whole house and I said to Mama, "Why do I keep doing this? I do not think it is worth it," but she rightly pointed out that he had to be somewhere in the house, and as it happened he was stuck behind the computer. The Tribble hates him.

It was so beautiful being home. The leaves have mostly changed and it is just all so striking and breathtaking and sweet-smelling. Everything has that weird leaf-smell that goes with autumn. There are pumpkins and mums for sale everywhere, and the Mennonites are selling bundled cornstalks and Indian corn.

Maggie and Mama and Daddy and I moved the pigs one last time (their date of execution is November 5), and they sunned themselves while I scratched them. It was wonderful.
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My Hiro got hit on the road to-day. Oh my God. oh my god.
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On the way out the driveway this morning, Daddy hit Spock. He died in a few minutes.
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Fffff I am so sick of haying. And this was only the first day. We pulled in around sixty bales, but decided to save the last hundred for to-morrow, for reasons unknown to me at this time. Anyway, I stepped on a nail in the hay waggon, because I am awesome.

But I did make dinner--I am learning the fine art of Cooking Without Measuring Anything, which is delicate but extremely satisfying. And it tasted great! Although I also burned my hand. It's a very weird burn--one part of it is your typical first degree burn, but there's a bit in the middle that's hard, has a completely different texture. So moral of the story I guess is done stick your hand in the oven, it will hurt.

Tribble is sitting on the computer desk watching me type and waiting to walk on the keyboard, no doubt. She and Spock have been absolute menaces about this. "Eeee it's moving fingers! Pounce pounce pounce!" Also they like to play in the computer wires. I anticipate the eventual death of all three of us from electrocution. Although right now she's chasing her tail.

We're going to Tennessee on Monday and in about two weeks I'll be with [ profile] mhari, which will be truly wonderful. I am pining.

tl;dr nothing very exciting is going on but THEN AGAIN Maria says to-morrow we'll be using the MEAT GRINDER so just be advised in case I never appear again.
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SO I'm a little overdue for a picspam. Assortment from Easter to present, including such exciting topics as: Our New Horse, The Quaker; My Hair; Hiro the Kitty; Baby Animals; Soujin in a Refrigerator. I knew you were hooked.

I wasn't kidding about the refrigerator thing )


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