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So we watched the Seventh Seal to-day for religion/history class, and I live-Tweeted it, because I am boring and enchanted by modern technology. I also thought I was kind of funny, so I have reproduced it here. >_>

Warnings for: Rape, immaturity.

--Watching "The Seventh Seal". Lotta dies irae happening up in here.

--Dear Mr. Bergman: Horses prolly don't actually drink sea water.



--...yeah, I'm going to livetweet this, don't judge me. It makes it more bearable.

--...and then random dirty ballads.

It just gets more sophisticated from here )
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SO COOL. Poster design contest for X-Men: First Class.

I can't wait for the film.
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Oh, kittens. I swear I am going to respond to the comments left on my two previous posts, I am just terribly distractable and tired right now. So have a collection of diverting things that I have made from the internets:

1. A meme.

Pick one of my current rp characters and I will:

(a) Three facts about them from my personal fanon.
(b) A reason they're amazing.
(c) Five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
(d) Three people that I might ship that character with and why.

I'll probably do old characters, too, if you ask; I am pliable that way.

2. A tumblr.

Fuck Yeah, Benedict Cumberbatch. Oooh yeah.

3. A game.

I had sex with Oprah.

4. Photography.

Hummingbirds, it turns out, are as derpy as the rest of us.

5. A Polyvore.

This always makes me happy.

6. A fanfiction.

Raj/Howard, Big Bang Theory. Yesssss.

7. A request.

I'm almost done with a Holmes/Watson Sherlock fanfic, would anyone mind beta-reading it for me?
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GO WATCH THIS. It is Deep Space 9, Alexander Siddig-as-Bashir, "I Wish I Were James Bond" songvid. GO WATCH IT WHY ARE YOU STILL READING MY POAST.
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A few things:

1. I posted this on my facebook, but I will repost it because I like fussing about religion. hackedirl posted this image to-day, but see, I don't thing it really counts as a hack, because it basically IS a paraphrase of John 7:37-38 ("Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, and let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, “Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.”") I think this might make me an appalling nerd (not least because when I saw it I immediately command-T'd a new tab, popped open my bible search engine, entered the verse, and did a comparison). But really!

2. To-day (or yesterday, whatever) is National Coming Out Day. I came out as bisexual to some people, because that is the easy way of putting it, and as a biromantic Kinsey 4.5 to facebook, because that is what I tell people in real life, but in actual fact I am probably a panromantic polyamorous homosexual, so isn't that nice. Coming Out Day is not my best day ever.

3. To-morrow (or to-day) is AVED (Asexuality Awareness and Education Day)! Since I have at least four friends who are ace, and I'm pretty sure my sister is, I would like to take this moment to say that you are required to do a shot of whatever you have handy any time someone asks "does asexual mean they BUD?". It wasn't funny the first time, it's not funny the umpty-squillionth. Just for reference.

4. Forgot to go to the doctor's to-day, migraine has come back to punish me. I am rather annoyed. Anyway I have two midterm exams this week, one in Accounting and one in Comm, and sadly I think I'm going to be fine with the Accouting and fail the Comm, because my Comm professor is a very cheerful madwoman. Also, haven't gotten back my Sosh midterm because the professor had a death in the family (which is an extremely good reason not to hand back midterms) and I get my ConRes one to-morrow, but the upside of all this is that the only class I currently know my grade in is Psych, and I'm getting a C+. So that's all very depressing, but at least I've only had to take one panic attack pill so far since getting them two weeks ago.

5. Despite a lot of these points being kind of whiny, I'm in a really good mood. I spent the evening with Liz watching Paranormal Activity, which is a deliciously terrible film, and I borrowed her Nutella to make sandwiches. Now if I can just get some decent sleep I think things will be okay.

6. FALL BREAK IS FRIDAY. I am taking Liz, Amanda, Joyce, and [ profile] isjusterin home with me. Tres, tres excited, especially because the first two are from Long Island and Joyce is from city-Taiwan. I am hoping to culture-shock the hell out of this weekend. It will be great.
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You guys have NO IDEA how glad I am that this film is not about what I thought it was going to be about. Jeez, way to give a girl a heart attack.

Also, this remains my only motivation for learning French.
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So the doctor diagnosed my [near-constant for the last two years] headaches as migraines, and upped my Depakote from 500 to 1000 mg, which she says is much closer to a therapeutic dose. I am also supposed not to have anything containing chocolate, yeast, or lots of salt. So that is--a start, anyway, a diagnosis, finally, something to do about it. It's only been a day, so I'm not really seeing any results of the increased dose yet, but. I will hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I am watching lots of X-Men ([ profile] settiai gave Maria and me the fourth season of Evolution, and I bought Wolverine and the X-Men) and we just finished marathoning Spider-Man (the Sam Raimi films) because Maria had her wisdom teeth out and can't do anything but lie in bed and be miserable and watching films. Spider-Man is interesting, in that in the comics I totally ship Mary-Jane/Peter, but in the films they are so bad for each other and really shouldn't be together, it's ridiculous. Harry and Mary-Jane are so much better suited.

Anyway, I cried pathetically when Harry died, which is very embarrassing. Maria did not mock me too much, though.

And I borrowed two films on marine biology from the library, because it is my sekrit passion. I love marine invertebrates. Did you know that in the Palau archipelago there are sea anemones that grow up to three feet big? Can you imagine? It is SO COOL. AND there are inland lakes that have non-stinging jellyfishes a foot large that slime divers? I want to go there so. bad.
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I'm running MARC records at the library, and I just noticed that the summary for the film "Precious" includes the line "Precious Jones, an inner-city high school girl, is illiterate, overweight, and pregnant... again".

Can I just take a moment to be extremely offended that 'overweight' is apparently as much a problem as being illiterate or pregnant due to sexual abuse? Based on the cover, what they actually mean is 'obese', but I would argue that it is still not an issue on the magnitude of the other two.

Ffff people annoy me. Back to work.

EDIT: oh my GOD i HATE romantic comedies. BE more misogynistic, i DARE YOU. OR HOW ABOUT NOT. *fumes*
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The good: we got the bees in just right. We picked them up in their nuke box from Andy, drove them home, waited until dusk, and then put them into their new hive. They seem to have settled right in, and we're going to check them to-morrow to see how they're doing, as far as the queen and such.

My fish remember me; I went and sat by the pond yesterday and the day before and they sucked on my toes, which is the weirdest and nicest feeling. One of them has a super long tail. He's really beautiful.

I am in charge of monitoring the broody hens, since Maria will be away about the time their clutches are due! I'm so excited. I have to go in and check them every day and see if they have chicks or poults, and take them away right away if they do. Then I whisk them upstairs to the brooder shed that we have slapdash put together in the laundry room.

Maria and I finally saw Iron Man 2, which was awesome, and then spent the afternoon at Michael's spending the gift card I got for my birthday--we bought all this cake decorating stuff we've been coveting for ages, a beautiful set of dyes and cake glitter in two colours and shimmer in one. We're making cookies to-morrow so we can use it all. We're super excited. To-day we cleaned the house while Mama was at work so she wouldn't be in such a bad mood when she got home (she and Dad are arguing about horse fencing again).

the bad: Perci died while I was away at [ profile] mhari's. Mama thinks she didn't keep him moist enough, which I don't know if that's true or not but I don't want to say that it is because I know she'll just feel worse. I haven't buried him just yet, but I will to-morrow. Dad says he lived a really long time for a hermit crab, but since all the websites say you can keep them alive for ages I feel like I just screwed up somehow.

One of the barn kittens died, but I didn't notice in time, so the barn cat moved all the rest of them somewhere else and I didn't see where. I am going to look for them to-morrow--I think they're still in the barn because she's still lurking around in that area and there's plenty of warm, dry hay that's gone loose. I have to bring a flashlight, though, since I tried a cursory look around yesterday and couldn't actually seen in most places.

So--that's all the news.
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As I was getting off the train at Philly station, the dude behind me started spraying on cologne. Note that this dude was enormous--and by enormous I do not mean fat, I mean Hagrid--and getting down luggage for all the girls on the train. Then he leans over to me and says,

"Hey, sweetheart, do you have a boyfriend?"

And I couldn't help it. I just burst out laughing. Like, I don't know, I suppose I should have been slightly scared that this enormous be-cologned dude was hitting on me, but it just struck me as hilarious somehow.

Anyway, I said, "No, but I have a girlfriend."

He looks at the girl just past me and goes, "You too?" and she gives this kind of terrified nod (I don't think she heard all of what was going on), and he goes, "Awww, man."

So, uh, idk. XD

Also, I watched Cairo Time finally on the train. Omg it was so great. ;____; And made me wibble all over the place. Also, Alexander Siddig remains really goddamn hot and also incredibly funny and expressive--I laughed out loud a couple of times. It was superb. Except that there was not any making out, and I felt somewhat cheated, especially because Mr. Siddig and his romance kept going past what I like to call Soujin's Nose-Proximity Kiss Ratio, which says that the closer the noses of two characters in a film become the more likely it is that they are going to kiss. Mr. Siddig and Ms. Clarkson's noses were totally past the necessary proximity for kissing a whole bunch of times, and they never actually kissed.

Also, God, I had forgotten how long he is. He has to fold himself up in order to fit in, like, normal chairs. It's hilarious. He's so lanky and tall and ridiculous and has such great crinkles around his eyes gahhh. And his accent is to die for.

I seriously should be married to this man.

I board in about a half hour, and then it's seven hours to Medway! :P Luckily I packed more films and some books and I have fic to write, so I should be able to stay un-bored-to-death.
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Aaron linked me to this amazing game, which will suck your soul in hardcore. Luckily, it plays pretty quickly--there are only about sixteen levels. And it's a lot of fun!

The herb shop here is doing Facebook trivia where they post their number and a question about an herb and if you call in first with the right answer you win the plant. I just won an oregano. :D

Finals are over and done with and I go home to-morrow, thank God. It is past time and I am more than ready. This morning Steph and I walked into town and went thrift store shopping, which I really shouldn't have done but she was super stressed out and needed a break, so that was more important. She got four very cute dresses, and I got a skirt and a jean halter dress that I will never wear because I'm not pretty enough. Then we stopped at the organic cafe and got smoothies, because she said she wanted to spend money on me. >_> We went with her service dog, who is a darling.

We re-homed Mabon, because a friend of Mama's has a bigger home for him and it's not close to the road so she can let him be an outdoor cat, which is what he really wants. Meanwhile, I have kittens waiting for me, because a barn cat had them in our barn. So yay! Kittens!

And on Wednesday I got to [ profile] mhari! That is the best of all.

Now I am going to see if anyone will indulge me in watching Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.
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So here's the deal. A bunch of the people I know, while generally nice people, do not seem to know the difference between 'this is a legitimate cause for annoyance' and 'this makes you look like a smug self-righteous douchebag'. So I am making a little primer to help with the problem.

The Culprit: Toria and Andy
The Crime: They have a lot of sex. A lot.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: They have a lot of sex.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: They like to tell you about it.

The Culprit: Jake
The Crime: Having a great deal of unpopular/unpleasant opinions.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: His morbid obesity.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: Stalking me for a semester.

The Culprit: Vesper
The Crime: Being a nerdy kid in my philosophy class. Also, a ginger.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: His potential Asperger's.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: "Women created the glass ceiling themselves. They choose low-paying jobs."

The Culprit: Lady Gaga
The Crime: Writing popular music.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: Her being transgendered.*
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: Bad Romance has been stuck in my head for over a week.

I hope this was helpful. I only wish I could distribute copies en masse to the people I know.

*I can find absolutely NO evidence to suggest that Lady Gaga is transgendered or transsexual or anything of the kind, but since people WILL NOT shut up about it, here it appears.


In other news, campus is showing Sherlock Holmes free on the quad to-night. COUNT ME IN. I am still working on my Bechdel-approved Mary Watson/Irene Adler fic for [ profile] lokogato, so this is srs bsns.

Also, FREE COMICS DAY in State College to-morrow. Oh hell yes.

Now I just need to finish my paaaaper.

Edit: Woke up this morning and I CAN BREATHE AGAIN. I might finally be getting over this stupid cold omg.
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Liz dragged me to Il y a longtemps que je t'aime, and, predictably, I bawled. I think it is kind of hilarious--professors never know what to do with the fact that I cry at sad films. This made Dr. Miller deeply uncomfortably last year when he showed Jesus of Montreal and I had to sit after the film was over and sob into my hands, and Dr. Henderson just kind of stood there awkwardly and went "It's a pretty touching film..."

Then we came back and watched Higurashi no naku koro ni with Phil, Erin, and Jen, who I'm in love with now, and now I'm trying to get my French homework done so I can go to bed at a reasonable time so I can get up without feeling like a dead thing so I can try not to fail my anthropology short test to-morrow. And not fall asleep in philosophy again.

There are too many things to do and I literally do not have the time and this weekend is going to be completely insane--due to a series of... complicated events I will be taking a friend home (because her boyfriend flaked out on her and she has nowhere to go), which will be both stressful and fun, and will definitely make it harder to get all the homework I have to do over break done, and a part of me has just given up on sleeping really.

Saw the psychiatrist and she adjusted my meds stupidly and in such a way that I pretty much lose fifty dollars (because I just refilled my scrips on Saturday, and now they're no good), and I'm very frustrated and have so much to do and there was definitely a panic attack yesterday to go with the three last Friday and I have this petition of exception to write and I still haven't made the study abroad people give me any definite answers about Greece and this French homework isn't done and I need to start my hideous essay for history and if I don't stop writing this I'll start hyperventilating again.

Come to me, Easter. I need you.
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Am watching a film about Hildegard von Bingen for history class--have to say, it seems to be mostly an excuse to show off how pretty her music was.

Fair enough, really. Wow.

Edit: Just got my religion reading from Dr. Prill. It is a 17-page pdf. Goddammit.*

*I am not charmed by reading text online.
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I'm sitting in Maria's classroom here at Del Val, watching Food, Inc. We've only watched the chicken part so far, but I am never eating again.

Just so you know.

Edit: In the corn part now. AHHHHH.

Edit: Almost done with the bit on salmonella/e.coli/feedlots. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. WHAT THE HELL, AMERICA.
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I am sitting in philosophy class watching a debate about human nature; whether it is good or evil. I'm feeling somewhat prejudiced already, seeing as a) I believe that human nature is good and b) the opposition is led by a young man who I have taken to calling Doucheface McHipster, because he is one. Sigh.

I have an exam in religion to-day and then all my other exams on Friday, so I shall be frantic and studying until then. >_> Last night I went to see The Wolfman with Liz, Charlie, and Jen, and we were the only people in the theatre, which was good, because we laughed so hard at all the most inappropriate times. It is a terrible and awesome film, and Anthony Hopkins is having the time of his life; he reminded me of Alexander Siddig in Merlin. Oh people. <3

Aaaand I have nothing of any actual value to say. I keep having nightmares where my father dies; I just wonder why that is happening. Jeez.
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Title: Deep Things
Fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie canon)/Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Characters/Pairings: Nemo, Mina, Arronax by proxy, male OC.
For: [ profile] gileonnen, for the Fic Drive. We reached three-hundred and forty dollars altogether, you guys! Amazing job.
Note: Gil asked for girl!Nemo. I am not sure this one-hundred percent counts, but I am surprisingly happy with it.

Deep Things )
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Over the last week, I have watched a deliciously bad horror film called The Swarm, and live-chat summed it up for various victims. Here, for your pleasure, starring Michael Caine, Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Olivia de Havilland, Katharine Ross, Richard Chamberlain, Ben Johnson, and THE MOTHERFUCKING MOLES OF BEES, is

The Swarm )

And now I am going to bed, dammit.
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Saw Sherlock Holmes again. JUST AS GOOD AS LAST TIME. [ profile] gileonnen should write me fic, because it is just her kind of movie and just her kind of pairing. STEAMPUNK DETECTIVES WHO ARE TOTALLY MARRIED. SUBTLE MOCKERY OF THE DA VINCI CODE. MARY WATSON NOT GETTING VILIFIED. DRUNKEN FLY-MANIPULATION USING VIOLINS. HELLS TO THE YES.


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