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Once upon a time I told [ profile] nowgoesquickly that one of the reasons I don't usually find horror films scary is that things happen on the farm that are sufficiently horrible as to eclipse monster sharks and squishy aliens.

So to-day we went down to feed the pigs and chickens and turkeys. They were all busy being adorable -- we have seven, count 'em, seven little jakes and they are super friendly -- and the chickens, which are adolescents and so fairly cute still and very fluffy, were scooting around making funny noises, and the pigs were playing in their water. Mama and Maria were scritching Grace behind the ears, and she fell over, which she always does when you scritch her.

We were remarking on the delicacy of their faces, and how pretty and wide their ears are, and their big eyes and long eyelashes and long red hair. I was actually starting to feel kind of bad about the fact that we'll slaughter them in November.

And then Mama said, "Oh, my God."

Maria and I looked.

"Oh fuck," I said, before I could stop myself. I glanced over at Mama to see if I was going to get a Look for swearing, but she was still staring in horror.

"But where's the other--?" said Maria.

We scanned the pig enclosure quickly. There it was, among the tomatoes we'd thrown in for the pigs to eat.

"Oh fuck," I squeaked.

"Oh, God," Mama said, poking in the mud and straw with a stick. There was a reddish clump of something that used to be golden.

Just then Darius, the boar, started to root. There was a cracking of bones as he grabbed the disembodied leg -- pallid and limp, drained of blood -- nearest to us and started to chew it up and devour it.

The buff Orphington cockerel is no more.

He climbed into the pig pen to steal some of their grain and they ate him.

Suddenly I am a lot more comfortable with their approaching execution. They do not look quite as cute as they used to.

Also, yesterday I had to empty another turkey nest full of dead eggs. >_> She had ten, and every single one had a stillborn poult inside. She is still sitting on the empty nest. I also found a hen brooding a clutch up in the hill pasture by the horse trailer, but hers appear to be reasonably healthy eggs and also she bit me very hard when I was checking them, so my plan is to leave her alone. A third hen hatched a clutch of six in the dry streambed beside the barn while we were on vacation, so perhaps this one can be competent.

Also also, the adolescent guineas learned to fly to-day! :D When I last checked, they were all up on the outhouse roof, while the adolescent poults stood around the bottom going "D: but we wanna go up there toooooo".

Maggie ate a groundhog. She dashed into the buffer by the Mahantango, grabbed it by the neck, and shook it till it was dead. It kept whining and screaming.

Horror films. Pffffft.
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Ooo! The new LJ header has STARFEESH. Cool.

I am now the Mama of fourteen guinea keets and seven new poults -- though there may be more; the seventh just hatched about two minutes ago. He is being pitiful in the box.

I had a great weekend with [ profile] random_prophet, who is mad cool. Unfortunately, she is also going to Russia for all of next year, so it will be a long while before I see her again.

My work week is crazy again -- they seem to like giving me one very light one and then one insanely heavy one. So -- ugh. 12 hour shift on Saturday with my least favourite client. Who I am also seeing Thursday. Who has no AC. Which -- we have no AC at my house, either, but at my house I do not have to carry old ladies back and forth from the bathroom once an hour. Also, at my house we keep the fans on and try to circulate the air, whereas this client is always cold so she insists on keeping the house warm. Hey, did you know there's a heat advisory going right now? Yeah. So she's going to yell at me when I refuse to heap blankets on her, sigh.[1]

Pigs are coming soon!

Not much interesting news. Mostly I am tired, and sometimes I have time to do art.

[1] I'm not sure if I've explained my thing with heat, but basically I can't function. I mean, I can force myself to if I have to, but being too hot makes me want to sit somewhere and cry and cry, and given half the chance that's exactly what I'll do. Cry and sleep. I can't eat when it's hot, and I'm just generally really miserable. Also I sweat a LOT. So I'm not really very much fun to be around during a heat wave, and left to my own devices I would spend this week in the library or hiding in the cellar reading. Instead, I'm working, and while most of my clients have AC in their homes, which actually makes things better, my Mon.Thus.Sat. client is compounding my dislike of her personality by attempting to cook me to death in her house. Ugh. Naturally my work uniform is sweltering, too.
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So, a little update on what's going on in Soujin-land!

1. I should be asleep right now, but I'm not; for some reason I am not sleeping very well lately, which has led to me sleeping in too late in an effort to get some sleep at all. Last night I had only had four hours, and I still was awake for an hour after turning off the lights and lying down. That's stupid. Anyway.

2. Still at [ profile] mhari's! Having a good time! We are mostly just being colossal dorks with each other, although yesterday we went to the New England Aquarium and it was good times. There were lovely lovely comb jellies and a petting tank with starfish and urchins and horseshoe crabs and a skate, and ANOTHER petting tank with some really gorgeous rays -- both the round Atlantic type and these adorable cownoses, which are so sweet omg. They come right up and bonk your hands. We weren't supposed to touch their bellies, but they kept swimming over and flapping at our hands! Anyway, they have the most amazing texture -- like slightly slimy velvet. So cool. Unfortunately we had to go home before we could visit the octopus, but they had LION'S MANE JELLIES. OMG. Little tiny ones! I am used to conceiving of Lion's Manes in terms of, you know, these VAST MONSTERS with tentacles that get up to thirty feet long. It somehow never occurred to me that they might start out as wee little babbies. So that was pretty sweet.

We also saw some adorbs frogs, although the surinam toad was hiding. :(

Also, [ profile] mhari bought me a blue whale plushie for my birthday. He is enormous and so soft; his name is Captain Shakespeare.

3. I got a job! I start on the twenty-third. It's caregiver work, which is great -- I basically was going to die if I had to take another horrible depressing retail job, so the fact that I get to work with people but in a useful, helpful capacity is fantastic. I'm really looking forward to starting. I don't even know what my wage is and I DON'T CARE.

4. Still haven't figured out this birthday party stuff. Mama said I could have one, but everybody's weird places at weird times and I'm really not sure if it will actually happen. :/ Not a super big deal, I guess.

5. My awesome Summer Project is coming along surprisingly nicely. I bought more stuff for it here, and I can't wait to get back to work on it.

6. Maria and I are going to rock this world this summer. We're both full-time, forty-hours-a-week employed, but we are going to make a list of all the summer films we HAVE TO SEE (like Thor, and First Class) and then DO IT. Cos we can. In between, of course, we will work our asses off and keep bees, because we're rad like that.

7. I am going to make the time to start bicycling again, gdi. I really miss getting to go on long bike rides, and Maria said she wants to start biking too, so it's going to happen. My hope is also that once I start doing something that at least looks like exercise, Mama will get off my case about being fat. THIS HAD BETTER WORK. I do not have the time to squash real exercise in on top of everything else.

8. Chiiiicks! Keeeeets! They're coming June first. I am so super excite.

9. Mama has a new bunny, I don't think I mentioned. It is dopey and very pretty and scares the hell out of the cats.

10. We might actually get internet at home this summer. This one guy up on Gamby Hill is thinking of building a reception tower because he is crazy as pants and apparently wants to be able to get internet, even though we live out in the sticks and most people are Mennonite. If this happens, the whole valley would have internet potentially, so that might actually happen. It would be pretty sweet, I have to say.

11. I am watching a playthrough on YouTube of Deadly Premonition, which is a really neat video game. Also, the guy doing the playthrough is great -- so deadpan and sarcastic and unfazed by everything that happens in the game. LOVE him.

12. That's really all atm. Basically I am busy and scattered and kind of crazy, so if there is something I should be doing with you/in general, please let me know. I'M WORKING ON IT. There are a lot of caps in my life, is what I'm saying, but I still am trying to beat the dialup into submission every night from 10 to 1, so hit me up, I will probably be around.

Although this may all be irrelevant come Saturday and the rapture. :P

Anyway, in the words of the Pope, ciao.
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Yesterday we canned tomato juices and all the corn in the world. To-day twenty pints of vegetable soup (corn, carrots, lima beans, potatoes, three or four types of tomatoes, onions, celery, almost all homegrown) with the new pressure canner. I am sleepy and bored and [ profile] mhari's internets are broken, so here is something that did entertain me to-day:

Sampling of the Lancaster Farming ad section [all sic]:

3 yr old BISON HEIFER. Pastured with cattle. asking $1000.00 Monroe Co. PA

Potbelly pigs, black babies $25. Pink baby $30. Lancaster Co. PA

Young homing pigeons, banded, very healthy, many colors to choose from. York Co. PA no sunday calls please.

Doctor's Buggy, new Amish shafts, one horse, $750.00. Franklin Co. PA

Ford 1947 two door sedan, runs good, 3,800. or best offer. Delaware Co. PA

Clawfoot bathtub (very heavy) was still in use 2010, original spigots $500/obo Lancaster Co. PA

Attention unfortunate farmers: Fresh woodchips to compost dead livestock. You haul. Lancaster Co. PA

Goats. The fainting kind. Six billies to choose from. $75/ea. Lancaster Co. PA No phone

Shetland mini sheep, small, easy to handle, ewes and lambs. Great for spinners with solid bodies, panda faces. Warren Co. PA

Two one horse sleighs, need some restoring $800 for one, $1500 for pair/obo. Lancaster Co. PA

Miniature Hereford Semen from gentle small polled hereford bull $25.00 a straw. Call Art at Munchkin Farm. Rutland Co. VT

Cider Press, Antique, grind one basket while you press one, comes with 3 baskets, kept inside last 50 years, $600. Indiana Co. PA

Wanted: a cream separator that works. Centre Co. PA

Wanted: Blueberry pie recipe consisting of only fresh blueberries in plain, sweetened gelatin in a single baked pie crust served at defunct Meyer's Restaurant, Quakertown. Buck Co. PA

Goats for rent to eat weeds. Hillsides, fields, anywhere needed. Especially good for areas where mowers find difficult. Harford Co. MD
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I'm feeling lots better, although I still can't eat most solid foods, so Maria and I did chores to-day. She made bread, and I got to help make brandied apricot preserves--we canned ten jars, but one fell. Maria hung laundry on the line, we dug new potatoes, and even managed to entice Rogue and Gambit in for a little scratching, although they are still suspicious. They are also suspicious because when they came close to the horse fence Quaker put his head over, snuffled Rogue's behind gently, and then chomped down, sending her squealing across the hog yard.

Lastly, we banded the turkey hens. Unfortunately, one of them beat me in the face with her wing, and I think one of my molars is loose. >_> She got me right in the wisdom tooth socket, of course. One of the stitches came out, but it didn't start bleeding or anything, so I think it's all right, but Maria says I have a big bruise. That'll be nice for church to-morrow.

Other than that, it is mostly just too hot to live.
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well, my wisdom teeth are out and my face is all swollen up like crazy, but mostly i feel okay, just it hurts to eat and talk and things like that. we got the pigs to-day, two lovely red tamworths named rogue and gambit--they have already escaped twice, driving maria to tears, but at the moment they are snoozing in their strawbed in the hoghouse, so that is a small merciful thing.

maria and i are watching the iron man animated series from '94 and it is quite marvellous, especially now that the first season is done and we are watching the second season. also, it is the most slashy thing ever, not even funny ("jim i can't let you go off half-cocked" "oh, don't worry, i'm FULLY COCKED" lolwhut), so i promised her that i would write tony/jim when we finished up. which reminds me that i still haven't posted my nick fury/wolverine:wolverine/captain america x-men: evolution fanfic.

also, we found a home for lucky, the kitten from the barn. her new name will be molly. the last kitten we rehomed was renamed sam. if we end up doing another one and it gets called ken or larry or something, i will be on the phone with [ profile] skaryma, let me tell you what.

i think i am okay.
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On my way to Newport yesterday I passed by the Ridge Road farm and both their red piggies were out. They're so beautiful! I really hope we have pigs again; having Christmas and Bertha was such a great experience, and I really would like to have a breeding sow that we could actually keep. Mama and Maria are discussing the possibility of raising calves and selling them at auction in adolescence--we'd actually make money off them that way, and we wouldn't have to butcher them ourselves, which was definitely the most traumatising part for me. I would like that a lot.

We've raised 275 dollars so far for [ profile] mhari's family! I would love to make it to $300, so if you can spare even five dollars, that would be completely fantastic. You guys have been so great, and I promise I am working steadily on everybody's fic.

I decided if I can't go to Dunedin and be with [ profile] saucynuisance I might as well go to Greece as New Zealand, so it looks like that is what is ultimately going to happen. I e-mailed Dr. Hutto yesterday to ask if he would write me a reference, and I need to e-mail the Dean of Students also as soon as possible. There is so much paperwork, and I have to get my passport renewed.

I went to my first ever viewing Thursday--a patient of Mama. It was kind of weird. On T.V. &c dead people look exactly the same as live people; they don't in real life. My aunt has decided that she's going to cremate my grandparents when they die, which I'm not sure how I feel about, I kind of hate the idea of cremation. Me, I want to be buried in a cardboard carton under an apple tree (fruit trees love bone marrow, it is super good for them) and get broken down back into the earth as soon as possible, not be preserved whole in a box or turn into a handful of dust. Of course that means making provisions, but I'm willing to do that.

I'm kind of ready to get back to school (I say that now, but I bet you a week after going back I will be suffering from full-blown symptoms again and wanting to die).
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Of a lot of things, actually, including our cats, our farm, my jellyfish collection, and Hallowe'en. To name but a few!

To boldly go-- )
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I have a new kitten! His name is Mabon, and he's teensy and grey tiger coloured and very, very lovey. Also, he's going to be an indoor kitty, at least as long as I can reasonably argue for it, because I am tired of having my heart broken. Yesterday he got lost for two hours and I was searching the whole house and I said to Mama, "Why do I keep doing this? I do not think it is worth it," but she rightly pointed out that he had to be somewhere in the house, and as it happened he was stuck behind the computer. The Tribble hates him.

It was so beautiful being home. The leaves have mostly changed and it is just all so striking and breathtaking and sweet-smelling. Everything has that weird leaf-smell that goes with autumn. There are pumpkins and mums for sale everywhere, and the Mennonites are selling bundled cornstalks and Indian corn.

Maggie and Mama and Daddy and I moved the pigs one last time (their date of execution is November 5), and they sunned themselves while I scratched them. It was wonderful.
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Let me tell you a story! You all want to hear a story, I know.

So at our house, there is a long long road that goes down by the sheep shed, the hog enclosure, and the chicken house, down along the Mahantango to the tractor crossing. Now we got the land this road is on into a preservation programme, which would be all super except for one thing: the preservation programme stipulates that there can be no motorised vehicles down that road any more. But we still use the road a lot for walking to all the various stuff down it. Long story short, it has to be mowed, but you can't run a mower down there.

So we use a scythe! It's a great piece of work, really functional as long as you sharpen the blade before each use. You obviously have to exert a lot more effort than you would on a riding mower or even a push mower. Well, to-day I decided to mow the path, which is probably a short half a mile. Definitely not more.

Here is a big public service announcement!: if you are planning to mow half a mile of road with a scythe, you should probably make sure you don't do it in the heat of the day. Likewise, you should be properly hydrated and probably wearing some kind of head covering plus sunscreen. You should definitely NOT do it in only a sports bra and jeans after having drunk a diet Dr. Pepper (colas are diuretics, so pretty much the opposite of water). However, it does help if you can pause midway through and go sit in the creek and play with the crawdads.

My right hand is so blistered I can hardly hold anything, and, in typical Soujin fashion, as I was putting the scythe away I tripped on it. I've now got a little less toe on my right foot than I used to. :D But I figured, didn't hurt much, whatever, so I took off my clothes and hung them up on the line and started inside when--! !!! Blood! Leaking perilously close to the carpet! So I had to hop around the house in my underwear looking for bandaids and a towel while Daddy poked his head around the door and said,--

"Soujin? Did you leave Maggie down at the creek?"

Also, the pigs were so laughing at me the whole time. I know they were. Stupid pigs.
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SO I'm a little overdue for a picspam. Assortment from Easter to present, including such exciting topics as: Our New Horse, The Quaker; My Hair; Hiro the Kitty; Baby Animals; Soujin in a Refrigerator. I knew you were hooked.

I wasn't kidding about the refrigerator thing )
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I swear I have cleaned the kitchen at least six times since Maria's friends came to visit. What is it about teenage girls that makes them so awfully messy?

Worked at the church yard sale to-day, very tedious, but I got some nice tins and an Emu Crossing sign for Maria, so that worked out. I need to bake cake for Maria's graduation party--I got her present and card and everything's wrapped, it's not until next weekend, so that's all right. Mostly my life is fairly mundane, although I saved the lives of three poults last week--the other three were crushed to death by their mama. The survivors are named Porthos, Athos, and Aramis, but we won't be able to tell them apart soon.

Quaker got a puncture wound in his shoulder that is over eight inches deep, and we have no idea how, so that's pretty exciting, and by exciting I mean terrible.

Maria was given a bible for her graduation by our priest, which is frustrating because we have explained to the priest on numerous occasions that she is spiritual rather than religious. On the other hand, it's one of those awful "modern translations", and Leviticus and Exodus turn out to be even funnier rendered into faux-modernity. That goes double for the psalms and proverbs.

And I'm fat and I sleep a lot, but I also clean a lot and take care of my fish and the kitten (whose name has gone back to Kirk, Maria MAKE UP YOUR MIND) and make cards and things like that, and I'll get a job when I go back to school if I can, and we're going to Tennessee and I'll visit [ profile] mhari, so I guess things are worth it in their own way. Still haven't got an appt. with the psych, still very tired. But life goes on because it has to.
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Hiro is going to be the DEATH OF ME AGH. He keeps trying to climb up my bare legs so he can get cuddles; I've been wearing trousers to-day in self-defence. I can't wait until Ando comes home and he has somebody to play with. He's doing really well! He just really hasn't figured out the whole 'retractable claws' thing and he loves to get into my lap.

Maria and I are taking the Quaker out for a drive to-day, which should be fun--he keeps trying to kill us when we drive with him (two weeks ago he shied at a stop sign and cantered halfway down the wrong side of the road before Maria could get him under control, and I clutched her thigh until my hand hurt but didn't scream, and she told me she was really proud of me for it) (last week he shied at a puddle, he is useless you giez). So that should be nice.

I need to finish my preparations for Maria's graduation party. Yesterday I cleaned the house, which always makes Maggie hate me--she always runs from the place I'm vacuuming to the place I'm about to vacuum, so I chase her around the house essentially and she is not thrilled by that. I bought Maria's cup and I need to go to the store and print out a photo of her so I can draw a helix across her face and leave it on her pillow. Uh. Not that we have a strange sense of humour or anything. Or that we spend hours sometimes reimagining Gunsmoke as Star Trek ("He's dead, Matt. Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a marshal." "Beam us up, Kitty." &c).

We've been doing a lot of planting lately, and I still haven't repotted Mohindar, which I really need to do because he hates his little plastic pot. He gets all cringy and sad in it. On the plus side, the fishies are doing well, and Levin is huge--nearly eight inches long. I'm so proud of him.

We're trying to name the hen with the bad foot--can anybody think of any good (funny or fandomy) names for a lady with crinkled toes? Black Peter has become unrecognisable, but Nellie is getting more playful, and I can't wait for them to go down with the rest of the flock in the long bottom. We have Redjac and Dora and Fidel and Jol down there, as well as two buff hens, another Aracauna, and another Marron.

The weather is finally nice enough to start hanging laundry on the line again! I think we're all glad of this.
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My icon is, for once, utterly appropriate; I have been depressed I think almost since April began, and it is not letting up, despite my efforts (I am so tired). And I'm trying to do homework but nothing wants to happen, and my hands are shaking so bad to-day, I cannot hold anything to-day, it's ridiculous. This is one of those weeks where you lose your faith (and that is terrible timing indeed: it's Holy Week already).

I want to go home. I want to cease. I want to sleep for-ever. I want to slide that razor into my body, but I made a promise, and I keep my promises if nothing else. Professor K-G says that makes me strong, but I am not so sure.

What is keeping my faith: )
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La la la this.

Livejournal be stealin mah paid account, which is annoying, because we are currently in a negative monied period. On the other hand, we do have a horse and spring waggon now, and that's nifty--it is coming home on Thursday with us in it, if we can beat the Quaker into submission. He is kind of dreadful. He stares at me with his creepy eye and tries to eat the buttons off my trousers. And his lips are incredibly flexible and come after you almost independent of the rest of his face and OH GOD THE HORROR etc.

One of the turkey hens is ripped up--we discovered it on Sunday and she's been moved to solitary confinement, which means she's dying. Flock birds are miserable by themselves. She sits by the wall where she can hear the others and cries. Problem is because of her side being all bloody she looks different, so the others beat her up if she's in with them.

We are working on our Operation Opossum, in which we are going lovingly to place a possum in the mailbox of our pastor, because she is evil, and because it is the funniest damn crime that has ever been reported in the Record, with the exception maybe of the time somebody smeared a green bell pepper all over someone's car, what the HELL, Perry County, your idea of crime is absolutely embarrassing. And yet deeply, deeply entertaining. Maria suggests we put a tag on it that says 'Welcome to Perry County'. Daddy is completely horrified by the whole plan, but Mama laughs in a mildly encouraging manner whenever Maria brings it up, so you never know. A rash of random possum mailboxings may spring up all over Central Pennsylvania. Maybe it will inspire our pastor to write a good sermon. Maybe it will inspire her actually to GIVE the sermon, instead of letting her horrible allow-me-to-use-the-New-Testament-as-a-vehicle-for-my-Old-Testament-hellfire-and-brimstone-belief-pattern-by-the-way-everyone-is-evil-except-Christians husband do it. Who knows...!

Otherwise, random irrational depressive episodes interspersed with pretty steady mood. So overall I would say that's good.
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I got tagged by [ profile] nowgoesquickly to write for eight days about good things. So, um, I'm working on that.

To-day I couldn't get out of bed until five; I was too sick. But when I did get up Daddy made me chicken broth (from our own chickens) with orzo in it, and Maria told me she wanted me to go with her to get milk. So we drove together to the Beidler place and when we went to go into the milk barn a big dark furry shape brushed up against the door and slammed it shut. We both jumped back.

"Was that a cow?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Maria said.

But Mr. Beidler shoved his way out a minute later and we gave him our milk jars. They're big like for three or four gallons and have spigots on them: you turn the spigots and the milk comes out. They're low down at the bottom so the cream can be skimmed off. And he filled our milk jars for us and we carried them out to the car through the ice, and when we got home I fed the cats, who are as round and soft as heavyweight bowling balls with a fur coating, and Maria climbed up on the truck to cover the windshield with feed bags. Then we shooed the turkeys up into their house. They're so big it's just crazy, and I was stroking one, and I asked Maria where the guineas went at night.

"They're in here too," she said.


"Yeah, just a sec--" And she went in and got one for me and they are just the warmest thing. "I love these guys. Protected by the ghost of Snapper."

Snapper is Paul's father. He's sort of like the Chuck Norris of Oriental--if Snapper couldn't do it, it couldn't be done. He even got a road named after him, which out here is just as good as getting a town. It's epic. And when he died, he died of an aneurysm in the corn crib, and they had to get a backhoe to get him out, because the corncrib is deep and they had to lower a man down in there to lift him onto the backhoe and then use that to get both men out. We built the range shelter where the corncrib used to be, so Maria and I say that Snapper is looking out for our birds now.

When we started down the hill we could see the moon shining off this big patch of ice in the pasture near the road, so we ran down and skated around on it for a while in our farm boots, sliding back and forth in the cold. And nearly fell over a couple of times.

Then we came in and put the milk away.

That was good.
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Just a small post with a couple of shinies. A few days ago Maria and I went to an organic sheep farm, which was very exciting, especially as it was the most beautiful place in approximately the world. Especially as it contained an actual lock, from an actual canal. The lock is defunct now, but the stone walls are still there and the husband set up a fountain in the pool that emanates therefrom.

And the sheep graze in the old cemetery.

I plan to get into the will of these people if at all possible. :D It is incredible. At any rate, Maria had camera in hand the whole time, so here are a couple of photographs from it!

under the cut, of course. )
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Agh. Dear LJ, could my account not have expired while I'm broke and computerless? Nggg. That is not conducive to my peace of mind, ohno.

In other news, Sam has once again gone out of his way to prove, just for the record, that he is the sum total of imbecility, by getting stuck flat on his side with three legs wrapt in the 'safest horse fence money can buy'. Thank you, Sam. We are in awe.

Also, I'm out of sticker paper. >_> YES, ALREADY, DON'T SAY ANYTHING. I made some really nice stickers, though, and raided my old wrapping paper collection for material, and I think I have some really good bases and things started. I just need to buy more paper now so I can get them finished. But, no, it's nice, I really like doing it, and it gives me something to do besides mope when I'm up until three a.m. with the insomnia. I also made a dozen ATCs. Apparently abstract art really, really works for me (which makes sense: I can't do any other kind of art worth a damn, because I can't make pictures of things that aren't abstract). So I'm having a lot of fun with that, but I need somehow to get to Harrisburg to buy a little refill cartridge. They're only five dollars or so, so it's not so bad to afford them.

We went out for a long snow walk with Maggie this morning, which was really nice.

My depression is kind of playing hell right now, it's all up and down and all over the place. Some days I'm perfectly happy, and sometimes I just cry all day long--Thursday was like that. I couldn't get anything done, I couldn't even really get out of bed until Mama came home. And then to-day I'm fine, I'm all cheerful and perky and ready to do things. I don't get it at all. I suppose it's normal, though? I'm taking my meds regularly and everything.

We are going to the Middleburg auction while the Cousins are here. :D Maybe we will get CHICKENS. If Maria has her way, we'll get a pig, but Daddy is fairly disturbed by this idea. Maria keeps going, 'but it'll be really cute! And then it'll be bacon! it's great!' and Daddy goes 'hmmmmmm', which is Daddy-speak for NO NO NO NO NO SAVE ME.

Found my Jim Croce CDs and have been listening to that. Also, got a LOT of interesting books out of the library. Did you know Orkney has its own personal sea monster? I know. I love it. It makes so much sense...!

Now I am going to go be constructive.
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Picspam! Of various items of dubious import.

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The fact that I got halfway home from Newport to-day before I realised my brake was on is proof, I think, of how much the car fails. On the other hand, the fact that I got home without any trouble at all is proof of its winning.

When I went by the farms on the river-side I saw three heifers chasing each other down the field while all the cows watched them. They were so shaggy and long-legged that I mistook them for ponies at first. They looked so happy--! and so light and fleet and wonderful, and the sun was slanting down on all of us, me taking the curve while they ran towards me, and a little wind blowing, and all of this in only a few seconds--honestly I thought my heart was swollen.

It was very beautiful.

Also we had a little dinner with Mama's friend from work, Laurene, and her daughter Angie, and that was really nice. Laurene is funny and casual and easy to be around; Daddy made dinner and I washed all the dishes and cleared the table, and Maria made blackberry turnovers for dessert out of the Amish blackberries she and Mama bought on Wednesday; and they were really good turnovers. The berries were still whole inside, and not-sweet. We poured milk on them to cool them down, just like Grandma taught us girls to do for gingerbread, when she was alive.

Juniata County fair on Sunday! To-morrow I have to get up at six to go to work, but that should be all right.

Have been feeling sad again, but will let it pass. Such things do.


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