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Oh, kittens. I swear I am going to respond to the comments left on my two previous posts, I am just terribly distractable and tired right now. So have a collection of diverting things that I have made from the internets:

1. A meme.

Pick one of my current rp characters and I will:

(a) Three facts about them from my personal fanon.
(b) A reason they're amazing.
(c) Five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
(d) Three people that I might ship that character with and why.

I'll probably do old characters, too, if you ask; I am pliable that way.

2. A tumblr.

Fuck Yeah, Benedict Cumberbatch. Oooh yeah.

3. A game.

I had sex with Oprah.

4. Photography.

Hummingbirds, it turns out, are as derpy as the rest of us.

5. A Polyvore.

This always makes me happy.

6. A fanfiction.

Raj/Howard, Big Bang Theory. Yesssss.

7. A request.

I'm almost done with a Holmes/Watson Sherlock fanfic, would anyone mind beta-reading it for me?
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A certain person who shall not be named ([ profile] dreamer_easy) requested photos of me in my vestments holding a sword.

so yeah. )

As you can see, my room is a disaster area, although that's partly because I was in the process of moving out. However, you can also see my nice henna'd hair. :D Also, my sword is just a fencing foil, but oh, well.
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This evening I decided, for reasons unclear, that the way to be a stellar houseguest would be to have a major OCD meltdown all over [ profile] mhari's room. The only reason we are still friends is because she has a remarkable lot of patience and because her mother threw me out when the room was only about fifty percent cleaned.

On the other hand, we went to the beach on Monday, where I found this lovely specimen of crabhood and sat around in tidepools.

I'm feeling kind of weird--I'm not really sure where I am, mentally. I feel very lonely, in a way, like I'm terrified of everyone forgetting about me over the summer while I'm not around (for example Liz, and [ profile] the_chloroplast), and also people online, especially people who I want to be good friends with but am for-ever having anxiety over (like [ profile] tulipmonster, who I want to like me but who I am convinced sits around wondering when I will die already). I feel like I could be in a better state of mind, but on the other hand I'm not depressed, so--idk, be grateful for what I have? In the general scheme of things, anxiety is easier to deal with than depression (for me).

I'm also having a lot of anxiety nightmares and a lot of just random like--lying awake at night thinking of all the things that could potentially go disastrously wrong. Like I sit in my bed and think about all the ways my father could die (I think this is being triggered by Nana and Granddad just dying, and by [ profile] mhari's father dying, because he was pretty much my second dad, and it's made my anxious self hypersensitive to the possibility, I think?), or how I don't want to drive any more because I'm afraid I'll hit one of the cats, or how if I pick up Perci I could drop him and he's so delicate he'd just shatter. I will run through a good twenty or so of these scenarios just while I'm trying to fall asleep, and then I'll have even more anxiety because I'm worrying about whether worrying about stuff will make it come true. And not all of it is stuff that's grounded in reality, either--I think about how the house could collapse or I start to wonder whether I left the stove on and the house is going to burn down in the night or-- And so on, ad finitum, pretty much constantly. And any little noise or anything of that sort jerks me wide awake because I immediately connect it with one of the scenarios I've been worrying about and then I have to calm myself down until I can relax enough to sleep, and it's driving me crazy.

I've also started getting the daily headaches again, and that whole mess has been going off and on for over a year now, of terrible headaches in this icky swimmy place between a normal headache and a migraine (I've only had like two true migraines, and these are definitely not that bad), which last all day and cannot be chased off by painkillers. The problem with them is that I end up taking a lot more aspirin than is good for my system in an attempt to dull them at least. I'm starting to think that I should talk to a doctor possibly. <--and this of course is triggering my anxiety even further (what if I have a brain tumour? what if I have encephalitis? &c &c &c).

tl;dr my anxiety is worse than usual and my head hurts. Also, I like to whine.

But I do like it here, and I'm sorry I have to go home on Thursday. [ profile] mhari is pretty much my favourite person ever.
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Oh lord. Okay. So the drag show was to-night. The one where I went as Hugh Hefner, and Shawn was a Playboy Bunny?

We won third place. We won third place. It was incredible. I can't describe the experience to you.

But here are a few of the photos I currently have: I did my own makeup. Also, check out my amazingly manly arm hair. It didn't actually show in the final product because my sleeves were buttoned, but. And my hair has Reed Richards stripes because that's what Hef has in some of the pictures. And that pipe is my grandfather's. And to-day is Hugh Hefner's birthday. Or yesterday. Anyway, I hope someone else has photos, especially of our act, because it went so beautifully.

Also, Jen is sleeping in my bed. I wonder if I can get her to make room for me.
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I have two problems right now.

1. I am just--idk. Miserable? Emotionally unstable like I don't even know? I am miserable. I cannot sustain a mood for longer than an hour and haven't been this whole week. It is scary and makes me feel nauseous and out of control.

2. This is Theophilus. He is also a problem, because he's been at the shelter for a rather long time now, inexplicably, and he is running out of time. He spent an hour in my arms to-day just cuddling. He is fixed and his claws in front are nice and trimmed. He is the only cat at the shelter without eye problems, and his coat is soft and silky. He's a year old. He likes to be petted.

I am not sure how to convince my parents that Theophilus should come to live with us.

Here are some more pictures of Theophilus: )
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Of a lot of things, actually, including our cats, our farm, my jellyfish collection, and Hallowe'en. To name but a few!

To boldly go-- )
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SO I'm a little overdue for a picspam. Assortment from Easter to present, including such exciting topics as: Our New Horse, The Quaker; My Hair; Hiro the Kitty; Baby Animals; Soujin in a Refrigerator. I knew you were hooked.

I wasn't kidding about the refrigerator thing )
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My icon is, for once, utterly appropriate; I have been depressed I think almost since April began, and it is not letting up, despite my efforts (I am so tired). And I'm trying to do homework but nothing wants to happen, and my hands are shaking so bad to-day, I cannot hold anything to-day, it's ridiculous. This is one of those weeks where you lose your faith (and that is terrible timing indeed: it's Holy Week already).

I want to go home. I want to cease. I want to sleep for-ever. I want to slide that razor into my body, but I made a promise, and I keep my promises if nothing else. Professor K-G says that makes me strong, but I am not so sure.

What is keeping my faith: )
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OKAY OKAY I really want to take a shower and I am going to in just a minute here.

LJ is no longer letting me upload photos to my scrapbook account because it is evil, so here are some links to Facebook albums that may prove interesting:

Remember how I promised that I would post pictures of my new skirts and short hair, about eight years ago? Yeah. There's those.

Massive explosion of sheep! And my balloon octopus.

And hopefully this link works. It is photos that include Magridal, the winter formal here at school, to which I went. For obvious reasons, this is one of my favourites. Also OH LOOK, I had a date!

Also CHECK THIS OUT why YES that is FANART my friends. Moderne!Gaheris, aka littlebetter on Insanejournal. I am massively excited.

And now I am going to do Stuff. I have two finals this week! Joy.
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So if Michael Scott and Santa decide to run for president, is it the Office Christmas Party?

My work here is done.

(OH OH OH Okay so. I am trying to steal a full place setting from the campus refectory. Here is the list:

1. Cup
2. Knife
3. Fork
4. Spoon
5. Soup Spoon
6. Bowl
7. Small Plate
8. Big Plate

To-night I goes for the cutlery. :D This is so much more fun than doing my research paper or studying for my bio exam.)

p.s. Soujin has boycut now.
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growing up-- )
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Just a small post with a couple of shinies. A few days ago Maria and I went to an organic sheep farm, which was very exciting, especially as it was the most beautiful place in approximately the world. Especially as it contained an actual lock, from an actual canal. The lock is defunct now, but the stone walls are still there and the husband set up a fountain in the pool that emanates therefrom.

And the sheep graze in the old cemetery.

I plan to get into the will of these people if at all possible. :D It is incredible. At any rate, Maria had camera in hand the whole time, so here are a couple of photographs from it!

under the cut, of course. )
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You know what would be so cool, would be if I could make a Cake of the Week blog. Unfortunately, I can neither afford to do that nor do I have any way of actually disposing of the cake afterwards. But I did make a Tia Maria Truffle Cake with Meringue Mushrooms for Mama and Daddy's anniversary on the eighth, and it came out v. nicely.

So, pictures!

(This blog would be so cool, though. I would post a picture of how the cake was supposed to look, a picture of how mine turned out, and do a comparison about whether the recipe was accurate and how difficult the cake was on a rising scale and &c &c it would be so much fun.)

...Yes! From the side.
From above.
Bonus photograph!: the happy couple.
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Ahem! Picspam tiems again.

The Book of Days )
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Picspam! Of various items of dubious import.

My room! )

Farm show! )


Random Shiny )

Narcissism )
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Bethlehem picspam! ^___^ Soujin and Erin and Christmas, O my!

Veni, Veni, Souuuuuuuujin )
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Hallowe'en photospam! :D Of Soujin and Maria's pumpkins and costumes, because we are awesome and very, very silly.

all the souls on all souls night )
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Photospam! Sigh, I am such a camerawhore. >_>

Firstly, my white shirt, so you can all judge whether or not it is indecent. :D

Behold, a brazen hussy! )

For [ profile] eponinenkind, who requested random pictures of me, is this first part. I often take photographs of myself when I'm feeling pretty, because it's a rare experience; so when I am, I like to make sure I have evidence, so that when later when I'm back to self-hatred I can show them to myself, and say, look! you are pretty. you were pretty then. So that's what this collection of photographs is.

Mika: )

For [ profile] erinpuff, who wanted to see my saga of broken glasses! Within are pictures of me with my broken glasses, in their various stage of taped-togetherness, and one of my five-year-old glasses. I don't have any of me from the week when I was wearing Daddy's bifocals, sadly.

Erin: )

And then just random ones: from our farm produce, and from the fair.

NANNI. XD One of these is yours. )

That was fun, wasn't it? ^_^

OH! RIGHT! And here is the cover page of the porn novel :D )

Done now!
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Part One of a Series: Photographs from Vacation of Gorgeous.

The first bit is entitled Photographs I Stole Off the Family Camera. There are a hundred or so more on mine, not all of which, naturally, will be any good, and I will continue to post them in installments whenever I have time. Because I know you are all desperate to see my vacation pictures. This batch is mostly of me, Maria, Daddy, and the girls--none of Mama because she is always cameraperson. There are ones of her on my camera.


onward ho! )


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