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We just found out that my uncle has prostate cancer, which is what both his father and my grandfather died of. The doctors think that because he is pretty young and they caught it pretty early he should be fine, but I know he is really nervous about it anyway. I would really like to solicit prayers and good-wishes for him, since he is basically the living incarnation of Good Guy Greg and truly wonderful person.

I finished my commission -- I was actually rather pleased, as it was ordered by someone who contacted the gallery that dropped my stuff because it wasn't selling, so for revenge I bored the director of the gallery by talking about pig breeds for half an hour when I handed it in.

I'll be back at school on Sunday, which I'm looking forward to. Real internet again! It's so exciting!

I'm still figuring out this DreamWidth thing. I will get it someday!
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Items of import:

*RIDING THE PONY! :D [ profile] mhari designed it and got it up for me last week, but I have only just now linked because I am lazy and fail, and also wanted to get some reviews up first. MARVEL. AWE. READ REGULARLY.

*Saw a four-foot long blacksnake to-day eee eee eee.

*Fell in the creek with Maggie! We had a good time.

*Made cookies! :D :D :D

*Bought Mama a beautiful ruffled iris at the Amish Market. It is very delicate purple and has crinkles along the edges.

*I sliced my toe open on the iron rail at said Amish Market, and bled all over their concrete walkway. I was a little concerned. Hopefully they will not sue me or something. ALSO I met one of my people from the nursing home! She is doing much better now, although still wheelchair and oxygen. She was buying flowers. ^____^

*Laundry on the line is really beautiful. This is God's Own Truth.

*I would like to solicit prayers and good thoughts again for Mama's friend who is sick; she got sick again much worse this time, and her husband is making her go through with their trip to the Continent. Which, I don't know, maybe this is not bad! But it seems like when your wife is really sick you should concentrate on getting her well, and not drinking wine in the Caucasus. And Mama is worrying her head off again.

*To-morrow I get to go to [ profile] mhari! And ride the train! And eeeeeee. Icannotwait.
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Ohdear. Someone needs to kill me now. I refound my glow-in-the-dark socks with the green bats on them after months of having lost them, and immediately ran downstairs with them, crying out "Surprise! Batsocks!"

In other news, you know how Mama's best friend died of cancer last year? Well, her other best friend is right now really really sick and just got out of the hospital, but can't go home, instead she's at a rehabilitation centre for the time being. My poor Mama; my mama's poor friends. Mama's pretty upset: she's driving out to-morrow to see her friend, who is in Maryland right now, which is awfully far away from her proper home in Virginia. If anybody on my friendslist wouldn't mind praying for her and her friend right now, I'd really appreciate it. I'm praying myself, but sometimes it feels better if there's more than one person caring about things getting better--I think. And I think it would make Mama feel better.

(I found some really good books at the library. I am being very quiet mainly since the cousins went home.)
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Amy is going inpatient, it looks like.

If you pray, could you please help me pray for her? I'm really scared and worried, and I want her to be okay so much-- Isn't fair that I should be doing so well with getting better from this. I wish I could give her some of my well. Anyway--if you do. Thanks. ♥


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