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Got my Yuletide assignment yesterday. It's pretty cool and I think there is a lot of potential in it, and I think I also can do a good job with it -- certain elements of it weird me out, but the prompter gave me a lot to work with so I think I leave some things out while still giving them what they want. So I am excited!

I go home to-day for Thanksgiving, so I'll be scarce for the next week.


A presenter in my cog psych class used this page about art by autistic people in his presentation, and I thought that was pretty neat, so here is the link. It is pretty cool from both an art and a mental shenanigans standpoint. (I also ended up talking about the gender issues surrounding autism with the professor after class, which was pretty neat -- she agreed with [ profile] mhari and said that autism is generally viewed as a "boy's disorder" and not something girls are supposed to get.)

Octopodes can go on land and that is totally awesome. Plus also super cute.

Although we already knew that, Ann Coulter is a maniac and I don't understaaaand, Jesus. I don't want to live on this planet any more? Liz said I should move to Canada, but I feel it is my duty to model sane Christianity for people in America.

I am currently using this programme to try and manage my issues with computer light = migraines; I've only had it downloaded for a day, so I haven't got a real clear idea of how well it works yet, but it's an interesting idea.

This tumblr exists and it is pretty pro -- Ugly Renaissance Babies.

A really interesting essay/article on why "born this way" is a bad argument for queerness.

This guy is my hero -- a devout Muslim whose faith led him to try to save the man who shot him. I heard an interview with him on NPR on Sunday -- he was really incredible. Warning: Article contains pictures of headshot.

For your webcomic organising needs, piperka is a great site for tracking updates and keeping stuff neat.

Finally, when you have just delivered a good Caruso zinger, the instant CSI. Yeahhhhh!
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1. Wahhhh it's still hot I can't focus blah blah I hate hot weather I am currently sleeping on my parents' floor because they bought a small air conditioner for their room because it's HOT. Also the floor is not very comfy, trufax.

2. Wahhh I have been working for the last seven days straight and I will be working to-morrow as well, but Tuesday is my day off and I am going to spend ALL. DAY. in my parents' room watching Twin Peaks in the A/C. Unless I take myself out for lunch, but that will still be to an air-conditioned diner. AND THEN I WILL BE WORKING AGAIN ON WEDNESDAY. I-- yeah. I know some of y'all on my flist work a lot harder than I do, but this whole eight-days-in-a-row-8-hour-shifts-plus-one-12-hour-one thing is killing me. A lot. I just want some time to myself to fool around and take care of my keets and my poults and my fish and my hermit crabs!

3. Twin Peaks is really awesome, though. So great. I really want to read the T.V. Tropes page, but I refuse to spoil it for myself ahead of time. Which... I am the kind of person who reads the last page of murder mysteries first, so I am really feelin' it on this series.

4. Country music. Maaaan, I do like country music. Anyway, I just wanted to remark, apropos of country music, that "Hyundai" is not. pronounced. "hunday". FTLOG. Anyway, they keep playing my favourites on my way to work -- Thompson Square and Josh Turner and Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire -- and I just want to state for the record that I'm not ashamed of enjoying it. I mean, I'm not always in the mood for country, but I do think it makes really good commute music. I can listen to pretentious indie stuff at night while I'm writing poetry.

Also, regarding country music, [ profile] raanve, I found old!Lanselos' song. It's Toby Keith's "I Ain't As Good as I Once Was". Just check it out. :D

5. I am having ~feelings~ about some stuff, but I think that belongs in a locked post because a) ~feelings~ and b) boring introspection is boring. However, I will say that I tend to forget just how... mental illness phobic?... people can be, and it's very jarring to be reminded sometimes.

6. Thursday = surgery day! Woo! That means I get the day off! Now I just need it to stop being so goddamn hot, and we're good.
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Dear [ profile] mhari, [ profile] raanve, and [ profile] pax_morgana: for some reason, my im client is on strike to-day. >_> Which I don't approve of, especially since yesterday Mama was on call again (somebody quit at her workplace and someone is on vacation, so she's been picking up a lot of on-call shifts; she had to go out yesterday at 1 a.m. and the day before at 3 to pronounce somebody). She'll be doing that again Friday. >_<

In the meantime, if any of you have any ideas (I don't think I can convince gtalk to work on this computer, although maybe if I go and try it on her laptop~~
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Soooo at my one client's house the t.v. was on, and there was an ad going for some weight-loss programme. It started out fairly inoffensively: middle-aged, stocky woman going "yay now I am not quite as heavy I can do more!" which is a reasonable approach, really; and the fact that she wasn't skinny made it seem much more like a "I'm just wanting to be healthier, this isn't about the beauty standard" kind of thing. So far so good.

And then the last line of the commercial is her saying "Thank you [name of product] for letting me be pretty one last time".

What. the actual fuck.

So yeah, I thought you all might like to know what's wrong with the world.
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NOT in a very good frame of mind.

I called the insurance company this morning, and honestly the lady was very nice -- she called down to the pre-auth dept. to figure out why I still didn't have my meds, and figured out that it's because my (3) 75 mg caps a day (i.e. one prescription) are more expensive to the insurance company than (1) 150 mg and (1) 75 mg caps a day (two prescriptions, so more expensive for me personally). Which they didn't TELL ME, of course, they just refused to authorise my scrip for over a week.

Soooo she also found out that it would be about thirty dollars cheaper to do my meds through mail-order, so she gave me the number to have my doctor fax and gave me all the info for that, so I called Dr. C and got that arranged, BUT that means I don't get those in the mail for another eight days, even if they're marked urgent. That means I still have to pay out of pocket for the meds to cover me for that time period.

So theoretically I need to do that to-day, but I'm almost too depressed. x___x

However, I also have to go into town to xerox forms for my insurance claim for the x-rays I had in April, so I'll be there anyway, so I'll probably stop by the pharmacy and sell my soul while I'm in the vicinity. To soothe my wounded sense of justice, I am making my fourth batch of cupcakes, which I will give to the library ladies, I figure.

Anyway, I can't leave until my cupcakes finish and I repackage the pork from the butcher's into smaller portions for the freezer. Daddy says I can use the chicken scale if I can find it.

If I really were Mycroft Holmes, right now I would be having everyone deported left and right. Seriously. Argh.
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So I'm sure everyone is desperately interested in hearing the continuation of the Saga of the Insurance Company from Hell (yes, you are).

Yesterday my doctor told me that she had called the insurance company again and faxed them being all URGENT URGENT MY PATIENT IS DYING PLZ SEND HER HER MEDS, and she assured me, when I phoned, that they had told her I would be authorised to have them within twenty-four hours. So this morning I ran to the pharmacy, because I'm out again.

Where the pharmacist told me, as nicely as possible, that the insurance company had NOT authorised my scrip and everyone was now out for the weekend, so it was unlikely I would be authorised until Tuesday. He also suggested that I call the insurance company and grovel to them on Tuesday. In the meantime, I could buy some meds out of pocket.

Now, because the pill I'm taking does not come in 225 mg caps, which is the dose I take, I have to take three 75 mg caps every day. Which means in order to get by until Tuesday, I had to buy twelve caps instead of four. And because Mama is broke right now, I paid for them with my birthday money. ;___; Which is just a minor complaint, honestly, because at least I have money, but I am whinging because I wanted to get art supplies with it.

So my plan is to call the insurance company on Tuesday. Yayyy! In the meantime, I have incredibly expensive medication, and a twelve-hour shift at work to-morrow.

On the PLUS SIDE, Maria and Mama and I went clothes shopping to-day and I managed to find two pairs of jeans that fit, as well as a really cute denim skirt and even a pair of shorts (which is disguised to look like a skirt, which suits me just fine). Which is great, since usually the fact that I am shaped exactly like a hobbit makes clothes shopping a fairly traumatic experience. I also made cupcakes for a party to-morrow that I will not get to go to, but they turned out really nicely! Even though I burnt my hands, bleh.

Yeah. If it weren't for this insurance thing, my life would be going pretty nicely overall.
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Dear My Insurance Company:

Congratulations! You have proved your sagacity. The fact that I have taken the same medication every day for the last four years might convince a lesser mind that I actually need it, but you in your wisdom have seen through that ruse. As you have guessed, my medication is purely an extraneous expense that I continue to pay monthly in the hopes of making you, too, suffer the associated financial loss.

Someone else might just accept that since three different doctors have signed off on its necessity said medicine might just as well be purchased, but you, Insurance Company, understand that action is called for in these situations. That is why you have taken the bold step of cutting me off.

It is now my third day without medication, but I am still alive, proving beyond a doubt that I do not need it to survive. The symptoms of nausea, vertigo, migraine, and increased weeping are merely psychosomatic effects of withdrawal that will soon fade. Despite the fact that my job involves protracted stretches of car travel, I am sure that I will not endanger myself or anyone else by driving while dizzy. Within a few weeks, everything should be fine, and it will be obvious that you have made the right decision.

Or I'll be dead, I guess.

Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful actions!

Very little love,

Dear Pharmacy Man:

Thank you for fronting me two days' worth of my meds. ;___; I feel a bit less like I'm going to die now. You are a good man.

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Hawkeye got into Mark and Forge's tank last night. He didn't eat them, he just urinated all over them and their stuff, so to-day was spent nursing them through the shock. I had to boil everything in the tank clean and buy new sand. Luckily I have extra substrate back at school. As a present for being traumatised I also bought them some cocoanut climbing matting to play with, which Mark at least is really into. He is my good boy. <3 They seem fine now, I'm just worried that three days from now I'll wake up and check on them and they'll be dead from secret death-ray chemicals.

Hawk also ATE some of my art, thereby destroying about two hours' work, so he is in disgrace. Especially since nice scrapbooking paper costs hella monies. And then when I tossed him outside he clawed open my hand quite dramatically. I hope he roasts in hell. The Tribble can be annoying, but at least she isn't destructive to anything that's not cake.

I finally made the full switch to the new meds, and they're making me feel disgusting, but hopefully that passes. I've been having the weirdest nightmares, about four or five distinct ones a night, and I'm really hungover in the morning. Plus my tremor is ridiculous at this point--right before I came home, back when I was still on the 2/3 dose, a girl at school asked me if I was having a seizure. I'm not thrilled.

But my crabs are fine, and I bought a teeny tiny Brazilian firecracker plant at the flower show yesterday, and Maria is home now, which is the best. Also, I got my hair cut, and it looks really nice. I might actually take a photograph, because I really like it.
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Ash Wednesday service! It was really nice, although we had a visiting priest and she gave a very, very condescending sermon about how it is petty and trivial to give up things like chocolate or cola for Lent. Since I've given up both of those, I lol'd quietly to myself in my pew. Then she said that she had made a significant change to her personality by taking on the responsibility of being less grouchy in the morning, and resolving not to frown at people. So, on that note, I've resolved to frown at people for no reason during Lent. I mean, let's face it, if you're going to tell people not to give up petty things for Lent, you better damn well have devoted all your spare time to AmeriCorps work in New Orleans or personally weaving blankets of your hair for orphans or something.

Anyway, there was this terribly old lady who kept coughing like she was about to die during the sermon--not really any other time--and that got me thinking. When I am old, I am going to take full advantage of my oldness to cough inappropriately when people are saying things I don't like. And no one will dare to tell me to stop, because they'll all be afraid I'm about to have an aneurysm. Don't tell me this plan isn't perfect, because I am going with it.

Also, for [ profile] erinpuff: It struck me to-day that all of our church bulletins are printed in Papyrus, and I wept inside.

And before that I got harassed by a creepy boy at the library! But that's kind of incidental.
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So, Thanksgiving break. I got into a yelling match with my uncle because he said that children don't absorb racist messages in films and that if you're not mentally deficient you should be able to turn off your sociological cultural context when you go to watch a movie, ha ha. I am not overly fond of my uncle.

On the plus side, I also got my hair cut and it is super cute. My hermit crabs enjoyed living in Mama and Daddy's room where the main heater is, and they are mad at me for bringing them back to school and putting them in my cold dorm room. :( I really need to buy them a heat lamp like I promised.

I am so not ready to start back to classes, so my plan for to-night is to hide in my room and pretend nothing exists.

Also, here is an incredibly depressing Arthurian space!AU fic that I wrote for [ profile] mhari:

Title: These Happy Endings
Fandom: Arthuriana IN SPACE!
Characters/Pairings: Gadriet/Eluned [Gaheris/Lynette], sundry extras.
Rating: PG-16
Notes: Gadriet suffers from schizophrenia and as a result he self-medicates with animal tranquilisers. Eluned is aware of this fact and has been for a long time.

Also, if you aren't aware of what a botfly is, don't google it. And especially don't google image search it. Really, I'm doing you a favour.

These Happy Endings )
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I know I haven't posted a whole lot lately, blah blah I am kind of pissed at livejournal due to some ~ethical considerations~ and also I am tired as hell. Anyway, I'm debating moving to insanejournal, since I hate DreamWidth's layout and lack of iconspace. We'll see how that goes--my journal is already backed up at DreamWidth, no matter what happens.

In other news, I'm tired and stressed and took part in a research lab that I shouldn't have and am still having mild trauma over. But that's a rant for another day.

I have a hell of a lot of work to do this weekend so I expect to spend most of the time being stressed out and busy, but I thought you should all know that I am going to be a blancmange with a tennis racket for Hallowe'en.
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Here's something that annoys me:

An excerpt from my psychology textbook regarding context-judgement.

Context effects also extend beyond immediate perceptions, across a wide range of events. For example, people generally define their own social and physical characteristics by comparing themselves with others. Often without realising they are doing it, many women compare themselves with the highly attractive and ultra-thin models in advertising. Since the viewers cannot match the perfect, air-brushed images they encounter, they experience negative feelings (e.g., Bower, 2001). If viewers are prone to making immediate comparisons, their moods become more negative, and they feel more dissatisfied with their own bodies (Tiggermann & McGill, 2004). One study found that when male and female college students viewed beautiful models, they rated photos of more average-looking people as less attractive than did a similar group of college students who did not see the models' photos (Kenrick, Montello, Gutierres, & Trost, 1993).

So far this makes sense and is fairly typical, if awful. Note that people actually think other people aren't as pretty after they've seen models. Which is >_>. But. Here's where I have a problem.

Thus women prone to feeling bad about themselves after seeing advertisements with seemingly-perfect models could stop reading magazines that carry such advertisements, or they could continue to read the magazines but remind themselves that these models set unattainable standards that do not apply to real people. [1]

Whut. I am extremely bothered that the answer to "advertising kills self-esteem" is "stop reading magazines you enjoy that have advertising" or "just try to feel better about yourself". NO. The answer is "make advertising change". That's like saying "murder kills people" so "stop being around people who murder people" "just try to feel less murdered" instead of "stop murdering". IDK it just seems so much like trying to hide the problem instead of dealing with it. I AM ANNOYED.

This is incoherent because I am also a teensy bit high, but I really am annoyed and I think that this is the kind of thinking that enables advertising to continue being full of douches and crushed female egos. So you know.

[1] Psychological Science, Michael Gazzaniga, Todd Heatherton, and Diane Halpern, 2010.
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Fff here is the letter I sent to Res Life. I am hoping it is basically professional:

Mr. [redacted],

I am writing regarding the issue of [redacted], the transgendered woman who is currently not allowed to use the female restrooms on campus. I really would like to express that I think this is appalling. [Redacted] may not be biologically female, but she is attempting to transition into a lifestyle that is appropriate to the gender she identifies with. Just as I would find it incredibly uncomfortable to be told that I was not a real woman and could only use male restrooms and showers, she is uncomfortable, and is feeling that there is a sense of stigma and insufficiency beginning to surround her and her identity. Transgendered folks are already marginalised by society and told that they are not "real" men and women because they don't happen to be lucky enough to have a biological sex that matches their gender identity. When we support that marginalisation and discriminatory culture we enhance feelings of shame and inability to fit in, and make people put their lives on hold while we--the privileged people in the conflict--argue over whether or not we are willing to concede civil rights to people who deserve them by virtue of being people.

Please consider that while it seems like a small issue to us cis folks because we can use whatever bathroom we want without even having to think about it, to a trans person this is a really big deal--a part of their identity is being completely denied. Small things like this are what lead to escalations in the larger society when we label people's differences with negative connotations. I know that Res Life is trying to resolve the issue appropriately, but I think that as members of a purportedly forward-thinking college and as decent human beings we cannot just "hide" our trans students off-campus or pretend that their gender identity is irrelevant. [Redacted] deserves the rights and consideration of any other student, woman, and person.

Thank you for your time,

I think this is okay? I am bad at writing angry letters. Incidentally, the student mentioned in this e-mail is currently facing suspension for using the women's restrooms/showers, and that Res Life has tried to fix the problem by offering her off-campus housing, which she feels would be not actually solving the problem. Also I think I am hoping that this letter reflects both some familiarity with transgendered issues and the fact that I am taking Interpersonal Comm and Conflict Resolution this semester (I want to be able to communicate!).

Anyway, it took me a whole damn hour to write and that is why I am not in bed like I want to be, so now that OTHER PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS HAVE INCONVENIENCED ME!!11!, I am going to try to get some sleep for once. >_> To-morrow is poetry day! yay!
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Item one: I was looking through old photo albums to-day, and observed that my hair used to be so damn long and luxurious. >_> Actually, it was so heavy that the hair on my head was always really straight and flat, and the hair coming down was always incredible curly and thick, so I basically looked like I had the world's worst clip-on extensions. Anyway, now it's short and easy to take care of and curly everywhere, but damn it did look nice. I also note that I used to look an awful lot like a German butterball potato with a head on it, which is not to say that I'm not still fat, but at least I am no longer spherical.

Item two: There is a roving coffee van in Newport called He-Brews which serves hot coffee and foods to vagrants in the name of Christ. We started discussing other religiously-themed food organisations, and Maria came up with Beelzepub, which I think may be the most amazing thing ever. Also, since Beelzebub is the patron demon of gluttony, it double-works.

Item three: Three very foolish youths in the Shermans Dale area attempted to rob a liquor store that has already been robbed twice--the first time, the owner shot and killed the thief. You would think that anyone with a basic sense of self-preservation or the brains to conceive of committing a robbery in the first place would think that it was a bad idea to rob a place made famous a mere five months earlier for zealous protection (the owner did, admittedly, kill the first thief in self-defence, as the dude was attempting to hit him with a hammer--also unbelievably stupid, since the sentence for robbing a liquor store is around two years, unlike, say, a murder sentence).

Item four: It's the ninetieth anniversary of women getting the right to vote! You should celebrate by burning Sarah Palin in effigy.
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I'm running MARC records at the library, and I just noticed that the summary for the film "Precious" includes the line "Precious Jones, an inner-city high school girl, is illiterate, overweight, and pregnant... again".

Can I just take a moment to be extremely offended that 'overweight' is apparently as much a problem as being illiterate or pregnant due to sexual abuse? Based on the cover, what they actually mean is 'obese', but I would argue that it is still not an issue on the magnitude of the other two.

Ffff people annoy me. Back to work.

EDIT: oh my GOD i HATE romantic comedies. BE more misogynistic, i DARE YOU. OR HOW ABOUT NOT. *fumes*
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So here's the deal. A bunch of the people I know, while generally nice people, do not seem to know the difference between 'this is a legitimate cause for annoyance' and 'this makes you look like a smug self-righteous douchebag'. So I am making a little primer to help with the problem.

The Culprit: Toria and Andy
The Crime: They have a lot of sex. A lot.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: They have a lot of sex.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: They like to tell you about it.

The Culprit: Jake
The Crime: Having a great deal of unpopular/unpleasant opinions.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: His morbid obesity.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: Stalking me for a semester.

The Culprit: Vesper
The Crime: Being a nerdy kid in my philosophy class. Also, a ginger.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: His potential Asperger's.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: "Women created the glass ceiling themselves. They choose low-paying jobs."

The Culprit: Lady Gaga
The Crime: Writing popular music.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: Her being transgendered.*
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: Bad Romance has been stuck in my head for over a week.

I hope this was helpful. I only wish I could distribute copies en masse to the people I know.

*I can find absolutely NO evidence to suggest that Lady Gaga is transgendered or transsexual or anything of the kind, but since people WILL NOT shut up about it, here it appears.


In other news, campus is showing Sherlock Holmes free on the quad to-night. COUNT ME IN. I am still working on my Bechdel-approved Mary Watson/Irene Adler fic for [ profile] lokogato, so this is srs bsns.

Also, FREE COMICS DAY in State College to-morrow. Oh hell yes.

Now I just need to finish my paaaaper.

Edit: Woke up this morning and I CAN BREATHE AGAIN. I might finally be getting over this stupid cold omg.
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There is a LOT of healthy white male[1] privilege happening in my philosophy class right now. Like, a LOT. I'm starting to feel a little squicky.

Seriously, one of the guys just said that Darwin would endorse removing black people from the gene pool because their IQs aren't as high as those of white people. And the word 'retard' is getting bandied about quite a lot, as well.

I honestly think that when you start talking about social fitness and social Darwinism and people who 'should' be removed from the gene pool you are edging dangerously close to a certain twentieth century view held by a Very Bad Man.

I kind of want to duct tape a lot of people's mouths shut right now.

[1]none of the girls are talking, they may have healthy white privilege too, don't ask me.
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I remembered about an hour ago that I hadn't done any of the reading for to-morrow's class. Aghhhh. So right now I am reading a thirty-seven page article on how WITCHES ARE OUT TO GET YOUR PENISES, GUYS, SO STAY ALERT. Oh, middle ages. You so crazy.

Also, I finally looked at the scrip Dr. Crazypants wrote me, and it is totally useless. She basically wrote it in such a way that it will cost me over $100 to fill. So I just wrote an e-mail to my therapist asking if she would mind contacting the psych (whose contact I don't have) and letting her know that she's insane. Hopefully that will work, since I'm going to run out by the end of the week.

I'm up to ten pages on my paper, so if I can just write another five to-morrow, I will be done! I finished the section on Teresa of Avila, so now I just need to make the one on Catherine of Sienna come out nice. Although Belle (the professor) told me yesterday that I may be overthinking this paper, and possibly I should just narrow it down to Teresa. Except if I do that I have to bullshit five more pages about Teresa's stupid complex, and that means I'll probably have to talk about her book about Song of Songs, which I was hoping to avoid. IT DEPENDS. It has to be done by Friday, though, because a) that's when Belle said she would look over the rough draft for me, and b) that's when Dr. Wang assigns TWO NEW PAPERS for philosophy. I kind of hate him right now.

Actually, full disclosure, I kind of hate everyone right now. Especially Heinrich Kramer. THE WITCHES DON'T WANT YOUR STUPID PENIS ANYWAY, IT'S PROBABLY ALL GROSS.
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Just discovered this facebook group about my school.

Most of the items are in extremely questionable taste, but the one I find particularly interesting is the fact that he repeatedly complains about his inability to get laid here, stating that all the parties are "sausage fest[s]" and "Ladies stop coming to parties to dance with each other there is plenty of eligible sausage standing on the wall as long as he doesn’t smell dance with him". I dunno, man, maybe it's the rampant grossosity and sexism of that statement that's keeping you sex-less.

See also (all quotations [sic]): "22 Why did former NFL figure Chuck Knox donate 500,000 to the history department and not to the football team? What the fuck could the history department possibly do with it?" HA HA HA HA HA HA.

"14 I know life is supposed to be a meritocracy but how is it possible that the jocks aren’t the coolest kids in the school?" Go to hell.

"39 Speaking of parties…. Are those sweatpants? Can you please go back to your room and put on something decent please I’m wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt, cologne, and some prada shoes you can at least put on a blouse ." This does not make me think you're suave or classy. It makes me think you're a douchebag.

"32 Why can’t freshmen park in the east parking lot even if they live in east?
Maybe Kevin’s hummer wouldn’t have got trashed if he didn’t have to park it in Kansas." Maybe he shouldn't be a freshman with a fucking Hummer.

"50 For the love of god what is with the attendance policies?
We pay our fucking money to go here if we can past your test and not go to class so what. I was supposed to get a B in two classes but got a C in both because of attendamnce.!!!" I lol'd.

In conclusion: Wow. I knew some of the people who went here were assholes, but this really drives it home.


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