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And my last poem of the semester. Now I will go cry about the fact that I don't get to write any more poetry with my professor and his funny hair. :(

John )
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Apparently this week is "Honours Soujin Doesn't Actually Deserve" week. Ugh.

--my poetry study professor wants to put one of my poems up on the English dept. website, and, I'll be honest, I'm actually deeply flattered and thrilled by this and super excited. That's awesome.

--my religion professor wants me to take my research paper for his class and turn it into a presentation for our liberal arts symposium this spring. This is completely unwarranted, as a) my paper is weirdly ill-defined and not remotely qualified, b) NOT EVEN ACTUALLY WRITTEN YET, and c) talks about intercultural religious issues, which I think are fascinating, but which because I am not actually Islamic consistently make me feel like a Privileged White Western Person talking about Shit I Have No Actual Experience With. So I am terrified. And I don't want the responsibility urgh.

--on a totally different scale, my other religion professor wrote something along the lines of "blah blah you left out a bunch of important stuff in this paper and it's pretty glaring and painful but you can grammar okay so I will give you an A because you need a pat on the back you little dumbass" on my feedback, and I kind of just wish he'd given me a B and not said anything, because it feels gross. The history professor who co-teaches the class with him, when I wept about it to her, said he's been in a really bad mood this semester and super critical of everyone, but it still makes me feel awful.

--I am getting a solid B in Cog Psych, and I'm okay with that, because I thought I was going to do a lot worse.
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Got my Yuletide assignment yesterday. It's pretty cool and I think there is a lot of potential in it, and I think I also can do a good job with it -- certain elements of it weird me out, but the prompter gave me a lot to work with so I think I leave some things out while still giving them what they want. So I am excited!

I go home to-day for Thanksgiving, so I'll be scarce for the next week.


A presenter in my cog psych class used this page about art by autistic people in his presentation, and I thought that was pretty neat, so here is the link. It is pretty cool from both an art and a mental shenanigans standpoint. (I also ended up talking about the gender issues surrounding autism with the professor after class, which was pretty neat -- she agreed with [ profile] mhari and said that autism is generally viewed as a "boy's disorder" and not something girls are supposed to get.)

Octopodes can go on land and that is totally awesome. Plus also super cute.

Although we already knew that, Ann Coulter is a maniac and I don't understaaaand, Jesus. I don't want to live on this planet any more? Liz said I should move to Canada, but I feel it is my duty to model sane Christianity for people in America.

I am currently using this programme to try and manage my issues with computer light = migraines; I've only had it downloaded for a day, so I haven't got a real clear idea of how well it works yet, but it's an interesting idea.

This tumblr exists and it is pretty pro -- Ugly Renaissance Babies.

A really interesting essay/article on why "born this way" is a bad argument for queerness.

This guy is my hero -- a devout Muslim whose faith led him to try to save the man who shot him. I heard an interview with him on NPR on Sunday -- he was really incredible. Warning: Article contains pictures of headshot.

For your webcomic organising needs, piperka is a great site for tracking updates and keeping stuff neat.

Finally, when you have just delivered a good Caruso zinger, the instant CSI. Yeahhhhh!
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So. I finally finished the religion/history paper that was bringing about my doom, and now it's time to start the contemporary religion paper that is going to be the doom of the next few weeks. Delightful! I met with the professor about the first paper, and she essentially told me that I was choking on writing it because I was overprepared. And then when I said I was a neurotic overachiever she agreed. XD So there's that.

It's hard to believe that in fewer than six weeks my poetry study will be over. It's basically one of the best things I've ever done, and I'm... I don't want to stop. The professor who's doing that with me loves dogs and poetry, so I'm buying him a copy of Sharon Creech's Love That Dog as a thank-you gift.

Last Sunday I did the hive consolidation for our bees essentially on my own (there was a sophomore assisting me, but she kind of stood thirty feet away the whole time). That was really exciting and it felt really cool to be doing something like that, to be responsible... I got stung nine times, once on the back of the neck, and I'm not dead! That was exciting too. Only I didn't have the guts to pinch the queen, so I put her in a tupperware and when she died I gave her to the entomology professor.

Maria has decided that she wants to be an entomologist. I think it's really cool; I also think it's a job where she can do stuff that's both academic and intellectually stimulating, and lots of fieldwork and stuff that's hands-on. I think she'd be bored and miserable in an office or at a teaching job, but entomology has lots of practical application and also bees. AWESOME. I'm really proud of her.

I applied for the intercollegiate honours society yesterday, which was torture -- with the application in front of me I couldn't think of a single noteworthy thing I'd ever done. >_> Luckily it's sent off and I never have to look at it again, and I don't really care if I get in -- I only applied because Daddy really wanted me to.

My mama called me on Monday night to tell me that my cat, Calico, was hit on the road and killed. She was thirteen, so I am torn between 'well she lived a long full life' and 'but I've had her since I was a wee kid!'. I told Maria that I was sad that she'd never get to bite me again (she was also the meanest, nastiest cat in existence), and Maria said she was probably in purgatory, biting the sinners. It's an amazingly comforting image. Callie would have no place in heaven. Mama said that to replace her I can have one of the kittens in the barn, so I'm looking forward to trying to catch one of them to tame. Actually, I'll be catching all of them if I can, because I think she wants to try and tame one for my cousin Johanna, who's decided she really wants a DLH for Christmas (although Johanna wants her DLH to have a smush-face, which I think is kind of ugly, and these kitties don't have them).

On Monday I'll be sitting on a panel to raise awareness for invisible illnesses, discussing bipolar disorder! That's pretty cool.

I also finally got paid by the church, so I'll be able to pay the guy who did the photography and digital editing for my picture book, which is a relief, because I feel like the worst client ever right now. >_> He asked about payment two weeks ago and I had to tell him that I hadn't got the money yet. The editing is almost done; right now I'm working on putting the individual pieces together into pages, which is harder than I thought it would be. I only have three done.

I've been watching a hilarious Let's Play of Silent Hill 4 lately, which is pretty much my only "fun" outlet besides RP. Oh, school.

So that's all the content of the last month, I think. Now I'll go back to posting contextless poetry and stupid Tweets about religion films (another one to-morrow! :D).
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So we watched the Seventh Seal to-day for religion/history class, and I live-Tweeted it, because I am boring and enchanted by modern technology. I also thought I was kind of funny, so I have reproduced it here. >_>

Warnings for: Rape, immaturity.

--Watching "The Seventh Seal". Lotta dies irae happening up in here.

--Dear Mr. Bergman: Horses prolly don't actually drink sea water.



--...yeah, I'm going to livetweet this, don't judge me. It makes it more bearable.

--...and then random dirty ballads.

It just gets more sophisticated from here )
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SO to-day I read the apocryphal Biblical text of Joseph and Asenath and you should too because it is awesome and hilarious. And Asenath's cleansing ritual involves being COVERED IN BEEEEEEES, because God is a troll.

It's days like this that I'm really happy to be a religion major.
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Braxtonisms of the semester so far:

On America's scale of political career-death: "Gay is wormy. If you're an atheist, you're sub-wormy."

"We don't mean bad in a judgmental, negative sense. We mean bad in a nice way."

"If you can't think of a response, just say reproduction. It's always right."

On gossip: "He can benchpress like 900 pounds, he must take calcium supplements or something."

More selections from Religion and War: )
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Does anybody have any tips for talking to NGOs on the phone? I need to call Human Rights Watch and Women for Women International to see if I can get interviews with certain of their staff, and I'm really nervous about the correct protocol for doing this.

I'm a big baby, yes.

I am really scared I'm going to offend somebody and get blacklisted for-ever. >_>


On the plus side, Jen said she would drive me to this beekeeping thing to-morrow that I promised to help with, so YAY, and I already got a tonne of my homework done so now I am just going to read my religion pdfs and then curl up and go to sleep. Arrgh I still have to write a proposal for Cog.Psych though.

Trying to be a competent student/human being always intimidates me at the same time it makes me feel really good and grown-up. I shudder to think what's going to happen when I become a graduate student.

On the other hand, I talked with my advisor about how I want to do hospice pastoral care, possible to the exclusion of actually having a congregation someday, and he seemed really positive about my ability to do that (I said that I didn't want to have a congregation until I was a LOT more experienced, and he said that was a mature outlook, so :D I'm mature! ha).

Sometimes I feel like this year/lifetime/last grasp at irresponsible undergrad-dom is going by really fast.
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I have a lot of ~feelings~ right now, but most of them are unprintable invective directed towards my mother, so they're probably best kept between me, my therapist, and Maria, who has been displaying a vast sense of understanding (she is used to being the "bad" daughter, so the switch in our positions has left her rather sage and sympathetic). Part of this issue stems from the fact that standing up to my mother will accomplish nothing, as she will misinterpret the reasons for the standing-up and then feel like a horrible person rather than just a perfectly nice person who is insanely passive-aggressive, and then I will feel like a horrible person too and nothing will get done -- so I am just capitulating with her insane passive-aggression, which makes her feel good, I assume, but makes me feel fairly awful.

In the meantime, I have a paper to write to-night, which I had better at least make some headway on -- I am starting to fall into the habit of panicking about papers but not actually writing them, whereas these previous three years I would panic while writing, so I need to get my act together. As long as I'm panicking, I might as well get work done.

So I will be probably not around to-night, [ profile] mhari, [ profile] raanve, and [ profile] pax_morgana, because I am busy beating my head against the metaphorical wall of Islam/US!Christian relations, which suck. Also I do not have enough Diet Coke, which is not helping matters.

HOWEVER my koi icon is here to remind me that even though this weekend is going to be TERRIBLE, I will at least get to feed my fish, and I do like that.

I am exhausted. I will say that I don't think it's fair that I'm already in major anxiety/bipolar mode and it's only about five weeks into the semester. I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TIME TO TRY AND FORCE COMPETENCY INTO. ;_____; Also, I'm still having migraines every day. Time to see the doctor and see about getting my dosage upped! I'm starting to wonder whether my Depakote was actually helping to mitigate the migraines after all, and whether stopping has actually had an effect. That would be really annoying.
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I am... pretty much hot and miserable.

I am not sure how, but I ended up with the job of taking care of the poults, and the chicks (which arrive Friday), so to-morrow I will be getting the brooder shed ready for them, which involves evicting the broody turkey hen and moving her eggs to the incubator, papering the floor, and making cardboard fences to keep them separate from each other to begin with. I wouldn't mind except to-morrow is supposed to be SO. HOT. OMG. ;___;

To-day's visits were kind of fun; my first client is one who I've seen before and I really like, she keeps me really busy with cleaning and errands and things, and to-day she let me wash and brush her hair. My second client was new, but she was friendly and very nice. This is certainly a job that involves not judging anybody by appearance -- which is not to say that I make a habit of judging people based on how they look or live, but a lot of the people I visit are very low-income and live in kind of terrible houses, and I know they're what people think of when they say "white trash" and "rednecks", but so many of them are really kind and mostly lonely. And a lot of them have also lived through very tough circumstances. It makes me understand more and more that the only way to approach people is with compassion.

I did get a lecture Monday on how having babies out of wedlock is degenerate and immoral, and everybody -- including Catholic priests and gay people -- should be allowed to marry, which I thought was kind of a fun contrast.

Also, my morning lady said, "I really like you, so they're probably going to get rid of you or something!" and I admitted that I would be leaving the agency at the end of summer, and she said, "And they'll replace you with somebody crap! I know how they do!" I'll be honest, I was really flattered.

But now I am going to go back to sitting in my chair wishing I were dead because of the heat. Maria accused me of not having a real job to-day because a lot of my client houses are air conditioned, whereas she goes lifting beehives around in the heat. Then Mama said we should both shut up because this morning at work she got sprayed in the face with diarrhea. :D
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Going home in half an hour for Easter break -- technically we only get Friday off, but I turned in all my work early so I could be home during Holy Week. I'm very excited. Holy Week is my favourite liturgical holiday and I always spend it with my family, so I'm really glad that that's worked out this year as well.

Did the Sunday of the Passion of the Palms[1] last Sunday at the Catholic services in my dormitory basement. I have come to the conclusion that I might have been meant to be a Catholic priest instead of an Episcopalian pastor: Catholics get to dress up pretty, swing around censors at stuff, the homily is only five minutes, and half the service is sung for no good reason. Also, Latin. Sadly, I am still a woman, and the Catholic church is still headed by jerks, so it's not going to happen.

The Catholic priest who does the services is really good, though. He has a good rapport with the students, he knows how to make the homilies thoughtful and relevant, and he's just a very nice guy. I almost don't mind that he won't let me receive communion. :P

--Aaaand I just got a sweary phone call from Maria. Apparently Daddy misdirected her to the Poconos by way of Jim Thorpe instead of getting her home, so she's going to be a few hours late. D: That should make for a nice, tense dinner. Eesh. I am too sleepy to be super upset, not gonna lie.

[1] The priest insisted on making sure we were aware that the correct name for the day is not Palm Sunday, but Sunday of the Passion of the Palms. This is fair; I have also heard it called Passion Sunday.
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Ash Wednesday service! It was really nice, although we had a visiting priest and she gave a very, very condescending sermon about how it is petty and trivial to give up things like chocolate or cola for Lent. Since I've given up both of those, I lol'd quietly to myself in my pew. Then she said that she had made a significant change to her personality by taking on the responsibility of being less grouchy in the morning, and resolving not to frown at people. So, on that note, I've resolved to frown at people for no reason during Lent. I mean, let's face it, if you're going to tell people not to give up petty things for Lent, you better damn well have devoted all your spare time to AmeriCorps work in New Orleans or personally weaving blankets of your hair for orphans or something.

Anyway, there was this terribly old lady who kept coughing like she was about to die during the sermon--not really any other time--and that got me thinking. When I am old, I am going to take full advantage of my oldness to cough inappropriately when people are saying things I don't like. And no one will dare to tell me to stop, because they'll all be afraid I'm about to have an aneurysm. Don't tell me this plan isn't perfect, because I am going with it.

Also, for [ profile] erinpuff: It struck me to-day that all of our church bulletins are printed in Papyrus, and I wept inside.

And before that I got harassed by a creepy boy at the library! But that's kind of incidental.
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I know I haven't posted a whole lot lately, blah blah I am kind of pissed at livejournal due to some ~ethical considerations~ and also I am tired as hell. Anyway, I'm debating moving to insanejournal, since I hate DreamWidth's layout and lack of iconspace. We'll see how that goes--my journal is already backed up at DreamWidth, no matter what happens.

In other news, I'm tired and stressed and took part in a research lab that I shouldn't have and am still having mild trauma over. But that's a rant for another day.

I have a hell of a lot of work to do this weekend so I expect to spend most of the time being stressed out and busy, but I thought you should all know that I am going to be a blancmange with a tennis racket for Hallowe'en.
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Spiritual renewal comes in the fact that my [ profile] mhari is the best [ profile] mhari in the whole world (that's right, it's better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours) and sent me the best box in the whole world.

Also I sold ten of my pieces at the art gallery, which = money, and I was accepted into the India winter break Conflict Resolution study abroad programme, which is a three-week programme monitored by two professors I really like, which makes me feel a lot safer about it.

And I kind of hate my Comm professor but I realised I'm not the only one who feels that way, and I realised that my Sosh professor is really exemplified by this metaquote, which makes me feel a lot better; I really like understanding people's motivations, both from an analytic point of view and because it helps me brain that the issue is not me personally (since I am extremely prone to interalise and personalise everything). My Sosh professor is really really quick to call things racism, but she is also a black woman living in a predominantly white central Pennsylvania neighbourhood, so there's probably been a whole lot of accidental tramping on a broken foot. That said, it was frustrating that she repeatedly accused Southerners of hating Jews and being anti-Semitic (imo, it's more that Jewish folks tend to live in big Northern cities, which are exactly the kind of environment Southern folks tend to distrust, although I grant you that there is probably a religious undercurrent as well for a number of folks), as well as the fact that she pretty much said that her white PhD'd neighbour was scared of her for being a black woman despite the fact that the only interaction she described was them saying hi to each other in the morning on their respective walks, and that this fear was only alleviated when she told the woman that she was also a PhD when they met in the grocery store and woman was all "HI! :D We're neighbours and I've totally never said hi, I'm Dr. So-and-so". From her description there was absolutely no evidence of racism (or any reason why the woman would think she was the maid for some theoretical people who lived in her house, or be scared of her because sometimes she drank a bottle of beer on her front porch), but obviously there may have been stuff she left out because it seemed obvious to her. ANYWAY. My point is, there were a lot of assumptions made in to-day's class, but I feel like I kind of get the context for those assumptions, at least to a degree (Sosh professor is from the Bronx until a few years ago, which probably doesn't help with not being suspicious of white people--o hey, I made an assumption of my own), so that helped me be less frustrated.

And I talk a lot about sociological things, ohai. Just wait until my ramble on the subject of Why Is My Cross Okay But That Dude's Shirt With A Bible Verse Makes You Mad?, coming shortly to a self-indulgent livejournal post near you.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good for now, although I really need to edit Maria's logic paper.
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A few things:

1. I posted this on my facebook, but I will repost it because I like fussing about religion. hackedirl posted this image to-day, but see, I don't thing it really counts as a hack, because it basically IS a paraphrase of John 7:37-38 ("Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, and let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, “Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.”") I think this might make me an appalling nerd (not least because when I saw it I immediately command-T'd a new tab, popped open my bible search engine, entered the verse, and did a comparison). But really!

2. To-day (or yesterday, whatever) is National Coming Out Day. I came out as bisexual to some people, because that is the easy way of putting it, and as a biromantic Kinsey 4.5 to facebook, because that is what I tell people in real life, but in actual fact I am probably a panromantic polyamorous homosexual, so isn't that nice. Coming Out Day is not my best day ever.

3. To-morrow (or to-day) is AVED (Asexuality Awareness and Education Day)! Since I have at least four friends who are ace, and I'm pretty sure my sister is, I would like to take this moment to say that you are required to do a shot of whatever you have handy any time someone asks "does asexual mean they BUD?". It wasn't funny the first time, it's not funny the umpty-squillionth. Just for reference.

4. Forgot to go to the doctor's to-day, migraine has come back to punish me. I am rather annoyed. Anyway I have two midterm exams this week, one in Accounting and one in Comm, and sadly I think I'm going to be fine with the Accouting and fail the Comm, because my Comm professor is a very cheerful madwoman. Also, haven't gotten back my Sosh midterm because the professor had a death in the family (which is an extremely good reason not to hand back midterms) and I get my ConRes one to-morrow, but the upside of all this is that the only class I currently know my grade in is Psych, and I'm getting a C+. So that's all very depressing, but at least I've only had to take one panic attack pill so far since getting them two weeks ago.

5. Despite a lot of these points being kind of whiny, I'm in a really good mood. I spent the evening with Liz watching Paranormal Activity, which is a deliciously terrible film, and I borrowed her Nutella to make sandwiches. Now if I can just get some decent sleep I think things will be okay.

6. FALL BREAK IS FRIDAY. I am taking Liz, Amanda, Joyce, and [ profile] isjusterin home with me. Tres, tres excited, especially because the first two are from Long Island and Joyce is from city-Taiwan. I am hoping to culture-shock the hell out of this weekend. It will be great.
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Item one: I was looking through old photo albums to-day, and observed that my hair used to be so damn long and luxurious. >_> Actually, it was so heavy that the hair on my head was always really straight and flat, and the hair coming down was always incredible curly and thick, so I basically looked like I had the world's worst clip-on extensions. Anyway, now it's short and easy to take care of and curly everywhere, but damn it did look nice. I also note that I used to look an awful lot like a German butterball potato with a head on it, which is not to say that I'm not still fat, but at least I am no longer spherical.

Item two: There is a roving coffee van in Newport called He-Brews which serves hot coffee and foods to vagrants in the name of Christ. We started discussing other religiously-themed food organisations, and Maria came up with Beelzepub, which I think may be the most amazing thing ever. Also, since Beelzebub is the patron demon of gluttony, it double-works.

Item three: Three very foolish youths in the Shermans Dale area attempted to rob a liquor store that has already been robbed twice--the first time, the owner shot and killed the thief. You would think that anyone with a basic sense of self-preservation or the brains to conceive of committing a robbery in the first place would think that it was a bad idea to rob a place made famous a mere five months earlier for zealous protection (the owner did, admittedly, kill the first thief in self-defence, as the dude was attempting to hit him with a hammer--also unbelievably stupid, since the sentence for robbing a liquor store is around two years, unlike, say, a murder sentence).

Item four: It's the ninetieth anniversary of women getting the right to vote! You should celebrate by burning Sarah Palin in effigy.
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At church this morning, the congregation presented me with a beautiful red-leather-bound psalter, prayer book, and hymnal combined and wished me luck in pursuing seminary. I love my church, it is so amazing. I wibbled times a lot.

I also got to take home my Eucharistic Minister vestments to hem them. I should take a photograph and post it, I look kind of badass. >_> The vestments are basically a long black robe (with a white alb overtop that I did not bring home because it is already the right size) and my big fuckoff-huge pendant with the bread and wine on it. I kind of want to steal them again so I can make some kind of Holy Warrior Hallowe'en costume, but I'm pretty sure that's sacrilegious.

New York Style Magazine a) kills my faith in humanity b) says Corgis are in for this fall, take note.

[ profile] the_chloroplast, is there anything I need to bring back with me?
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Last Tuesday I learned that my preschool teacher, Miss Stacy, was held at gunpoint and sexually assaulted on her wedding day.

In response, she started an agency that provides assistance to victims of trauma, from helping a Iraq war veteran with PTSD find counselling after the death of two of his children in a fire on Christmas, to finding a foster home for an abused baby, to providing medical care for a mentally retarded homeless man some folks found in a truck in the woods last winter. One of her biggest goals is to get her clients to a point where they can join in the helping: thus the veteran offered his spare camper as a temporary home for the homeless man while the agency found a place for him to live.

So, people are pretty amazing, I guess.

She offered me a volunteer position. It's a forty-five minute drive, but I kind of think I should take it. You know? There's not a whole lot of time left in the summer, and it seems like it might be more important to do this than to sit in on Daphne's meetings in her air-conditioned office two days a week. And it was such a coincidence to meet her--went with Daphne to talk about ways to get money/support/useful information for a shelter for domestic violence victims in Perry County, since Miss Stacy has been running her agency for a long time and knows who to contact and what's feasible and what's not (she even knows which restaurants will give leftover food/free food to people if the Food Bank is unavailable and was hooking someone up with one such restaurant when we came in), and she just happened to recognise me--anyway, if it weren't such a tricky theological thingy and a statement that makes me seriously uncomfortable, I might be tempted to say it was purposeful.

Which, granted, it is so hard to know what is just ordinary life coincidence and what is God saying HEY YOU DO THAT OKAY. There are never any angels or sparkles, which would make it SO much easier. But.

Should I give up my internship to volunteer with this agency, or should I keep the internship since it is providing some practical experience and will certainly look good on my resume?
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SO! While talking to cousin Keith about why Forge is named Forge (after the X-Man, natch), I discovered that not only does he own the first ever comic book issue of X-Men and many others because he used to read the series, but he is disinterested in keeping them and said he would be willing to give them to me next time he sees me.

So I take back my comments from earlier, and I'm very grateful I didn't hide during the reunion.

Also, instead of getting drunk and cornering me, Uncle John got tipsy and mellow and talked to me about how much he used to love snakes when he was a boy. Since I love snakes too, and want one when I graduate, this worked out really well. We discussed pros and cons of different species. It went surprisingly well!

To-morrow is the parish picnic, which is exciting because I helped pick out the music for it as part of my internship at the church. We're going to be singing a bunch of my favourite hymns. Also, the picnic is at the restored Landis House, which is a historical farmhouse that belonged to one of our former (deceased) parishioners. It is really gorgeous, and the caretaker took the gutted barn foundation and turned it into a swimming pool by lining the whole thing with cement. He works on it all spring and summer just for the picnic so that people can swim in it. It's fed by mountain stream, which means that if we don't have the picnic in the hottest part of the summer, it's so cold it freezes your limbs off, but it's kind of worth it, even in late June.

I really need an X-Men icon. >_>


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