May. 6th, 2010

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SO! It's three in the morning and I just finished the surprise!paper that my religion professor threw at us on Monday. I am pretty much completely dead, and I have to get up in four hours to take my anthropology final, which I had no time to study for because I was writing this paper that is due Friday. I also didn't study for my French final, but I don't actually care about that because it's my French final and I will be just fine and also I'm never taking French again.

My point is, I might actually be around after to-night. /facepalms

My other point is, I need someone to look this paper over for me, and I want to apologise repeatedly for making it seem like I was done with papers, because I was not in fact.

I sold back most of my books to-day, I am almost completely packed, and I feel ridiculously awful, but Mama said that there are kittens and poults waiting for me at home. So I'm banking on that, pretty much. That and [ profile] mhari in a week.

Also, we dyed my hair red again.

So, does anyone want to read a paper about how goddesses legitimise female power?
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So Firefox kind of exploded. I can't open it any more. When I try, it gives me some kind of error message that is literally three-quarters off the screen and all that's showing is the button you can click to make it go away, so I have no idea what it actually says. I can't find a keyboard command to drag it.

When I click the button, Firefox kind of opens, but it's a blank page and the toolbar (File Edit View History &c) doesn't show up, so all I can do is close it.

What is going on? ;______; Help I have no clue what this is. Any ideas?

Edit: I fixed it! I am keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood in case this is a lie, but I just got back from my anthro exam and forced it to work. Now I can stop hyperventilating into a bag! Yay!


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