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This is me doing a comic review, because I feel like it. The comic is Out There.

A lot of the time I glance at the comics that are linked on Friendly Hostility, but I almost never read more than one or two, because usually they just--annoy me, or I'm not interested, but with Out There, I read a few of the current ones and immediately flipped back to the beginning and worked my way from the archives. It is awesome.

I love the artwork, first of all. I love Miriam's messy hair, and John's Rob-type head fuzzies (from when Rob from Get Fuzzy lost his hair and it grew back poky--that's what John's reminds me of), and, although I'm not sure that this means anything, I like his cleft chin. Ordinarily I do not like cleft chins at all, but on John it makes his face more interesting. I love Sherry's cute hair, and Chuck and his roommate have fun hair too. I like hair. ^__^ But no, really. I love the artwork. I like how it conveys a tonne without being especially detailed, and the pen and ink is really my favourite.

I like the story, too. It's--got so much potential, you know. It starts out with just this very basic premise--Miriam is driving across the U.S. and she picks up a hiker. It's got promise. And then the characters start developing and the motivations start developing and it's great. Except that John is still keeping secrets. We don't know why he's hiking, we don't know anything about his family or his past. Really we know John only in the present.

This could be such a soap opera strip, and it's not, which is just great. I like soap strips as much as I can mock them. ^^; This could also go the direction of some print strips like For Better or For Worse, which isn't supposed to be a soap strip but which is slowly killing my soul with its moosh. There are, frankly, any number of bad directions it could go in, but it's not. It's not! It's remaining a tantalising story that has a joke every time (I very much like that. mmm. plot and funny. It's like Reeses, with peanut butter and chocolate).

I could read it for-ever, and it makes me squee that I get it six days a week. ^__^ Most of the few online comics I read do not update regularly; none of them have ever pleased me enough to pimp them on my journal. But ohhh, this one is good.

(And I adore Clayton. He reminds me of my sister. But shhhh.)
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