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Rp username meme, cottoned from [ profile] mhari:


[ profile] agravaiting: this is fairly self-explanatory. Punning on Agravain's name is really easy to do.

[ profile] alt_girlfriend: You know the Barenaked Ladies song 'Alternative Girlfriend'? Yeah. Rachel is kind of that. She is the reality you use to escape. Also she is dating Mordred, which is fairly rough.

[ profile] amirrorcrackd: I don't know, it seemed mildly appropriate. Gwenhwyfach is kind of a--I don't know, actually.

[ profile] coffeeandpoly: More punning, this time on cotton-and-poly. And the fact that Alex is both polyamorous and addicted to coffee.

[ profile] cold_magdalen: Because her IJ name, [ profile] warmheart, was taken. An explanation of that will appear below. And Magdalen is nothing is not a little cold. And utterly screwed up.

[ profile] daughterdragon: Being as she's the child of [ profile] dragon_dealer...

[ profile] dvorovoika: is the diminutive of dvorovoi, which Babi is.

[ profile] fair_hero: is a quote from the play.

[ profile] fingersofleaf: Okay. This is a quote from T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, which ostensibly is about Peredur. Also, he has a damn green thumb.

[ profile] gentlerhalf: Florian is. He is not quite as hardcore as Catlin, much to his dismay.

[ profile] goodlucksong: Dashti means good luck. And she sings songs that help to heal people. Ergo, good-luck song.

[ profile] greying_raven: This is yet another joke. Being as Luther is old, and his code name is Raven.

[ profile] heartofbirds: In Linden's canon, people who worship The Heart of Consequence traditionally placed heart-shaped birdcages in the roofs of their churches to make it look like the heart was beating when the birds flapped their wings. This is actually a HUGE spoiler for Fly by Night. But shh.

[ profile] i_flynomore: Wow, another bird-esque name. Actually, this is a quote from Tennyson's Idylls of the King, said by Lynette, who is... the person Lynette is named for. Also, Lynn is a pilot who in the story loses her ship. So: no more flying.

[ profile] inglewoodblues: Ragnelle comes from Inglewood and wants to go back there. Also, this is a pun on a Grateful Dead song called New Minglewood Blues. Which is a pretty awesome song, by the way.

[ profile] le_desirous: One of Sagramore's many titles, meaning 'the one who desires'. Yes. Yes he does.

[ profile] lesser_son: Mordred has two sons. One is awesome, and one kind of sucks. That one would be Melou.

[ profile] lightningcurse: Mabon's full name is Mabon ap Modron, which sometimes appears as Mabon ap Mellt. Mellt means both lightning and curse. Ta-da.

[ profile] littlebetter: THIS. Okay. So [ profile] mhari's Mordred's username is [ profile] illgotten. And Gaheris is really little better. I am serious, this is really the explanation.

[ profile] mestika: Means Jewel in Malaysian. Which Jewel is. Also, in the book Marlow says that Jim 'called her something that in English meant Jewel', so I like to assume that he was using the actual Malaysian word.

[ profile] owl_and_heart: Kavi loves Owl. Kavi actually physically put his heart in Owl to keep it safe. This is just about as twisted as it sounds.

[ profile] pretty_weena: Weena has absolutely no personality, and I never play her any more. But she is pretty.

[ profile] prince_des_mers: Likewise, I never play him any more, but Nemo is an ex-prince, and he is of the sea, so it kind of fit. I don't know why French, I think I just liked the sound of it.

[ profile] queen_oracle: Mickle is an ex-queen. Her codename during the war was Oracle. I am nowhere near as clever as I like to think I am.

[ profile] queenofthemay: May Queen is one of Guenever's titles. There you go.

[ profile] rockabye_hamlet: This is the name of a really strange Hamlet musical that strikes just about the right balance of irreverence and batshit insanity that Fortinbras the Elder is supposed to hit.

[ profile] russet_goddess: The actual phrase is 'russet divinity', but I typed it in wrong. This is what Florian/Stock call Zara. Account of she's a redhead, see.

[ profile] sixpearls: The six pearls are the catalyst by which Mary is introduced to Sherlock Holmes and thence Watson. Kind of an important plot point.

[ profile] talkbookytome: I was CONNED into making this journal. And I have a weird sense of humour.

[ profile] tech_wizard: Another joke. Dairine's particular magical expertise lies in the technology area, thus she is kind of a literal tech wizard.

[ profile] thesunbird: this is Telemakos' code name when he is undercover.


[ profile] aforethought: This is basically what Prometheus' name means. I do not have to be original if I don't want to.

[ profile] apieceofhim: Hamlet quote! Gary is not really a Horatio type as much as Mike's username is a Hamlet quote about Hamlet.

[ profile] autumnrusset: is actually a type of apple. But Laura has red hair and a way of making you think she's in the autumn of life, despite being only twenty-five or so.

[ profile] cheat_or_win: How Morgan plays the game of life.

[ profile] dewyeyed_way: A quote from a song about Guenever which I thought kind of fit Adia. Especially as she is from a coal mining family.

[ profile] dragondaughter: I explained this already.

[ profile] eliadtywysog: OH JEEZ. Okay. This is supposed to say, in Welsh, either 'coward princess' or 'second princess', but I cannot find a single Welsh dictionary that says the word eliad even exists, so what it means and where I got it I have no idea. Anyway, I think it's probably second princess, because that would be a pun on the fact that a) Melou was the second son and b) in this life is a girl. But I don't actually know.

[ profile] fingersofleaf: See above.

[ profile] fumblingtowards: Song title! There is a Sarah McLachlan song called 'Fumbling Towards Ecstasy', which is what Jim is trying to do, with very little success. In fact, Jim's life is kind of made of failure.

[ profile] littlebetter: See above.

[ profile] the_desirous: I am not a very imaginative person.

[ profile] warmheart: Okay. There is a proverb that goes 'cold hands, warm heart'. This is funny because: Magdalen is physically cold, true, but she is pretty damned emotionally cold, too. In fact I would say she is made of fail as far as being able to relate to people even marginally. This is not really her fault, since she's the daughter of Linden and Morgause, two emotionally fucked-up people if ever there were, but she still does fail.

[ profile] with_the_pigs: Quote time!
Jocelyn: We can live together! As poor people!
Will: That sucks! With the pigs in the house in the winter so they don't freeze?

Ayup. John Roland has no problem with pigs. He kind of is one, tbh.

And to think Abby thought she had more sock journals than I do.
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