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Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence. So yeah, there are more than these, but they're the only ones that are presentable right now. >_>

1. All day in Gibeah I paced in my room, trying to accustom myself to the weight of my body without my armour.

2. Before the supper is over, he’s slurring words in Sagramore’s ear incautiously, hands in his lap, and it’s Sagramore who politely tells his wife that he’s been celebrating too much, who throws her the winning, reassuring smile, who kisses her cheeks and wishes her joy.

3. “Sir Sagramore. I heard it said you return to Camelot next to-morrow.”

“Well, yes. I always go when I’m out of favour.” He tries his best not to sound like a jilted milkmaid, but even so it rings reproachful.

4. “What am I supposed to do, kiss his hand?” Mal asks, letting his voice twang in the way that irritates Inara the most. “I don’t know the protocol for menfolk of the night.”

5. He didn’t feel like a bad father most of the time, but then there were these days when he couldn’t take Annika to school, and the one memorable year when he’d been too sick for her seventh birthday, and she and Emory had played Jenga in his room and eaten store-bought cake out of the box with plastic forks, and they’d all sung Happy Birthday as softly as they could to keep his headache from getting worse.

6. When Amanda is born, Laurie Jean won’t let Jim hold her.

7. It’s all tangled up with the other memories into a thick dusty skein that he can’t properly unravel, and all he can swear for sure is that there were brothers, and that his father left--he thinks his father left--when he was five, but he isn’t sure, because Lot died, and it could be that just colours what he knows about Mr. Wilkinson, or thinks he knows.
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