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Once upon a time I told [ profile] nowgoesquickly that one of the reasons I don't usually find horror films scary is that things happen on the farm that are sufficiently horrible as to eclipse monster sharks and squishy aliens.

So to-day we went down to feed the pigs and chickens and turkeys. They were all busy being adorable -- we have seven, count 'em, seven little jakes and they are super friendly -- and the chickens, which are adolescents and so fairly cute still and very fluffy, were scooting around making funny noises, and the pigs were playing in their water. Mama and Maria were scritching Grace behind the ears, and she fell over, which she always does when you scritch her.

We were remarking on the delicacy of their faces, and how pretty and wide their ears are, and their big eyes and long eyelashes and long red hair. I was actually starting to feel kind of bad about the fact that we'll slaughter them in November.

And then Mama said, "Oh, my God."

Maria and I looked.

"Oh fuck," I said, before I could stop myself. I glanced over at Mama to see if I was going to get a Look for swearing, but she was still staring in horror.

"But where's the other--?" said Maria.

We scanned the pig enclosure quickly. There it was, among the tomatoes we'd thrown in for the pigs to eat.

"Oh fuck," I squeaked.

"Oh, God," Mama said, poking in the mud and straw with a stick. There was a reddish clump of something that used to be golden.

Just then Darius, the boar, started to root. There was a cracking of bones as he grabbed the disembodied leg -- pallid and limp, drained of blood -- nearest to us and started to chew it up and devour it.

The buff Orphington cockerel is no more.

He climbed into the pig pen to steal some of their grain and they ate him.

Suddenly I am a lot more comfortable with their approaching execution. They do not look quite as cute as they used to.

Also, yesterday I had to empty another turkey nest full of dead eggs. >_> She had ten, and every single one had a stillborn poult inside. She is still sitting on the empty nest. I also found a hen brooding a clutch up in the hill pasture by the horse trailer, but hers appear to be reasonably healthy eggs and also she bit me very hard when I was checking them, so my plan is to leave her alone. A third hen hatched a clutch of six in the dry streambed beside the barn while we were on vacation, so perhaps this one can be competent.

Also also, the adolescent guineas learned to fly to-day! :D When I last checked, they were all up on the outhouse roof, while the adolescent poults stood around the bottom going "D: but we wanna go up there toooooo".

Maggie ate a groundhog. She dashed into the buffer by the Mahantango, grabbed it by the neck, and shook it till it was dead. It kept whining and screaming.

Horror films. Pffffft.
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--tried a new type of cupcake to-day, with zero success -- I think I gauged the size wrong (upgraded them from a mini to a full-size, and they were too dense). Oh, well.
--however, amused by the way I can discover a need for any liqueur and my parents will have it. Hello, eighty-year-old bottle of kirsch hiding under the counter.
--the eggs keep having little embryo chickens in them, despite the fact that we have no rooster. If this is a message from God, I wish He'd make it less obscure/gross.
--got my July schedule in the post to-day, it is awful. I'm working every weekend this month plus the Fourth of July. Blehhh. I know I was whining last month about not getting enough shifts, but now I am taking it back, for the love of little kittens, eesh.
--I will have to tell them I can't do the eleventh, because for some ungodly reason I am going to the ~spa~, thank you Mama's best friend. I don't know what exactly they do to you at the spa, but apparently it takes all day, so. I will have to see if I can get the invisible Mandi (I have never met her, I just know she works the client on the days I'm not there) to cover for me.
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So to-day I:

--lined up a job interview for to-morrow
--cleaned the brooder shed
--papered the brooder shed and set it up for the broody turkey
--made my very first planter!
--fished a dead rat out of the pond
--fished Sam's cribbing collar out of the mire in the back of the barn
--established that there are no dead kittens in the barn, so if they did drown in the mire their mama removed the bodies
--fell out of the haymow, and now have skinned legs
--made my parents watch Eddie Izzard's "Dress to Kill"
--cleaned and decorated my room, unpacked and put away all my school things
--organised my closet
--staked one of the hops.

It's not bad, I don't think, considering I didn't wake up until 1.30 and it's my first day back. >_> Also, [ profile] raanve, I would never have gotten through cleaning the brooder shed without your mix. ALSO, I think I found us a Lanselos/Saigremort song.

Going to [ profile] mhari's house on the twelfth! So excited.

Also, FOR THE RECORD, my fish recognise the sound of my voice. I've been conducting experiments, and it's honestly true. They only surface for me, and they do it when I sing their food song, whether or not I throw down food (although that latter bit is pure Pavlovian stuff). COOL.
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WARNING there is some gross stuff in this post.

The doctor at school is magic. MAGIC. She has accurately diagnosed me with half a dozen things since I came here that baffled the hospital (which is not, admittedly, a very good hospital, but still).

So I came in yesterday and went HERE ARE MY SX:

--no sense of balance
--hot and cold flashes
--severe headache
--pain in my ears
--unbelievable spinal and neck pain
--full-body spasms

and the nurse (who is really great!) went ";___; i have no idea, here is gatorade and mucinex and come back to-morrow when the doctor is in". So I came back to-day, she listened to my list, stuck a light in my ear and went, "Yup. Thought so. Worst ear infection I've ever seen." Seriously, she's magic!

Like last semester, when I came in and was like "my whole mouth has been numb for two weeks and my tongue is coated in white stuff and nobody knows what it is" and she was like "pfff, I know a vitamin B deficiency when I see one, take B12 until it clears up" and it DID. In like TWO DAYS. because she is AMAZING.

She also found a magical yeast infection medication that I can take without having an allergic reaction, and prescribed the first thing that has ever worked for my migraines, and also always tries to make sure stuff is affordable.

I am making this post to remind myself and others that not all doctors are evil. >_>

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When I went down to see how my hermit crabs were this morning, I discovered that Lance had died during the night, so I buried him in the garden with Percy. The Newport pet store has this deal that if your hermit crab dies in under a week from the time you buy him, you can have a new one free. So since I got him last Friday, I'm going to go in to-morrow and see if I can get a replacement.

I kind of knew he was sick, since he didn't move around nearly as much as Mark does, and he was missing his toes; whereas Mark can (and does) climb absolutely everything, Lance was pretty much stuck on the ground making sad faces. So it wasn't a huge surprise, I knew he wasn't very healthy. On the other hand, he and Mark were getting along really well, which is what I wanted from a second hermit crab, and I worry about personality so much. Ah, well, though. I'll probably do what I did when I got Lance, and spend half an hour in there communing with the crabs anyway before I finally pick one.

Anyway, the thing about being the number one person on this farm not to have an aversion to grossness is that I usually get stuck handling the various hazmat activities. Basically I am immune to touching horribly gross things, and reasonably immune to smelling them, and COMPLETELY immune to talking about them during dinner (SORRY) and the result is that every time something dies or goes back or gets horribly mutilated everyone goes SOUJIN COME CLEAN THIS UP.

cut for grossness )

So, that done, Maria and I completely cleaned the turkey/chicken shed, which involved two full truckloads of straw and turkey manure being moved from said shed into the gardens. I think Daddy must just throw more straw in when it gets too disgusting in there, but the result is that the stuff ends up being over a foot thick, which is ridiculous. Anyway, we put in fresh straw and then I deep-cleaned the nest boxes, my perennial Disgusting Task. There were lots and lots of rotten turkey eggs, so I took them out in the woods behind the house and threw them at trees. >:D They exploded into greyish yellow fizz and horrific smells, it was really fun.

Aaaand we also did our first hive inspection on the bees! They are doing super well, they have brood EVERYWHERE and it looks really nice, and we actually got to see some bees being born, SO COOL. Also there was even a frame full of honey. We about died from squee. You have to do hive inspections weekly, and we did ours last Friday, so to-morrow is the next one. Since finding out I am deathly allergic, we had to invest in a bee jumpsuit for me. I look awesome, like some kind of space dude with my smoker and bee brush.

And then Maria got me to weed her peanuts and okra while she weeded the corn, and it was actually really fun. Also, the poults and chicks are SO cute. ALSO, I finally submitted my art to the selling place, fingers crossed that that actually works out. I made a giant paper collage paper nautilus!

So to-morrow is work-at-the-library day and get-a-new-hermit-crab day and inspect-the-hive day and maybe-get-my-bike-fixed day and I am feeling reasonably optimistic. My headaches are getting horrifically worse, but I can live with that if everything else is going okay.
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It is so typical. Some super cute Minnow boy bicycles by and smiles at you and waves, and there you are, holding the body of a smushed guinea by the feet, its head dripping blood on the pavement, and its intestines trying to sneak out by using your dress as a ladder. >_>

I buried it in the orchard, and good riddance.
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On my way to Newport yesterday I passed by the Ridge Road farm and both their red piggies were out. They're so beautiful! I really hope we have pigs again; having Christmas and Bertha was such a great experience, and I really would like to have a breeding sow that we could actually keep. Mama and Maria are discussing the possibility of raising calves and selling them at auction in adolescence--we'd actually make money off them that way, and we wouldn't have to butcher them ourselves, which was definitely the most traumatising part for me. I would like that a lot.

We've raised 275 dollars so far for [ profile] mhari's family! I would love to make it to $300, so if you can spare even five dollars, that would be completely fantastic. You guys have been so great, and I promise I am working steadily on everybody's fic.

I decided if I can't go to Dunedin and be with [ profile] saucynuisance I might as well go to Greece as New Zealand, so it looks like that is what is ultimately going to happen. I e-mailed Dr. Hutto yesterday to ask if he would write me a reference, and I need to e-mail the Dean of Students also as soon as possible. There is so much paperwork, and I have to get my passport renewed.

I went to my first ever viewing Thursday--a patient of Mama. It was kind of weird. On T.V. &c dead people look exactly the same as live people; they don't in real life. My aunt has decided that she's going to cremate my grandparents when they die, which I'm not sure how I feel about, I kind of hate the idea of cremation. Me, I want to be buried in a cardboard carton under an apple tree (fruit trees love bone marrow, it is super good for them) and get broken down back into the earth as soon as possible, not be preserved whole in a box or turn into a handful of dust. Of course that means making provisions, but I'm willing to do that.

I'm kind of ready to get back to school (I say that now, but I bet you a week after going back I will be suffering from full-blown symptoms again and wanting to die).
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OH MAN GUYS. This is the CUTEST FROG I HAVE EVER SEEN. Look at its big black eyes. They are so beautiful. Omg. I really wish I could have one.

Also, this is not, in fact, a placenta; it is a Giant Slime Star (Hymenaster).

Other super awesome and subjectively gross links for to-day include:

videos )
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I have a question. You know that weird feeling you get when you burn your tongue? Where it's sort of halfway between numb and raw? Okay. Mine has been like that since Friday. I went to Health and Wellness and they have no idea, and I read through all the side effects associated with Depakote and there's nothing like that there. But this morning when I woke up TMI TIME :D )

Also, it's not just my tongue that's this way, it's my gums and the inside of my lips, too. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS IS? ;_____; I want it to go away, and I have no idea what steps to take because I've never had anything like this before.

I don't think it's related to my being sick, because I've only had my fever since yesterday (it's down to 99.8 by the way! I'm so excited! I just want it to break soon so I can go back to HAVING A LIFE DEAR GOD). But it's driving me crazy.

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It's nearly time for lab and I haven't started my o.chem homework, but just pulling out of the world for a few moments tastes unbelievably good. It feels like my days are long streams of chaos, kind of like the insides of cells, with the motor proteins swishing the cytoplasm around the way Maria and I used to in the swimming pool, swimming in circles until we made a well in the center of us.

I can't make the homework programme for French class work, I am unbelievably too stupid for biology 106, but I love my religion class, I love deconstructing the cultural needs and aspects of religion, and the way it shapes us and we shape it, I love that. So I have one class that I love, and I think everybody needs an anchor and if that's the only one I have this semester, it doesn't matter, I can still go to Brumbaugh and hide in the vertebrate zoology lab for half an hour and watch the snakes. And when I go watch the snakes, I can always pretend that they love me as much as I love them.

I've already begun to forget about sleep, I've already gotten deep deep deep into clubs when I should be concentrating my energy elsewhere, but it suddenly, dramatically occurred to me that when people say "what are you going to do with your major" it's not a fault to say "I don't know" (you can even laugh carelessly and hop on your bicycle, pedalling off in a swirl of skirt, looking like a crazy girl) and if they look down on you (because at Juniata you're supposed to be driven) you can still go be loved by the snakes. Or the bees. And you can remember that you know where the secret places are, where to find the snakes and the bees, and you know how to climb that tree in the Sherwood quad.

So I'm unprepared and I'm unready, which is how all children come into the world, whoosh all covered in blood and fluid and newness, and I'll learn the stupid cell biology and I'll do my o.chem homework and I'll even remember to eat dinner.

The world doesn't have to love me as long as I love the world.
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Pro: On our hike to-day I found a teeny little slimy day-glo orange salamander, he was exquisite.

Con: I also found a leech swimming in the lake. Ughhorrible. They swim with little undulations. Ugh ugh ugh phobia ugh.

Pro: Baby frogs! all over the trail!

Pro: I found an old-fashioned beer bottle buried in the silt in the lake. It's a weird shape and has wheat heads printed around the upper bit. I'm going to clean it out, and Maria said she'd bottle her cider in it.

Pro: Mama bought me goggles with crabs. :D They are for small children, but I like them anyway.

Con: They took away the old creepy under-the-water dock! So although I searched for it, using my new goggles, I did not find it.

I feel kind of rushed, but I think I'm getting back up on my feet a little.
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Weeee went to the beach to-day at Onset! with [ profile] mhari and her family and I caught three crabs and a snail, and the crab was a little hermit crab with a kajillion little feets and a seaweed stuck to its shell and then there were two other ones and one was medium-sizdd and soft-shelled and the other one was big and hard and aggressive and it biiiiit meeeee but that's okay they usually do and they were so adorable and I played witht hem and then let them back into the ocean, and I also caught a snaiiiil! I thought the shell was empty but then it stuck out this little curled bud of a foot that opened up like a ruffle-edged flower and turned out to be a big old slimy body and it had little eensy antennae and it CRAWLED ON MY HAND ^______^ all the way down my finger. AND I got some shells and a green rock that was totally round.

And then we came home and played moderne!arthurian sims for like a million hours and THEN I TOOK MY PILL and now I am all crazy and sleepy and I cannot think worth anything but it was awesome. I love the beach so much there are always crawlies and I love them. <33333 Aaaand now I'm going to fall over zzzzzz

OH EXCEPT [ profile] raanve E-MAIL ME or something I want to plot with you. <3333 I miss youuu.

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Hay's in! Also, the sausages. Oh, God, the sausages. You do not even want to know. We had five pounds of ground lamb, feta cheese, rosemary, and the garlic, all of which went through the meat grinder into the shiny new slimy evil-smelling hog casings. I hate hog casings. Anyway, we made twenty-six sausages and four patties out of the leftover stuff stuck in the meat grinder, so that was pretty successful; Mama says sausages are going for around three dollars a link out of Williams & Sonoma, and I think they paid thirty dollars for the lamb.

And I also saw the psychiatrist and have a new prescription for Seraquel-- "You're not on a mood stabiliser?" she said. "WHY aren't you on a mood stabiliser? Who would prescribe you just an anti-depressant?" --which someday I will take to get filled. She also said it would help me get my sleep somewhat back to normal, which I guess would be nice. ("Sleeping like that will make your mental illness worse.")

And I made dinner again! Fourth time this week! I am excited because I am really trying to learn how to cook and not have to rely on somebody else for foods, as I think this could actually be helpful as far as the eating weirdness, which I admittedly still have. Also, I want to be able to help out when I'm staying with [ profile] mhari, and being able to do some of the dinner cooking so that her mom isn't always having to balance meals for five people with totally different eating habits seems like it would be a good start.

Aaaaand sleepy. Oh Lord, I work at the library to-morrow yay.
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Well, my life has always been a series of disasters of different kinds--big disasters, little disasters, the housing disaster--which I managed to fix myself, by finding the one room in Altoona that was willing to rent for six weeks for under five-hundred dollars--the car disaster--they didn't tell me that this internship requires a car, and I haven't got one, so we're currently trying to fix that problem, but for now I am biking the mile and a half between my home and the home office; once I have transportation I will be going to the Williamsburg and other rural offices. It's a little overwhelming.

Also on the way home to-day I stopped to buy groceries, and when I got out of the store it was pouring rain--I walked through it, and I've finally started to try off, but my crackers are somewhat damp. I bought crackers and cheese and bread and peanut butter and rice cakes and some soup and a rotisserie chicken, and that's what I'll be living off for the next three weeks, probably, but I can handle that.

Anyway, yesterday I stopped in Huntingdon to get the key for my room and the lady's dog was having her first litter of puppies, and the lady was having a panic attack, so I was impromptu midwife to a prize-winning Shitzu. For some reason she couldn't figure out what to do with the puppies once she got them out, so I had to tear the amniotic sac, and as soon as I'd done that she got right to work cleaning the puppies and eating the placenta and all the normal stuff, so she was fine, she just didn't touch them while they weren't breathing or moving and I had to help with that. And I got blood and amniotic fluid all over me, but it was worth it.

And now I am exhausted and think that I will take a nap. I am really working, guys, forty hours a week, eight to five with an hour for lunch. One of the doctors made us do treatment plans for his patients to-day, it was amazing, I got to write up differentials and treatments and roleplay an office visit for a patient with epilepsy.

Okay! Nap!
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As a general item of interest:

"If you could help it, it was extremely advisable, historically, to avoid being epileptic. Treatments for it have included distilled human skull, dried human heart, bolus of human mummy, boy's urine, excrement of mouse, goose, and horse [dissolved in vast quantities of wine or beer], warm gladiator blood, arsenic, strychnine, cod liver oil, and borax." -Mary Roach, Stiff.

And you wonder why Sagramore is as strange and disturbed as he is. :D

On that note, I really need a random biology icon.
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1. Orkney beer is experiencing some fail. "It has been claimed its Viking-branded bottles have an aggressive theme." Laugh.

2. In our bathroom, one sink has taps that are both labelled 'cold'.

3. CuteOverload goes in with Martha Stewart Online for a cute pet costumes contest for Hallowe'en. And there is a dog. dressed like a lobster.

4. For those who, like me, find this kind of thing awesome, UglyOverload makes all our lives better with this video of a snail infected by liver flukes. A word of warning: it is pretty gross. In an awesome way.

5. Malgorzata Kruk's deviantart gallery is amazing. And we mean that.

6. Also Mari Kasurinen's gallery, featuring My Little Cthulu.

7. Spore's free download of Creature Creator is extremely cool. Admittedly it is huge and takes a million hours to download, but--very cool, right?

8. Lastly, Kel Barteski's website contains innumerable wonderful beautiful things, but Tiny Art is one of the best. Scroll down to the ones about beautiful women! They are leetle masterpieces.
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Well. It turns out that the Yellow Dog's halitosis is not actually halitosis, it's two septic wounds. One's under his ear, and enormous, and may have a tumour in it--we aren't totally clear on what the large bleeding round protrusion is. He also has one on his elbow. The ear one had maggots in it, which Mama and I cleaned out, and we doctored him up and gave him pain pills and silver sulfadine and what-have-you, and the vet is coming to-morrow, but--

The Yellow Dog has been sick for a long time. He is mostly blind, mostly deaf, and so arthritic that he can't climb stairs. I think that the wounds are really the last straw, and he needs to be put down. I really don't know how to suggest to Mama--she is pretty much convinced that the whole thing is her fault. "If I had looked at him properly! If I hadn't assumed! I'm the worst Mama any dog ever had." She is being quietly self-hateful about it all. She is also convinced that she can fix him up with her wound supplies.

But he just seems so miserable. He lay on the kitchen floor all day and whimpered. He is not a happy dog anymore. And he's old.

Also, my Calico Cat has definitely got tapeworm, so that will be fun.

The Black Cat and the Black Dog are, God help us and knock on wood, both fine, although Black Dog may never forgive me for snagging her and hacking all the burrs out of her coat with a machete (read: scissors) this evening.

And everybody is unhappy, and that makes me feel--responsible. Very responsible. I know, I do know, that everyone's unhappiness is not something I should single-handedly be able to alleviate, but, God. Sometimes I feel that way anyway. It is not a good-for-the-stomach feeling.
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OMG YOU GUYS. GUINEAS. THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL. They're about a third of the size of chicks, and some of them are coloured like chipmunks, and some have white wings, and some are grey-blue, and one is pure pure white, and EEEEEE. They're SO CUTE. I am going to just LOOK AT THEM ALL AFTERNOON. ^__________________________^

And besides that (as though the day needed anything else), Mama took me to a show in Harrisburg about human biology, and it was incredible. Omg. They had actual bodies, which I have to admit did not bother me but which in some cases seemed a little disrespectful--they had them all posed with bikes and basketballs and what have you, which was a little awful, especially since they had kept their original eyebrows and everything, and they were all male and they had left their anatomical dangly bits on, and they just looked kind of silly, and I felt bad for whoever they actually were.

But they also had just a lot of actual humany bits, and it was so amazing. All those muscles and tendons and ligaments and lord. I mean I just want to sit and flex my hand all day, knowing everything that goes into it. My finger knuckles are amazing! My toes! My patellas! My vertebrae! And that's just the musculokeletal system! That's not even getting into the squishy inside bits! I mean, livers. Livers are superb. And the kidneys, and the beautiful beautiful hearts, and of course my favourites which are the large and small intestine, all those coils and coils and coils--eighteen to twenty-three feet, all snuggled up in your abdomen, I mean that's just amazing.

Oh, I about died, I was having such a good time.

And on a more sobering note, they also had fetuses, a lot of little premature babies who were dead, and all of them, I guess this just hit me a lot, all of them had their eyes all scrunched up and they just all looked so sad, like they were so, so sad. One had its hands over its ears, like it was trying to make everything just go away. And I guess I would feel a little bit like that, too, if I hadn't made it and there I was in a glass jar in an exhibit. I would want everything to go away, too, I think. And that made me kind of sad.

But then we went from fetuses to the cardiovasular system, and I got all caught up again.

After that we went to the thrift store to get Mama some clothes, and I, well, I am a bad person with no self-control, so I bought Sagramore clothes. >_> A very cute orange tunic top and orange trousers, and a sleeveless orange blouse for summer (and a blue skirt with copper sequin flowers for me). So when I got home I thought, you know, I have too many clothes I don't wear, so I went through my whole closet and weeded out everything I never wear.

And this was funny, because a lot of the clothes in my closet and my dresser are things I bought two, three years ago, when I was under the impression that I was shaped roughly like a watermelon with a glandular condition, when I am actually basically an eggplant. So I have just piles of dresses and skirts and blouses you could positively make tents out of. So I got rid of all of those, because lord. They're all pretty, don't mistake that, but I just drown in them. Somebody else who's the right size for them should have all these pretty things.

And after that I felt pretty good: now my closet is full of clothes for an eggplant person.

And now I'm home! And I'm going to go up to my room and read some, I think, and maybe take a nap, because I'm enormously sleepy. Harrisburg always takes it out of me but good.

p.s. as you can tell, I am getting in touch with my actual accent writing-wise. :D
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God God God I am wired to-night, and I know it's because I've been hideously upset all day. It's either one way or the other: I either have an upbeat day and a downer evening, or an icky day and a manic evening (or a stable day and evening). But a few notes:

I finished my book on prion diseases, which was amazing. I just find everything about medicine and biology and disease so fascinating, which makes me very happy, because I know that I am really invested in it as a career. It continually delights and interests me. And prion diseases are currently my massive interest; I am going to have to find more books. And also never eat beef again (except that actually I totally can, because we buy grass-fed local, so I assume they are not feeding cake. But you never know). But yes. Prions. Eee.

I went out the other day and got photographs of turkeys for [ profile] skaryma. The Blue Slate wouldn't display for me, but the black one was highly flirtatious. Now I just need to print them.

This weekend I am going to get [ profile] faeriefly78! ^_____________^ Which is a source of great delight to me. We are going to go get lost in Selinsgrove! And possibly I can coerce her into going to the fifties diner with me, which I think would be really fun. And I will show her the thrift shops.

And, in conclusion, I love this skirt.
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Ahem! Picspam tiems again.

The Book of Days )


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