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Just so you know, I have been AWESOME on the train to-day. I know that only, like, two people actually care, but I got more than half my Cai/Marguel theoretical Marguel-is-weird-and-has-weird-issues fic written, AND. AND AND AND.

I spreadsheeted the hell out of the New Britain timeline. Drafted it up into three different spreadsheets for the pre-war period, the reign, and the post-war period, put in all the death and birth dates, noted important events and treaties, and also significant relationship changes.

Now I am sitting in the Philly train station; my train leaves at 1.55 and it is ON TIME, how sweet is that? The only negative thing right now is that my back is still really messed up from two weeks ago, and it feels like I am going to fall over and die if I make a wrong move. I really probably need to see a doctor about it, but shhhhhh.

I need some kind of New Britain icon. I wonder how to do that.

But in GENERAL, I have been awesome to-day. Like, when people say "awesome" it's actually slang for "Soujin" type awesome. So I'm feelin' pretty good about that. When I get the timeline done I will force [ profile] mhari to do something to make it look presentable and up-on-the-website nice so that we can be even more official and organised. And that will be sweet.
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So when I'm not making whiny posts on my livejournal and writing horrible papers that will earn failing grades, sometimes I write fanfiction. A lot of my fanfiction lately has been about my horrible Arthurian space AU that nobody actually cares about, but some of it has been in the Sherlock fandom, a fandom I was wickedly lured into by Liz and Jen and [ profile] lyricnote, who are terrible people.

It occurred to me that I am actually allowed to post this fanfiction, even if it is ridiculous and a WIP and everybody hates WIPs.

I find the bizarre mixture of the very serious and the comical/ridiculous that pervades this show to be fascinating and weird. It's also hard to write. It exists in Firefly, too, but it seems weirder in Sherlock. Anyway, I realise my Sherlock Holmes is vaguely autism spectrum, and I don't care. >_> Writing sociopaths is hard for me; and besides, I think Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal has distinctly autistic notes. My Sherlock is also horrifically asexual, srry there will be no sex in this fic. >_<

Title: The Antidote
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock, John, one-sided John/Sherlock, Sarah and Mycroft sort-of.
Rating: PG-16
Summary: I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Sherlock is on a mission to prevent Sarah from stealing John away from him.
Notes: Part 1. Part II is currently 3/4 finished.

The Antidote )


Title: Case Studies
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock, Mycroft
Rating: PG
Summary: Maybe this is why Mycroft describes himself as Sherlock's arch-enemy. >_> Kid!fic.
Notes: My Mycroft is totally a germaphobe. I think it is distressingly plausible.

Case Studies )
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So I've started watching True Blood, and I actually really like it, although I wasn't sure that I would. The main girl is sort of--not wholly Innocent, more like just Super Nice. Almost a Holy Fool type. Which obviously I am a sucker for. She's kind of like Percy but with telepathy and being a different person. I thought she might annoy me, but she actually seems fresh and honest enough about it that I quite like her.

And I pretty much thought I wouldn't like the main fellow either, since he is all broody and emo and sexified, kind of Edward Cullen but older and non-sparkly, but he actually turned out pretty good too. Also, the way he sort of smiles and blossoms when he's interacting with the main girl's grandma and being a friendly Southern gentleman is adorable and really winning.

And Sam Trammell is adorable and the reason I started watching the series in the first place, oh my stars. &hearts

The bad thing is that all the supporting characters (except the grandma and Sam Trammell) really irritate me to death and I really don't like them. But I am only two episodes in, so possibly they'll grow on me. I rented the whole first season for our trip to Tennessee for Nana and Granddad's memorial service Thursday.

The other really nice thing about the series is that it is just so good to hear characters with thick Southern accents who are not being portrayed as either evil or stupid rednecks. There is a HUGE anti-Southern tendency in our media, and I can't help feeling twitchy about it, given my background. For me, Southern accents have always been comforting and normal and part of life, and the fact that in the past year 90% of the Southern accents I have encountered in media are for bad or ignorant people really bothers me. And if I hear another joke about how all the folks in Tennessee are trying to kill black people in between sleeping with their sisters, I may have an aneurysm.

IN OTHER NEWS, I saw a mother turkey hen with a bunch of poults on my way to Newport this morning. Also, Maria and I did our hive inspection and the bees are doing fantastic; their second hive body is full of honey. ALSO, I am volunteering at Vacation Bible School as part of my pastoral internship, and it went really well to-day. The kids were total sweethearts. I am kind of scared of little kids, inasmuch as I am terrified of doing something moronic/traumatising around them, but things were actually really okay! So that was nice.

Thursday, as I say, we are going to Tennessee for a week, so I will be MIA.
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Fun fact: Sunstroke doesn't feel really good.

So while I was bicycling around getting sunstroke, I made up an example of Sagramore's relationship with his mother. It actually started out as an explanation of why Sagramore only wears his mother's colours (because the people he's usually willing to carry colours for are either married or male or both; and even though he sleeps around a lot he's fairly discreet, and doesn't like to announce who he's sleeping around with), but.

Sagramore and his mother did not really get along, ever, while they were living in the same household, but once he moved out he got a lot more relaxed about her generally, and she got a lot less likely to go AHH YOU ARE GOING TO DISGRACE THE FAMILY NAME, so tensions declined on both sides, and then they would have actual conversations.

And I imagine Sagramore every now and then would write his mother a postcard, and say, "Hi, Ma, just wanted to let you know that I did some swordfighting the other day and pwned, and now there are some dorky boys wearing the same colours I do, namely yours."

And his mother would write back and say, "Oh, son, that's so sweet! How nice of you to honour me, even though I am old and decrepit and ugly and it is highly questionable whether anyone would ever love me again if your stepfather died, unless they were blind."

And Sagramore would write back and say dutifully, "Ma, you know the sun rises every day just so he can look at you."

And his mother would write back and say, "Oh, son, that's the nicest thing anybody ever said to me except your father and your stepfather on our respective wedding nights!"

And Sagramore would write back and say, "THANKS, MA, I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW."

And his mother would write back and say, "Look, son, do you think you just spontaneously achieve sexiness? It is a gene, sweetheart. And it didn't come from your dad."

And Sagramore would write back and say, "THANK YOU MA. THAT IS ENOUGH."

And his mother would write back and say, "Honestly, you always were a whiny ungrateful boy who didn't know how to take a compliment and flailed around a lot and irritated me. Thank goodness you're over there."

And Sagramore would write back and say, "I love hate love you too, Ma."

It totally would happen exactly like that. And that is why he really says he doesn't like her; but he knows that she was a pretty sharp old lady and is still extremely grateful to her for kicking him off the throne when he was making a mess of things, and also he loved Britain, so overall he's okay with her. Especially when she's living in another country.


In other news, my one aunt sent me a card. Allow me to reproduce the text in its entirety.

"Dear Soujin, have a great day!! We really didn't celebrate your birthday much!! Love, A. Betsy. PS Thanks so much for the dog medallion*"

*the dog medallion was a little st. francis medal I gave her on monday for her new puppy.

I am hugely amused by this. "WE DIDN'T REALLY CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY MUCH!!" No, they didn't. XD By 'much' she means 'at all'.

Whereas the card Will sent me says, in its entirety, "Hey. How you doin. I hear that your birthday is coming up. 18 years old. And graduation. Lucky. Sorry I can't be there. Oh well. Download me some porn. Your loving cousin, William [lastname]"

Equally amused!


PSA: Sunstroke also makes your stomach hurt. Now I am going to go wash dishes and fix the dishwasher, and then go back to writing letters. and then maybe READ FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WEEK ARGH.
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Item one: My Mordred paper doll, courtesy of [ profile] snowyofthenight: O hai, I am Mordred and an extra from Prince Valiant.

Item two: The family tree/relationship chart for the families Pendragon, Orkney, Pellinore, and... Morgan le Fay. Behold. And ignore the smudge in the corner.

Item three: Sagramore's minute of fame: A cameo appearance in The Boy's King Arthur.
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Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain! Just finished it. It is kind of crack and kind of incomprehensible in places, but also very interesting. As I complained mentioned to Manon, Mabon is apparently an allegory/correspondence for both Jesus and Lancelot. The list--it's a long list--also includes Apollo, Zeus, Arthur, Lleu, and Owain, but, interestingly enough, not Mordred. I mean, as long as we're going there.

Also there seems to be some disagreement on the subject of what it was Mabon did to make himself the Eternal Youth, as apparently it could have been either wine, apples, or meat. Also Annwn is Avalon, which up until now I am afraid I managed to miss in a big way. >_> So, basically, when Mabon was born he was either stolen by Yspaddaden or hidden by his mother in Annwn in various locations until he drank/ate wine/meat/apples whereupon he was made the Eternal Youth whereupon he was stuck in the tower/remained in Annwn for various lengths of time anywhere from five to a thousand years and then left/was freed by Culwhch, Cai, and Bedwyr.

It's really weird. Yes. Also, his father was in fact Uriens of Rheged and Gore, making him half-brother to Morvydd/Morfudd and Owain/Ywain. Apparently Modron decided to hang around by a ford waiting for him to have sex with her so she could conceive a Saviour, which is on parallel with the Holy Spirit causing Mary to conceive. According to this book; I'm not sure that's actually a valid comparison.

And, um, I can't think of anything else interesting. XD I do know that I am going quietly and stealthily to IGNORE IT COMPLETELY in the characterisation of [ profile] lightningcurse, so there. Mainly because I do not feel like giving him a possibly magical lyre to aid him in his crazy.

The book also includes a possibly Druid ritual for twenty players that involves a Mabon, a Modron, nine faerie women, and nine male poets/seers, and which concludes with lunch. It is because Mabon's lyre is also a metaphor.

Finally, the author includes three songs (written by herself) in the back, one of which I will reproduce here:

Mabon's Hunt )

The whole thing is very bizarre. XD
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Before I take it back to the library, excerpts from The Light Beyond the Forest about Percy.

This regarding Galahad's sword and the attempted pulling of it by sundry people who were not Galahad:

"Then at the King's bidding Sir Gawain of Orkney, who was the King's nephew and loved him well, set his two hands to the sword-grip and pulled until the veins stood out on his neck, but could not shift the blade; and then young Sir Percival of Wales spat on his hands and tried, more to keep Sir Gawain company than for anything else, for he was a large, kind, simple-hearted young man and had no high opinion of himself."


Percy meets Galahad for the first time:

"'If I were a tree, and spring was coming--a long way off, but still coming--this is how I should feel,' thought Sir Percival, and his wide serious gaze was on the young knight who sat so gravely and calmly in the forbidden seat. Sir Percival was a born follower, and to such a one there is nothing better in the world than to find the leader his heart goes out to."


Lancelot finds Percy on the Grail Quest:

"And sitting with his back to an alder tree, helmet off and his yellow head tipped back against the rough bark, Sir Percival, whistling soft and full-throated to a blackbird, and the blackbird whistling back as though they were old friends. But, indeed, Sir Percival was friends with all furred and feathered things. He got to his feet when he saw Sir Lancelot ride out from the woodshore, slowly, as men move in armour, and they greeted each other; and when Sir Lancelot had turned his own horse loose to graze beside the other, they sat down again together beneath the alder tree. And Sir Percival asked if he had seen or heard anything of Sir Galahad.

'Netiher sound nor sight,' said Lancelot.

Percival sighed.

'Were you seeking him?'

'I was hoping we might ride together a little while,' Percival said, 'but it was a foolish hope.'

It seemed to Lancelot that the knight beside him was young to be riding errant and alone in the dark forest. And yet that was foolishness, for Percival had shown himself in the jousting to be no green boy. He was older than Galahad by at least a year, and no one would be thinking Galahad young to ride errant, no matter through what dark forest."


more )

Anyway, I really like this, and I love that her Percy is so much like mine, it's silly and wonderful. And I just love the Grailkids inordinately, and I love Ms. Sutcliff's interpretation. So that's what that was all about.
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I've just finished rereading all of Westmark, hence the Torrens icon, and. um.

Bwahaha! Theo is such a dork. It was slightly ridiculous (and I am very guilty of saying it to him: "Theo, you're a dork!", whether I was reading by myself or at the gym, which got some looks), and very wonderful. Ahaha. You awful boy.

Something I thought was interesting is that when writing Westmarkfic and playing [ profile] russet_goddess, I've always been really careful not to make any religious inferences, to the point where she (and [ profile] queen_oracle) never say anything along the lines of 'for God's sake', 'for heaven's sake', but actually Theo says both those things, I believe, in Westmark (I don't think he says them in Kestrel or Beggar Queen, though); and likewise of course there's a lot of 'go to the devil', which doesn't necessarily mean anything, and go to hell, damn, &c. It's interesting, Westmark is sort of the inverse, issue-wise, from Fly by Night.

Because in Mandelion, religion is the main issue and class relations are almost incidental. Everyone knows where he or she goes and they don't make much of it. Mosca hasn't got any problem with being a penniless urchin; nobody ever expresses any particular dislike of Linden because he's Lady Tamarind's footman. In Westmark, the socio-political issues push almost everything else aside. Religion is incidental, instead.

And yet they're very similar books...! With the same kind of characters, even if Fly by Night is rather better written.

Anyway, Theo = dork. Dork dork dork.

Mickle is still cool, and Florian disturbs me a little more than he did the last few times I've read the trilogy. When I first read it I was totally in love with him, and now I feel slightly disenchanted, although he's still really wonderful. Is interesting. I like Connie more, for all he's awful, but--for the most part I find the incidentals better than the main characters (except Zara, who is my antagonistic passion). Red Cockade is the best. damn. character. Clarion is amazing. I'm still rather in love with Jellinek.

Also, my Luther is so OOC it's not even funny, and I like him better for it. >_> That's a bad thing, I'm pretty sure.

The scene where Keller is trying to get himself arrested is one of the best ones in the entire thing. Ehehe. ^___^ Gleeee.

Also also! They have Latin, or some semblance thereof, in Westmark, because in Westmark Theo mentions reading a book called De Rerum Justitiae or something like that, which translates to Of Just Things, roughly. Also a lot of the names are Latinate, like Justitia and Augusta.

I love Mr. Alexander's brain, even when I disagree with it. Ehee.

...On a side note, I want to write an AU where SPOILERS OMG )

Now I am going out for a drive before dinner. Manon, I will be on to-night hopefully by nine? Is my plan. Must still finish that stupid term paper.
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So. Arthuriana.

The thing I noticed while reading Mr. Morris, Ms. Springer, and Ms. Sutcliff is that Ms. Sutcliff totally is the best. >_> Mr. Morris is awesome and a great deal insane, and has a ridiculous sense of humour that sometimes eclipses the more serious side of the stories, and Ms. Springer--oh, dear God, she's a PIT of DESPAIR.

The most notable thing about I am Mordred is that she took Agravain, divided him into two people she called Gawain and Garet, and then set about to make them as hateful as possible. Instead of an insanely confused Gaheris killing his mother, we get Garet doing it. Which. Abba. Wibba. Is. Brainbreaking. Also, Mordred falls in love with a girl called Lynet(te), and when I stop laughing I'll tell you what I think about that. >_> But she also has a really terrible ending, sort of overwhelmingly tragic, which makes up for some of the other things in the books.

Mr. Morris' books are shiny as goodness. Also, Dinadan describes the court of Camelot as a bunch of hedgehogs in The Ballad of Sir Dinadan, which is pretty much LOVE right there. Also Mr. Morris tends to tie things together in ways you wouldn't believe possible--you read a book and then you do a tiny bit of research and just how wackily put-together is that? you find yourself saying. Like in The Lioness and Her Knight, which stars Gaheris and Lynet's crazy daughter Luneta, who hangs out with Ywain, the knight of the lion; there's actually an legend about a girl named Lunete who was companion to Ywain. And then he also goes around filling in holes in the old legends and making them make a bit more sense. And Dinadan is Tristan's younger brother. And Gareth gets made fun of A Lot, and that's how it should be.

But Ms. Sutcliff hits this middle balance between the shiny and bouncy and the angst, and she has a wonderful writing style; it's very tradition, and then all of sudden she puts in poetry, the most beautiful language, and it's starting and amazing and extremely wonderful. She's much nicer to Gareth than either Ms. Springer or Mr. Morris; she shifts the mocking to Kay.

Yes. :D A tonne, a metric tonne of Kay-mocking happens in The Sword and the Circle. But at the same time she tempers it with something; at one point Arthur says, "He was an unhappy boy, and he shall be an unhappy man," and you know, you know how true it must be. Unfortunately, Lance takes that as his cue to be an ass, but that's another story.

I am in love with her Gawain, and her details; her Arthur exiles Gaheris after the Morgause-and-Lamorack killing, saying that he can't interfere with blood feuds but he's still disappointed. Her Merlin is far-seeing and almost not obnoxious, and her Lancelot has a bizarre kind of charm. Her telling of Geraint and Enid is glorious.

Ms. Springer's I am Morgan le Fay is much better than I am Mordred; not great, but much better. Also there is lots of Other People things, and it's fairly cool. There's the whole Morgause Characterisation Issue, but still. It's also not as much a PIT of DESPAIR as I am Mordred.

Mr. Morris' Savage Damsel and the Dwarf is probably his best book, and as soon as I type that I realise I can't say so, because there's something utterly fantastic in all his books, but no, it is the best one. I also realise that I'm getting incoherent and stupid as I go on, and I decide to wrap things up with something brief and explanatory and try not to make it a jumble of squee.


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It occurred to me to-day that I have four brothers and sisters; that there are five of us. And five Orkney brothers. (Bear with me; I was not feeling well.)

If we go from eldest to youngest, Natalie is Gawain. She'd make a good Gawain, I think. She's very brave and honourable and good-tempered. And unfortunately Daniel is Mordred. This works, if only because Daniel is pure evil. >_> And therefore doesn't work, because Mordred, for all his awful mistakes, is nowhere near as dreadful as Daniel and his habit of stealing my toothpaste and shaving in my sink. Then Melinda is Gaheris, which is fun. When Melinda was little, she was extremely chubby, and cousin Paula put her in a dumbwaiter where she stuck, and left her there. I can see this happening to Gaheris.

And then there would be me; I'd be Agrivain. Which makes me laugh. I'd be Agrivain, and a very bad Agrivain indeed, since I like kittens and pretty ribbons and nearly got sick with being scared the day Daddy taught me how to shoot. So lastly it would be Waen, Waen's Gareth, and she'd be a terrible Gareth, since she hates people and she's much happier shutting herself in her room with music. And I suppose Maggie is Clar, except not.

...Right. That's the last time we're going there. (also because the idea of Mum as Morgause is. scarring. really, really scarring.)

(Gaheris wants to be excused from life.)
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I forgot Don Quixote and my history book, so I had to get an emergency book from the library to read while I was at the gym to-day; since The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf was out, preventing me from rereading it again, I got out one called 'I am Morgan le Fay'. Is v. interesting so far, with nothing embarrassing. So far a little formulaic, but not bad.

The one notable thing is that Morgause has thus far been described as shy, anxious, and by far the weaker of the sisters; at one point Morgan goes so far as to refer to her as a 'shy violet'.


Which kind of made [ profile] littlebetter go OH HA HA RIGHT MY MOM SHY VIOLET ARGHHHH and cling to [ profile] fingersofleaf.

At any rate, I mean to see it through; apparently the author is also responsible for something called 'I am Mordred', and I am debating getting my hands on it. I still have a lot of Arthurian authors to look up; and I do need to finish both Don Quixote and Anna Karenina (and then Tom Jones and Of Human Bondage and The Scarlet Letter ahhhhgh).

Also? Mr. Dave Barry should really be aware that writing a prequel to an established classic like Peter Pan is probably a really, really bad idea, and the fact that he pulled it off once, with Peter and the Starcatchers, should be enough for him. I feel that writing a sequel to that prequel is pushing it (for some reason, I'm still planning to read the presequel, but still). Nngh. If this one is good he's going to have really lucked out. I hope he realises this.

And I finally got hold of the last Lemony Snicket book, yay! I need to steal it back from Waen, who has hold of it right now.

I also got out The Age of Chivalry, which is a shiny-looking non-fiction book about Arthurian legend; and several books on knights and castles just to get a basic idea of the geography (at first skimming through the one I couldn't find any mention of greaves at all, and I spent several breathless moments convinced I'd made them up). This should be a good thing.

Mmmmmm, books. ^_____^ To-morrow I will have a tonne of reading to do. Since I didn't read my one-hundred pages of Don Quixote to-day, I'll have two-hundred for to-morrow, plus sixty of history, plus finishing Morgan le Fay. Gleep. Also, still not finished with Rise of Silas Lapham, but since I'm reading it aloud to Waen as part of our American Lit course this year, it doesn't count.
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[ profile] rainbowjehan: ...Why am I in love with Mabon based solely on a song?
[ profile] rainbowjehan: Mabon: Hi I have a silly name!
[ profile] mhari: ...I have no idea. XD
[ profile] rainbowjehan: He's an Arthurian boy.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: Who is trapped in a tower for liek a hundred-thousand years.
[ profile] mhari: Aw.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: And Culhwch has to free him to marry Mabon.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: So he asks a lot of old Norse symbols, and they all say go away we don't know.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: ...NOT MABON. OLWEN.
[ profile] mhari: OMG DED WELSH SLASH.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: NO NO NO NO XD XD XD
[ profile] rainbowjehan: And then Culhwch asks an old Celtic symbol, who says oh yeah he's in this tower up the road.
[ profile] mhari: Norse: We're in ur outlying islands corruptin ur language, too busy, so sorry.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: And they rescue him and bring him back to Ysbadadden and Ys goes oh bugger and they kill him.
[ profile] mhari: ....Sorry.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: And then Culhwch marries OLWEN.
[ profile] mhari: XD XD
[ profile] rainbowjehan: And Mabon does whatever.
[ profile] mhari: Goes home and pines for Culhwch, of course.
[ profile] mhari: Because he was JILTED.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: Naturally!
[ profile] mhari: I mean, d00d. You rescue someone from a tower, you're SUPPOSED to marry them. Duh.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: really!
[ profile] rainbowjehan: And Culhwch is all, nope, sorry, I just need you so I can use you to kill my girlfriend's dad.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: Mabon: ;________; WHAT? WELL THEN I'LL JUST /STAY/ UP HERE.
[ profile] mhari: And Mabon is like FINE, SEE IF I EVER LET YOU KILL /MY/ Dad.
[ profile] rainbowjehan: XD Awwwwwww. Yes!
[ profile] mhari: XD
[ profile] mhari: I like our version. :D
[ profile] rainbowjehan: I do too!
[ profile] rainbowjehan: It is way better than whatever the original is.

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