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I am still unholy stressed and busy (stressee et ocupee); I haven't finish my midterm, I have two papers due Tuesday, I'm supposed to write a practise exam for o.chem for credit (pourquois), I still haven't even read the chapter in o.chem that our exam will be on, I haven't done any of my secretarial duties, I haven't scheduled my appointment with the doctor I want to shadow, and I have a huge file of reading to do for my religion class (mon cours de religion). At least French requires no thought whatsoever.

But to-morrow is Friday, and if I can get away with it I will spend the weekend immersed in work. Everybody else has parents coming (it's Homecoming, I think) and Hallowe'en parties and whatnot, but I will stay safely in my room in my McCoy costume doing work. Because that's more important.

I went to the grocery yesterday to get my scrips filled and my cashier was Robert, with whom I enjoyed a summer fling and ridiculously innocent flirtation when I was about twelve. I recognised his hair. We gushed about finding one another.

I also collected a link for you. Here, have some hilarious and very very mildly offencive comic strip/other genre crossovers. My favourites are the Marvel Comics ones (I would love the Bloom County/LotR one best if Legolas didn't KILL ROSEBUD /trauma).

Now for laundry. The next half hour is mine to fool around and do fun relaxing stuff. After this, it's all work, all the time.
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