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Birthdayfic for [ profile] skyarma! Catechism!verse Percy-Galahad-Heli.

Psalm 34 )
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Happy very late birthday, [ profile] julietveiled! >_> Hopefully this will help with the stress a little. ♥ I love you very very much.

Lynet/Gaheris, as requested.

Then Sprang the Happier Day from Underground )
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The next person to say anything about the NONEXISTENT Gaheris/Mordred has to draw me Catechism fanart. End of story.

catechism twenty-three )
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Ahem. Mordred!flashbacks and Gareth's sekrit.

Catechism twenty-two )
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Oh, yes, a couple things here. Firstly, to catch your attention right away, RUN THE GOVERNMENT IS AFTER US TO MESS WITH OUR BRAIIIIIIIINS. (two by two hands of blue)

And then there's Catechism stuff. Mainly for Manon. ♥

First storey of Mordred's house;
Second storey of same house.

I love making house plans. >_> Also, the timeline is only semi-complete, since it's conceivable, more than conceivable, that at any moment I'll add characters. But at the moment it's who we have. And I'm sorry for the editorialising on the house plans. XD I am eternally skeptical of my characters. Is v. sad.

See, and now I'm going to take a shower and get a few hours' sleep before morning. In theory, at least.
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In which a long-awaited event occurs, and Clar loses it. And Soujin reuses stuff. Shush.

catechism twenty-one )
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Mordred POV and more Ragnelle.

catechism twenty )
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Beware dorky Gawains, snarky Amys, and random flashbacks. >_>

Catechism eighteen )
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This song makes me cry. >_> I STILL HATE LANCE and it makes me cry anyway. Guh.

Catechism seventeen )
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Agravain is horrible, and there is trauma and snarkiness.

Catechism part sixteen )
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The long-awaited chapter of Agravain. Now with Gareth/Clar!

Catechism fifteen )
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In other news!

This is Bedivere's chapter. :D

Catechism part thirteen )
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Part thirteen is enjoying that most arduous of processes, the Edit. In the meantime, (NOTICE HOW I AM SPELLING A.'S NAME THE WAY MANON LIKES IT XD)

Catechism part twelve )
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...Did I say I was going to answer comments to-night? I lied. >_> Also, Narnia was good except we wanted to strangle the beavers, yess we did, preciouss. Apparently being sick brings out my inner vitriol. Chemistry & work to-morrow. Bleh. I made cake for the Human Resources department for being so nice to me when I was stranded there; I hope they like it. Waen dyed the icing funny colours.

At any rate, more Catechism. The beginning and the end of the well-adjusted period.

Catechism eleven )
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Okays omg look two new chapters!!1!1.

Catechism part nine )


Catechism part ten )
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Catechism part eight )
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Aaaaand now they can stop breathing.

Catechism, part seven )
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Also, a brief breathing period for the Arthurians. Next up: Vivienne or Gareth. Reader vote? :P

Edit: Is Manon not insanely awesome? For handy reference...!
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Catechism part six )


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