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Soooo at my one client's house the t.v. was on, and there was an ad going for some weight-loss programme. It started out fairly inoffensively: middle-aged, stocky woman going "yay now I am not quite as heavy I can do more!" which is a reasonable approach, really; and the fact that she wasn't skinny made it seem much more like a "I'm just wanting to be healthier, this isn't about the beauty standard" kind of thing. So far so good.

And then the last line of the commercial is her saying "Thank you [name of product] for letting me be pretty one last time".

What. the actual fuck.

So yeah, I thought you all might like to know what's wrong with the world.
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1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] erinpuff! You are made of awesome, cut into bricks and baked in the sun, and mortared together with wet-cement-consistency awesome! Also someday when you are back in Pennsylvania again EVER we need to see each other, because I miss you. ♥

2. To-day my mother lovingly gave me the "darling ilu v much and I know that you have weight-related issues but you are getting kind of fat and I don't want you to get diabetes and die, okay?" talk. >___< I hate that talk. I promised I would start exercising regularly once I get back from Mass., and that seemed to placate her.

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Here's something that annoys me:

An excerpt from my psychology textbook regarding context-judgement.

Context effects also extend beyond immediate perceptions, across a wide range of events. For example, people generally define their own social and physical characteristics by comparing themselves with others. Often without realising they are doing it, many women compare themselves with the highly attractive and ultra-thin models in advertising. Since the viewers cannot match the perfect, air-brushed images they encounter, they experience negative feelings (e.g., Bower, 2001). If viewers are prone to making immediate comparisons, their moods become more negative, and they feel more dissatisfied with their own bodies (Tiggermann & McGill, 2004). One study found that when male and female college students viewed beautiful models, they rated photos of more average-looking people as less attractive than did a similar group of college students who did not see the models' photos (Kenrick, Montello, Gutierres, & Trost, 1993).

So far this makes sense and is fairly typical, if awful. Note that people actually think other people aren't as pretty after they've seen models. Which is >_>. But. Here's where I have a problem.

Thus women prone to feeling bad about themselves after seeing advertisements with seemingly-perfect models could stop reading magazines that carry such advertisements, or they could continue to read the magazines but remind themselves that these models set unattainable standards that do not apply to real people. [1]

Whut. I am extremely bothered that the answer to "advertising kills self-esteem" is "stop reading magazines you enjoy that have advertising" or "just try to feel better about yourself". NO. The answer is "make advertising change". That's like saying "murder kills people" so "stop being around people who murder people" "just try to feel less murdered" instead of "stop murdering". IDK it just seems so much like trying to hide the problem instead of dealing with it. I AM ANNOYED.

This is incoherent because I am also a teensy bit high, but I really am annoyed and I think that this is the kind of thinking that enables advertising to continue being full of douches and crushed female egos. So you know.

[1] Psychological Science, Michael Gazzaniga, Todd Heatherton, and Diane Halpern, 2010.
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Does this make me happy? Let's be frank: yes. Yes it does.

Also, we had a librarians-only pizza party to-day. :D I have promised myself I will not go home and cry about this, and you know what? Sophia Bush will shout encouragement. All the way from Hollywood. I can hear her, dammit.
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I'm running MARC records at the library, and I just noticed that the summary for the film "Precious" includes the line "Precious Jones, an inner-city high school girl, is illiterate, overweight, and pregnant... again".

Can I just take a moment to be extremely offended that 'overweight' is apparently as much a problem as being illiterate or pregnant due to sexual abuse? Based on the cover, what they actually mean is 'obese', but I would argue that it is still not an issue on the magnitude of the other two.

Ffff people annoy me. Back to work.

EDIT: oh my GOD i HATE romantic comedies. BE more misogynistic, i DARE YOU. OR HOW ABOUT NOT. *fumes*
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So here's the deal. A bunch of the people I know, while generally nice people, do not seem to know the difference between 'this is a legitimate cause for annoyance' and 'this makes you look like a smug self-righteous douchebag'. So I am making a little primer to help with the problem.

The Culprit: Toria and Andy
The Crime: They have a lot of sex. A lot.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: They have a lot of sex.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: They like to tell you about it.

The Culprit: Jake
The Crime: Having a great deal of unpopular/unpleasant opinions.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: His morbid obesity.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: Stalking me for a semester.

The Culprit: Vesper
The Crime: Being a nerdy kid in my philosophy class. Also, a ginger.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: His potential Asperger's.
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: "Women created the glass ceiling themselves. They choose low-paying jobs."

The Culprit: Lady Gaga
The Crime: Writing popular music.
You Shut Up and Sit the Hell Down About This: Her being transgendered.*
S/he Deserves to DIAF Because of This: Bad Romance has been stuck in my head for over a week.

I hope this was helpful. I only wish I could distribute copies en masse to the people I know.

*I can find absolutely NO evidence to suggest that Lady Gaga is transgendered or transsexual or anything of the kind, but since people WILL NOT shut up about it, here it appears.


In other news, campus is showing Sherlock Holmes free on the quad to-night. COUNT ME IN. I am still working on my Bechdel-approved Mary Watson/Irene Adler fic for [ profile] lokogato, so this is srs bsns.

Also, FREE COMICS DAY in State College to-morrow. Oh hell yes.

Now I just need to finish my paaaaper.

Edit: Woke up this morning and I CAN BREATHE AGAIN. I might finally be getting over this stupid cold omg.
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Have been studying anthropology this semester, and have noticed two overwhelming attitudes in this field, at least as far as our teacher (who shares said attitudes) has chosen to expose to us:

First, dramatic fatphobia--the number of articles we've read in which cultures are praised because the people in them are skinny, or the devastating effects of white influence were summed up with "AND THEN PEOPLE GOT FAT OH NOES" is really squicky to me. Really? Really? Moreover, there is a definite trend of 'and all European societies are evil because they eat processed food and have bad teeth and teh fat'. I will grant that processed food is bad for you, but I think that making a value judgement about a culture based on the food they eat is really ridiculous. I don't think anyone I know is a bad person for eating at McDonald's, even though I think the food from McDonald's is disgusting. The plain fact is you are not what you eat, and the implication that Europeans brought processed food to various tribal peoples and TURNED THEM FAT OHGOD is just. What.

(please note that I'm not endorsing the idea that European culture has deeply influenced tribal culture and caused tribal cultures to change significantly, including in their eating. Again, I just don't think this tone of disdain towards European culture for their food choices is appropriate.)

Second, romanticism of band cultures. Our professor is hardcore in love with band societies, and basically spends ridiculous quantities of time talking about how much better they are than any other society, and some of our readings have definitely enforced this point of view. Once again, cultures are cultures. They have good and bad aspects, but you can't really assign value judgements to them as a whole. They just are.

Plus she (and, again, some of the texts) are just so in love with the idea that tribal peoples are more innocent and natural and attuned to the earth that some days it is like sitting in on an hour of James Cameron's Avatar at goddamn eight in the morning, and I am just not okay with that.

And if I sound touchy about this, it's because yesterday I had to listen to an hour-long lecture about how we all suck because of what we eat. YOU TERRIBLE PEOPLE AND YOUR SATURATED FATS. Goddammit I'll be in my corner with my chickens and my piggies and my screw you.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced this in anthropology? FWIW, there was a large focus on Maori people and how European New Zealanders corrupted them with cavities.
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Here is an article that ran in the Patriot-News to-day: ousts members for being overweight
By Colin Stewart
Orange County (Calif.) Register, a dating and social networking site that only accepts members who are attractive to the opposite sex, has ousted about 5000 members for allegedly gaining weight during the holidays.

"Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded," site founder Robert Hintze said in a press release.

The site benefits from the fact that laws against discrimination typically cover personal characteristics such as gender, age, ethnicity, religion and sometimes sexual orientation but not weight or appearance.

Members from the United States topped the list of excluded former members, followed by the UK, Canada, Poland and Germany.

"The USA has been grossly over-indulging since Thanksgiving--it's no wonder that so many members have been expelled from the network," said Greg Hodge, managing director of

"After the recent cull, over 550,000 members remain on the site, representing 190 countries and almost every ethnic and cultural background," the site said.

"The drastic measures took place after many members posted photos of themselves celebrating Christmas and the new year--revealing that they have let themselves go. Vigilant members, who take pride in the standards demanded by the site, called for action," said.

"Despite considerable backlash against us, the numbers don't lie--we are catering to a very clear demand. may be morally ugly to our critics, but our growing success is a very beautiful truth."

I really hope these people feel a deep sense of shame when they wake up every morning. I am just appalled. Really, really appalled. I mean, I recognise that the kind of people who would sign up for a site like this are the kind of people who should really expect to be kicked off said site over a reason like that, but. Just.

I can name at least five actresses off the top of my head who are plus size and completely fucking gorgeous. It's not that hard to do with men, either (when I read the article to Maria, she said "WILLIAM SHATNER". Take that). How can you claim that weight is a defining factor in physical beauty? It's so obviously not. There are lots of people who are plain-looking and thin, and anyway physical beauty is 1) such a subjective thing and 2) so secondary to a person's character that I just can't even wrap my head around a site with over 550,000 members who are so shallow I just aklfjaklsfjlaksjfalskjflksfla.

p.s. Queen Latifah called she's going to fucking squish you. (And since this is my livejournal post and I can do what I want on it, after that she's going to take me on a date.)

Edit: I don't think I sound angry enough in this post, so let me add: FATTIES? ARE YOU FOR FUCKING SERIOUS? DIAF, MOTHERFUCKERS. OH NOES SOMEBODY ATE FOOD DURING THE HOLIDAYS THOSE BASTARDS BURN THEM AT THE STAKE FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. I'm sorry, my self-esteem is pretty goddamn low, but even I know that this is fucking shit.

Also, 'a very beautiful truth'? Maybe outside, but inside you are a cancerous lung, sir, and I feel very sorry for you.
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Okay. Here are some links you need to see.

This one, because it makes me furious--that is, not the post, but the article it's talking about: the author of the post is right on.

This one, because it is brilliant, and this woman should be supported and rallied around and I love her.

And this one because we need something light after all that, and this is hilarious.


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