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Got my Yuletide assignment yesterday. It's pretty cool and I think there is a lot of potential in it, and I think I also can do a good job with it -- certain elements of it weird me out, but the prompter gave me a lot to work with so I think I leave some things out while still giving them what they want. So I am excited!

I go home to-day for Thanksgiving, so I'll be scarce for the next week.


A presenter in my cog psych class used this page about art by autistic people in his presentation, and I thought that was pretty neat, so here is the link. It is pretty cool from both an art and a mental shenanigans standpoint. (I also ended up talking about the gender issues surrounding autism with the professor after class, which was pretty neat -- she agreed with [ profile] mhari and said that autism is generally viewed as a "boy's disorder" and not something girls are supposed to get.)

Octopodes can go on land and that is totally awesome. Plus also super cute.

Although we already knew that, Ann Coulter is a maniac and I don't understaaaand, Jesus. I don't want to live on this planet any more? Liz said I should move to Canada, but I feel it is my duty to model sane Christianity for people in America.

I am currently using this programme to try and manage my issues with computer light = migraines; I've only had it downloaded for a day, so I haven't got a real clear idea of how well it works yet, but it's an interesting idea.

This tumblr exists and it is pretty pro -- Ugly Renaissance Babies.

A really interesting essay/article on why "born this way" is a bad argument for queerness.

This guy is my hero -- a devout Muslim whose faith led him to try to save the man who shot him. I heard an interview with him on NPR on Sunday -- he was really incredible. Warning: Article contains pictures of headshot.

For your webcomic organising needs, piperka is a great site for tracking updates and keeping stuff neat.

Finally, when you have just delivered a good Caruso zinger, the instant CSI. Yeahhhhh!
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So, a little update on what's going on in Soujin-land!

1. I should be asleep right now, but I'm not; for some reason I am not sleeping very well lately, which has led to me sleeping in too late in an effort to get some sleep at all. Last night I had only had four hours, and I still was awake for an hour after turning off the lights and lying down. That's stupid. Anyway.

2. Still at [ profile] mhari's! Having a good time! We are mostly just being colossal dorks with each other, although yesterday we went to the New England Aquarium and it was good times. There were lovely lovely comb jellies and a petting tank with starfish and urchins and horseshoe crabs and a skate, and ANOTHER petting tank with some really gorgeous rays -- both the round Atlantic type and these adorable cownoses, which are so sweet omg. They come right up and bonk your hands. We weren't supposed to touch their bellies, but they kept swimming over and flapping at our hands! Anyway, they have the most amazing texture -- like slightly slimy velvet. So cool. Unfortunately we had to go home before we could visit the octopus, but they had LION'S MANE JELLIES. OMG. Little tiny ones! I am used to conceiving of Lion's Manes in terms of, you know, these VAST MONSTERS with tentacles that get up to thirty feet long. It somehow never occurred to me that they might start out as wee little babbies. So that was pretty sweet.

We also saw some adorbs frogs, although the surinam toad was hiding. :(

Also, [ profile] mhari bought me a blue whale plushie for my birthday. He is enormous and so soft; his name is Captain Shakespeare.

3. I got a job! I start on the twenty-third. It's caregiver work, which is great -- I basically was going to die if I had to take another horrible depressing retail job, so the fact that I get to work with people but in a useful, helpful capacity is fantastic. I'm really looking forward to starting. I don't even know what my wage is and I DON'T CARE.

4. Still haven't figured out this birthday party stuff. Mama said I could have one, but everybody's weird places at weird times and I'm really not sure if it will actually happen. :/ Not a super big deal, I guess.

5. My awesome Summer Project is coming along surprisingly nicely. I bought more stuff for it here, and I can't wait to get back to work on it.

6. Maria and I are going to rock this world this summer. We're both full-time, forty-hours-a-week employed, but we are going to make a list of all the summer films we HAVE TO SEE (like Thor, and First Class) and then DO IT. Cos we can. In between, of course, we will work our asses off and keep bees, because we're rad like that.

7. I am going to make the time to start bicycling again, gdi. I really miss getting to go on long bike rides, and Maria said she wants to start biking too, so it's going to happen. My hope is also that once I start doing something that at least looks like exercise, Mama will get off my case about being fat. THIS HAD BETTER WORK. I do not have the time to squash real exercise in on top of everything else.

8. Chiiiicks! Keeeeets! They're coming June first. I am so super excite.

9. Mama has a new bunny, I don't think I mentioned. It is dopey and very pretty and scares the hell out of the cats.

10. We might actually get internet at home this summer. This one guy up on Gamby Hill is thinking of building a reception tower because he is crazy as pants and apparently wants to be able to get internet, even though we live out in the sticks and most people are Mennonite. If this happens, the whole valley would have internet potentially, so that might actually happen. It would be pretty sweet, I have to say.

11. I am watching a playthrough on YouTube of Deadly Premonition, which is a really neat video game. Also, the guy doing the playthrough is great -- so deadpan and sarcastic and unfazed by everything that happens in the game. LOVE him.

12. That's really all atm. Basically I am busy and scattered and kind of crazy, so if there is something I should be doing with you/in general, please let me know. I'M WORKING ON IT. There are a lot of caps in my life, is what I'm saying, but I still am trying to beat the dialup into submission every night from 10 to 1, so hit me up, I will probably be around.

Although this may all be irrelevant come Saturday and the rapture. :P

Anyway, in the words of the Pope, ciao.
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I know you guys all want to read my final story for Fiction Writing[1] -- a twelve-page magical-realism epic of a young aquarium guard on a quest to save her sick child. >_> This story exists mainly so I can write scenery porn about the aquarium, and also got I think a B- or a C, so we're not talking quality wordstuff here, but. This class was the bane of my existence, so I'll take what I can get.

Also, I should probably warn that the names of the main characters are stolen from Simmer Dim, even though the characters are not the same; there's kind of a Biblical theme going on. My deepest apologies to David, who I know would never do anything like this in real life[2].

In other news, I have a beekeeping dinner to-night at 6.00 and a poetry reading at 8.00 and I fully expect sweet death to overtake me at some point. Also, it's really dark outside even though it's only 4.00. O_o Thanks, weather, glad to know the apocalypse is still coming.

& without further nonsense, storytime.

[1]Ha, ha.

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You guys I do not want to brag but since I so rarely feel this way I think it is okay to say: I look fucking amazing to-day.

I am wearing rainbow striped socks in gorgeous rich autumn colours, and I found a bracelet that is the actual match to the necklace [ profile] mhari bought me the first time I visited here--I think they are actually supposed to be a set, which is crazy, because I got the bracelet last week at a random thrift store. It is blue and sparkly and has glass butterflies and flowers and an identical chain and clasp and colour to the necklace. SO COOL. I had to buy it, even though it was a little pricey, because it was so awesome to have a bracelet that went with that necklace! And I am wearing the blue and silver earrings that [ profile] mhari made me.

And I have on a black lace-edged tank top with a black button-down men's shirt, only the shirt has pinstripes sewn into it with sparkly black thread. And my skirt is from Coldwater Creek, only I got it at the same thrift store where I found my bracelet for only seven dollars! Which is more than I'd pay for a skirt, usually (I prefer under five), but it was so beautiful and the original price tag said 118 dollars, so I didn't feel that bad. It is deep rich brown with alternate panels of gauze taffeta and silk, and the panels are embroidered with flowers and vines in thread, copper ribbon, copper sequins, copper beads, copper-brown silk, and the occasional flower-shaped copper charm. It is so gorgeous. And it floats when I spin around.

And it happens that just the shape of everything I am wearing actually makes my body look all right, and my hair is super cute to-day, and my skin is relatively clear for once, and I feel really, really pretty. And this is after I had ice cream with Mama! So that's really good for me, I'm really delighted, actually.

Also, you should know that I am researching sex with octopodes (a la the Dream of the Fisherman's Wife and others) for an actual school project. If you know me very well, then you know that makes my life just about perfect right now.

edit post scriptum: a girl on my hall just came and invited me over for cake! :D :D :D
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On a better note, check out this awesome article that [ profile] nowgoesquickly sent to me!
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This almost makes up for the fact that I have to get up at seven o'clock Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Watch the video--I promise it makes it even better. At about 1:30 the octopus moons the camera.

In other news, I discovered EpiCute to-day. This is good news, as it makes up for a lot of the anger I am feeling at the world generally for the divers failures of humans to take care of their fellow humans.
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OH MAN GUYS. This is the CUTEST FROG I HAVE EVER SEEN. Look at its big black eyes. They are so beautiful. Omg. I really wish I could have one.

Also, this is not, in fact, a placenta; it is a Giant Slime Star (Hymenaster).

Other super awesome and subjectively gross links for to-day include:

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I just think you guys should know that my life is no longer my own.

(I really want this one. I think it would even be cute on me. I love this one too, but I'm a lot more dubious about my ability to wear it.)

On a related note, I feel you should all know about Clyne Management, which, besides having a lot of interesting faces and being a good place to go for possible PBs, has models who are actual real body sizes. Mostly the girls are size eights, but there are nines and tens as well. That is, like, actually human, flist.



Edit: this one wants to come live in my closet. I KNOW IT. Oh God there's only one left and it's a medium, it's my size...! :D :D :D Sigh, why are clothes so expensive when you don't get them second-hand?

Edit 2: I lied, I don't think it's my size. Their sizing chart is weird. And they don't sell anything big enough for me, I don't think--their large is 18 inches waist, which--that sounds really teeny. I shall go cry in a corner now.

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It is--a long-awaited picspam. Massively old, as evidenced by photographs of Soujin's birthday; but also fresh and new, as shown by octopus cake photographs. Warning: Most of these are horrendously blurry, as they were taken with Mum's old camera (mine is broken).

We bid your worships enjoy )
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Discovery: The May Queen is not fall-asleep music. I tried, but actually listening to the words, and her inexpressibly sad or dangerous music, made me cry and feel as though I were dying at every song, which sounds melodramatic, but is true. It was terrible and beautiful, and I was forced to sleep to Don Henley instead.

If I ever actually go to this job interview, perhaps I will have actual news, demmit.

(I'm working on chapter fourteen of Catechism, but it is slow going and rather painful. Boys, you are terrible.)

EDIT: Nabbed from Jackie. Ehee.

Your Squid Quotient = 157.75

Interpreting your results: An average Squid Quotient is around 100. A SQ of 100 means you have a normal affinity for squid. A SQ above 100 means you have an attraction or fondness for squid. Below 100 means that you should probably stay away from the deep ocean.


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