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So I finally finished the last book in Gerald Morris' Arthurian series. I had been getting steadily more disappointed, as the last three or four books were kind of awful, but the last one was actually really good. I mean, evil!2-D!Mordred, but I've really given up on that front. And yeah. I cried. At my client's house, stealthily, while she was napping and watching The Waltons. >_> I would say Mr. Morris has seen himself off with a pleasing dignity.

BUT now I am all sad b/c all my dumb Arthurian boys are dead, so obvs. this is your cue to ask for porn of them, as I am doing: THIS MEME (which shall be called This Meme):

01 » Submit a pairing (or threesome, or solo person) and a prompt by replying to this post.

02 » Please use the following format: fandom, pairing, prompt.

03 » I'll then reply with five* sentences of smut.
[The original meme does say that you can request gen/other non-smutty things, but I'll say straight up that I'd prefer to flex my porn muscles (that was a TERRIBLE thing to say) and so would prefer that request. Having said that, y'all can of course request whatever you'd like, and I may even turn some requests into gen depending on how I feel about my ability to write the smut. Also, I guess "solo person" here refers to masturbation in the context of smut? Which I'm fine with too!] <-- so said [ profile] blindmadness and [ profile] julietveiled, so say I.

04 » If I can't do the prompt then I will beg for your forgiveness, and offer it up to others let you select another if you'd like.

This is not really restricted to Arthuriana. I also write Sherlock, Westmark, certain historical novels, Shakespeare, and can probably be conned into others if you remind me of what they are (when I'm done I will tag this post with the appropriate fandoms).
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Title: Deep Things
Fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie canon)/Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Characters/Pairings: Nemo, Mina, Arronax by proxy, male OC.
For: [ profile] gileonnen, for the Fic Drive. We reached three-hundred and forty dollars altogether, you guys! Amazing job.
Note: Gil asked for girl!Nemo. I am not sure this one-hundred percent counts, but I am surprisingly happy with it.

Deep Things )
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Nemo, Mordred. Manon is a terrible woman.

Untitled )
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Happy birthday, Mr. Verne. ♥

(I no longer exist as of to-night. nope. nothin'.)

(--oh, right. and for whatever reason, I agreed to go to the homeschool winter formal. I shall stand around in a dress that is beautiful and makes me want to cry because I feel that I make it ugly; I will be all by myself and know no one, or else know a few people, but not well enough to be comfortable, and after a very short period of time naturally will hide in the bathroom sobbing; and will either eat too much or not at all, both of which will result in more sobbing. Someone tell me what on earth makes me pay for emotional trauma.)


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