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SO COOL. Poster design contest for X-Men: First Class.

I can't wait for the film.
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So the Expo was amazing, I got SO. MUCH. X-MEN. STUFF. for reals. I also got to meet the people who do Girls with Slingshots, Doctor McNinja, Wondermark, Hark! A Vagrant, and more, and also discovered this comic, which may be the most amazing thing in the whole world.

And I got tonnes of leetle drawings from people, because I am cheap and couldn't afford actual sketches, but that's okay, because Kate Beaton drew me a squid and the Beartato man drew me a piggy. And I got all the buttons in the whole world. For srs.

Also a possible job/table-sharing offer, which is probably the coolest thing ever. :D

And my gorgeous freshman with whom I am in love just showed up and gave me an extremely plausible reason for why she stood me up Friday, so now I am not sad any more. Plus I have another freshman kidnappee who supposedly is meeting me for lunch to-day. And [ profile] isjusterin drew me a picture of Stephane Lambiel as a magical zebra with wings, which I will have to upload for [ profile] perculious, who has been linking me to all the Stephane fic that is awesome, which means she is awesome too.

So despite the 1.00 a.m. fire alarm last night set specifically so the R.D. could yell at the whole two buildings for vandalism done by the third floor of one, and the fact that I have had about no sleep whatsoever in the past few days, I am feelin' pretty good.

Just making this post has jinxed me, though, so expect a crisis situation by 9.00.

[ profile] the_chloroplast, I am coming over to-night for accounting. BEWARE.
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Jeeeepers. There is a fundie with a microphone outside Espresso Yourself, who has apparently been going on for quite a while. This is the first time I've ever seen something like this happen in Newport, so hopefully it's a fluke?

My cakes turned out pretty nice ([ profile] mhari found a lovely white fluff frosting for the cocoanut one, and I made a black walnut chocolate fudge frosting for the chocolate meringue), but I don't think they're actually going to sell, sadly. The sale is not going too well.

Title: Qualifications
Fandom: Iron Man -- 1994 T.V. Series
Characters: Tony Stark/Jim Rhodes, HOMER (implied past Julia Carpenter/Tony)
Rating: PG-13 at worst.
Notes: Sigh, I am probably going to hell for all this slash fic of innocent nineties television shows. But in my defence, this is practically canon for the '94 show. Spoilers for The Armor Wars Pts. 1 and 2.

'That is a considerably more thorough face inspection than the one you gave Miss Carpenter...' )
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Fanfic! Oh God there are four I should be working on (Maria's '94 t.v. show Iron Man/War Machine, [ profile] snowyofthenight's Gareth AU, [ profile] tiamatschild's Galahad Lent-Holy Week metaphor, and [ profile] skaryma's birthday gift).

But for the meantime:

Title: Several Remarks Not Included in the Official Report on Operation: Rebirth
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: Nick Fury, Wolverine, heavily implied Wolverine/Captain America and Wolverine/Nick Fury (okay, not so much IMPLIED...)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Oh god wryyy. Uh. Written with lots of help from [ profile] tiamatschild, using information solely from the Captain America episode ("Operation:Rebirth"). Captain America's backstory is taken from the comics/made up out of whole cloth, as Evolution does not provide one.

'And if you ever show up on my doorstep with a bottle of Cuervo and nothin’ under your coat again I ain’t responsible for what happens...' )
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well, my wisdom teeth are out and my face is all swollen up like crazy, but mostly i feel okay, just it hurts to eat and talk and things like that. we got the pigs to-day, two lovely red tamworths named rogue and gambit--they have already escaped twice, driving maria to tears, but at the moment they are snoozing in their strawbed in the hoghouse, so that is a small merciful thing.

maria and i are watching the iron man animated series from '94 and it is quite marvellous, especially now that the first season is done and we are watching the second season. also, it is the most slashy thing ever, not even funny ("jim i can't let you go off half-cocked" "oh, don't worry, i'm FULLY COCKED" lolwhut), so i promised her that i would write tony/jim when we finished up. which reminds me that i still haven't posted my nick fury/wolverine:wolverine/captain america x-men: evolution fanfic.

also, we found a home for lucky, the kitten from the barn. her new name will be molly. the last kitten we rehomed was renamed sam. if we end up doing another one and it gets called ken or larry or something, i will be on the phone with [ profile] skaryma, let me tell you what.

i think i am okay.
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SO! While talking to cousin Keith about why Forge is named Forge (after the X-Man, natch), I discovered that not only does he own the first ever comic book issue of X-Men and many others because he used to read the series, but he is disinterested in keeping them and said he would be willing to give them to me next time he sees me.

So I take back my comments from earlier, and I'm very grateful I didn't hide during the reunion.

Also, instead of getting drunk and cornering me, Uncle John got tipsy and mellow and talked to me about how much he used to love snakes when he was a boy. Since I love snakes too, and want one when I graduate, this worked out really well. We discussed pros and cons of different species. It went surprisingly well!

To-morrow is the parish picnic, which is exciting because I helped pick out the music for it as part of my internship at the church. We're going to be singing a bunch of my favourite hymns. Also, the picnic is at the restored Landis House, which is a historical farmhouse that belonged to one of our former (deceased) parishioners. It is really gorgeous, and the caretaker took the gutted barn foundation and turned it into a swimming pool by lining the whole thing with cement. He works on it all spring and summer just for the picnic so that people can swim in it. It's fed by mountain stream, which means that if we don't have the picnic in the hottest part of the summer, it's so cold it freezes your limbs off, but it's kind of worth it, even in late June.

I really need an X-Men icon. >_>
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So the doctor diagnosed my [near-constant for the last two years] headaches as migraines, and upped my Depakote from 500 to 1000 mg, which she says is much closer to a therapeutic dose. I am also supposed not to have anything containing chocolate, yeast, or lots of salt. So that is--a start, anyway, a diagnosis, finally, something to do about it. It's only been a day, so I'm not really seeing any results of the increased dose yet, but. I will hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I am watching lots of X-Men ([ profile] settiai gave Maria and me the fourth season of Evolution, and I bought Wolverine and the X-Men) and we just finished marathoning Spider-Man (the Sam Raimi films) because Maria had her wisdom teeth out and can't do anything but lie in bed and be miserable and watching films. Spider-Man is interesting, in that in the comics I totally ship Mary-Jane/Peter, but in the films they are so bad for each other and really shouldn't be together, it's ridiculous. Harry and Mary-Jane are so much better suited.

Anyway, I cried pathetically when Harry died, which is very embarrassing. Maria did not mock me too much, though.

And I borrowed two films on marine biology from the library, because it is my sekrit passion. I love marine invertebrates. Did you know that in the Palau archipelago there are sea anemones that grow up to three feet big? Can you imagine? It is SO COOL. AND there are inland lakes that have non-stinging jellyfishes a foot large that slime divers? I want to go there so. bad.
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I have been really super anxious lately, and I think it's partly because Liz is sick. One of the things that terrifies me the most of anything is when people who are very strong-willed and put together are sick or falling apart and I can't do anything about it, especially if they're people who usually take care of me. The idea that something is wrong and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it is really scary to me. And Liz is definitely that type of person, but her arthritis has been terrible lately, and you can see it in the way she walks and moves, and whenever I'm around her I basically want to throw up because it makes me feel so weird and hurty.

Have also been having a lot of vertigo/dizziness/constant headaches again, which I think might be from not taking my Depakote--so, after approximately three weeks off it, I am back on again. I don't really know.

On the plus side, Free Comics Day was fun! I got Amazing Spider-Man (two of them), Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man (lots of Iron Man), and a bunch of less mainstream comics--two Owly and Friends!, Mouse Guard, Haunt, Chew, two fairy-tale comics, a supernatural Western, and a teeny one by a local artist called Swell Tales from the Sea, which he signed and also drew me a picture of a cat with a jellyfish on its head. I also bought (for fifty cents each!) four old comics, including a Marvel holiday special from 1996, an old issue of Amazing Spider-Man featuring A Night Out With Wolverine (which was why I got it, because lawl), a 1996 issue of Professor Xavier and the X-Men, and a Star Trek TOS/X-Men crossover that is AMAZING in its silliness. So that was really good!

And then I came back from that and finished my paper. It is really, really terrible, but at least it's done; to-morrow I'm going to try to pack everything I won't need during finals week and thus be a bit more prepared for home. I'm also starting [ profile] mhari's-house-countdown.

Also, it's really, really hot here, and I am not okay with that.
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Riddle me this, Batflist. Why is every volume of X-Men: Evolutions available on at a reasonable price except Volume 2, Season 1?

Shppfff. Way to make my life hard, internets.


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